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Richard Chamberlain, Stefanie Powers co-star. SUNDANCE Contest WINNER!!!

We won a Universal $10K grant at Sundance which we will use for sound on Three Days in 6 weeks. Need to unlock our Kickstarter funding. Campaign ends Sunday, which is my birthday. Boy, showbiz is not for the superstitious. Actually, it is. Please can you donate anything from $10 to $1000? Swag and gifts involved, HELP US FINISH: Sound and Music~~!! It means a lot to me personally that you are even considering helping us complete this "tone poem" to my sons.

We are on imdb at:

Please view these clips from film to get a flavor:
Be True:
Lost Mind:
Stef as Gertrude:
Peter as First Player:

Three Days Co-Stars Richard Chamberlain, Stefanie Powers and Peter Woodward

Thank you for your support of the arts Thank you. Punch
Our company TMG's Corporate Presentation:


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    Thank you card signed by Alex Hyde-White

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    AHW autographed still picture from Roger Corman's Fantastic Four (1993)

  • Pledge $60 or more
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    AHW autographed still picture (with Julia Roberts and the polo pony) from the hit movie Pretty Woman "David Morse" played by Alex Hyde-White.

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    Film Festival or Screening attendance in your area starting Spring 2011. We are entered in 15 festivals in all parts of the country.

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    NEW! NEW!: SUNDANCE 2011 Festival Swag: Receive an official Sundance Film Festival item. Hat, T-shirt, Water Bottle, Lanyard.

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    STUDENTS: Have questions about theme, relevance, history or other subject? Consider Hamlet email or phone consultation with Director of film. Valid for student projects. Also, you may consider the internship for $500 option. See below.

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    Your choice of personalized signed copy of Stefanie Powers new book "Tales from The Heart", Richard Chamberlain autographed photo or Peter Woodward signed copy of his film "Unthinkable" (he was the writer of it.)

  • Pledge $200 or more
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    Subject to availability you may have your choice of autographed DVD of: Biggles, Phantom Of The Opera, Mars, First Olympics, Reflecting Pool, Pursuit of Happiness

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    Autographed cast scripts from the Fox tv series Ally McBeal

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    LIMITED OP: Great Value!!! Brand new Keurig one-cup coffe and tea brewer with 12 k-cup sample pak. Delivered free to your door. Keurig, a division of Green Mountain, is a product-placement supporter of our film. Retail Value of Gift: $150!!!

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    Thirty day film immersive internship at Santa Monica, CA based production company TMG. Intern will be involved in all aspects: Script reading and development, production, post-production, distribution and marketing. A great way to learn what you like, and what likes you! Included is up to three Student consultations. See $175 level.

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    Listed in end credits of film as Thank you's: Admiration and Gratitude List along with Lionsgate Films, Burrow/Boland Casting, Joan Scheckel Lab, Santa Monica Moose Lodge, et. al.

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