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The Future of Literature is "Everything, by Everyone". The Newgrounds Writing Anthology of Short Stories and Poetry. Awesome. Read more

Chicago, IL Fiction
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This project was successfully funded on July 20, 2012.

The Future of Literature is "Everything, by Everyone". The Newgrounds Writing Anthology of Short Stories and Poetry. Awesome.

Chicago, IL Fiction
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Thank you to everyone who has helped get this project to its funding goal. Phase one, getting this thing off the ground, is complete. But we are not done. No, far from it. It is our dream to imagine that we have only just begun. We want and need to keep this enthusiasm going. We’re introducing our next goal of $2,500. We will get the attention of people who would otherwise have to actively search to be involved in the project. Your continued support will help us commit to these long-term goals. Check the Update Page for more on this!

UPDATE #2: Watch our Thank You video!


The Newgrounds Writing Anthology

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Kickstarter page of The Newgrounds Writing Anthology, a not-for-profit collection of short stories and poetry written by members of the writing community. Our authors span the globe, originating from North America, Europe, and Africa, but we are tied by the great creative force that is .

About the Anthology

Over two years ago, Newgrounds user gumOnShoe proposed to create an anthology of literature compiled from the works of writers frequenting the Newgrounds Writing Forum. That humble post evolved into the ambitious undertaking that you see before you today. Composed of fourteen meaty stories and seven poems, the combined effort of seventeen talented authors has resulted in Newgrounds' first-ever publication of written fiction. This anthology will be printed through and the e-book copy will be purchasable through the Newgrounds store.

This kickstarter is designed to fund and support the full publication of this anthology, which I and the rest of the authors believe will encourage yet another untapped resource of the internet, aspiring writers of the digital age, to bring the potential for creativity on the internet full circle. We don't want this just to be a vanity project (though we are very proud of it, to be sure). Through this book, we hope to introduce just how much opportunity lies in online collaboration and how much power the new age of publishing has been transferred to the artist.

Cover Art by Jouste
Cover Art by Jouste

What's Great About It

As a writer and animator and as a member of Newgrounds since 2003, I cannot overstate the impact the website has had in fostering my own personal creativity and passion for collaborating with individuals online. But I also know I am not alone in this sentiment. Over the years, Newgrounds has helped give exposure and, more importantly, ultimate creative freedom to literally thousands of aspiring creators and artists. Newgrounds as a haven for creators and their fans has been ahead of the curve since the beginning, and everyday it is on Newgrounds that we witness the potential rise of the next big thing whether it be in the form of animation, music, art, or now, literature. 

I want to let the stories speak for themselves, but at least I'd like to stress that these stories are all varied, exciting, funny, and intense, exactly something you would expect of a Newgrounds effort.

About those rewards... we're putting forth a lot of effort to make sure these rewards are worthwhile to each individual. That's why with the higher tier awards, we want you to get involved with creative process by helping us craft your own ideas into works of fiction and offer advice on where you could end up taking your writing.

Why We Need Your Support!

In light of this mission we decided that the funds incurred from this kickstarter would go towards making this collection as accessible as possible, supported on as many devices as possible, while still retaining the spirit of a passion project, something that is in common with pretty much everything seen on Newgrounds. 

In addition to tablets and e-readers, we also want to see a tangible book come out of this, both for Newgrounds enthusiasts and those who are just fond of the old trade paperback or dust-jacket. This is where the majority of the funding will go towards. Remember, this is a not-for-profit project. Money is needed to buy pre-order copies and send them right to your door so they arrive the day of the official release. 

Thanks all backers in advance! Get ready to be entertained.

That's all for now! Please don't hesitate to message if you have any question at all!

A Note About Pledges!

Remember, you do NOT PAY ANYTHING until the campaign has ended. If the project fails to meet its goal, you are not charged a cent.


  • Your story commission will be written by a contributing author of the Newgrounds Writing Anthology. The earliest respondents to the survey will get to choose their writer, but since we don't want any one writer to get saddled with the entire workload, we will eventually have to distribute everything evenly.

    The following authors are available for your commission:

    S.T. "WritersBlock" Cartledge, author of NOCTURNE

    Andrew "AndyOpus" Dennis, author of HOW GREAT THOU ART

    Kristen "KrisSalus" Salustro, author of GUNMETAL GLINT

    Eric "TheThing" Liszewski, author of ISLAND IN THE SKY

    Benjamin "EKublai" Smith, author of PEARLY WHITES

    Adam "AdamCook" Cook, author of THE GLIESE CLUB

    Last updated:


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    Pledge $1 or more

    2 backers

    A friendly email from the Newgrounds Writing Anthology authors AND one FREE story .pdf AND permission for one handshake with any author you might randomly meet in person.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $5 or more

    8 backers

    All of the above PLUS an e-book copy of The Newgrounds Writing Anthology (includes digital cover art).

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $10 or more

    2 backers

    All of the above PLUS a special spot for your name in the “Acknowledgements” section of the book (Please drop me a note telling me what name you want to use. Real, Newgrounds, other, etc.)

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $20 or more

    25 backers

    All of the above PLUS the hardcover edition of the book (including full-color dust jacket). Free shipping.

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    Pledge $50 or more

    3 backers Limited (2 left of 5)

    All of the above PLUS a new short story, personally written for you by your choice of an author from The Newgrounds Anthology (A list of available authors can be seen in the Info Section). You will guide the author in the creation of your short story [1,000 to 7,500 words] in terms of plot and character.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $100 or more

    5 backers Limited (6 left of 11)

    All of the above PLUS your name will appear on the “Dedication” page of The Newgrounds Writing Anthology AND a rough artistic sketch of the main character from your person-specific short story AND the option to send in prose you yourself have written and get it critiqued by the Editor-in-Chief of The Newgrounds Writing Anthology.

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    Pledge $400 or more

    1 backer All gone!

    All of the above PLUS professional cover art for your story AND a special thank you mention in the introduction of The Newgrounds Writing Anthology… Heck, you should get more than that. I’ll send you some extra copies of the book to dole out to your mates or something. Talk to us, we're flexible.

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