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The Amish Appeal is the first full-length fiction novel by Kevin Williams, a nationally noted expert on the "plain people."

The Amish Appeal is a combination romance and legal novel, which I would also like to turn into a film.  The story centers on the experiences of Abe Schwartz, a 24-year-old Amish man who is still sorting through his beliefs and goals in life.  The Amish Appeal follows what happens when Abe encounters 27-year-old Paige Roberts, a vivacious, beautiful and brainy attorney from Chicago who stumbles upon his farm.

The Amish Appeal describes Abe's journey as he finds himself caught between the deeply held beliefs of his faith and the more ambiguous rules of the rest of the world.  During this journey Abe is forced to choose between pacifism and practicality, between the strict rules of religion and the gray areas of compromise.  Adding to the complications are desires of the heart as Abe finds himself increasingly attracted to Paige who lives in a very different world. Abe attempts to find a common ground between the two.

The Amish Appeal is my first full-scale attempt at fiction. As the editor and creator of The Amish Cook column I am always seeking new platforms to share my knowledge about plain culture.  I thought a fiction book would be a fun way to do this.  I'd like to raise enough money to shepherd this novel through the publishing process either with a traditional publishing house or by self-publishing.  Either route requires some up-front expense, and laying the ground work for a film is even more costly.  If we go above and beyond the pledged goal that simply strengthens The Amish Cook column and brand.

The column has now been around for over  2 decades, one of the few independent syndicated columns left in a business that is almost unrecognizable from when it began.   The weekly newspaper column, which can be read at is a needed dose of simplicity in an increasingly crazy world. Thanks in advance for your enthusiasm and belief in The Amish Appeal.


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    An emailed "thank you" and 25 special unpublished recipes from the Amish Cook'll be your own "mini-cookbook" emailed you to you with 5 salad recipes, 5 main course recipes, 5 side dish recipes, 5 soup recipes, and 5 baked good/dessert recipes. Yum!

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    The above, plus a copy of Kevin Williams' Amish-themed romance novella, Rebecca at the Beach. A sweet, short story about a young couple in the Amish winter enclave of Pinecraft, Florida. If you already own a copy of the novella, you'll get two 8 X 10 photos of scenes from Pinecraft.

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    All of the above, plus a special "dinner at the Amish Cook's" online video and and 8 X10 supper-time scene photo of that meal. You'll practically be there. It really will be an incredible audio and visual experience that will last at least 20 minutes. You'll really see and experience the supper, hear voices, see hands passing, close-ups of the food. If you cannot watch videos on your computer, please add $5 to your pledge to have a DVD mailed to you.

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    All of the above, plus...drum roll please...your own copy of The Amish Appeal novel by Kevin Williams.

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    All of the above, plus lock in your copy of "Plain Fun", an entertaining, educational board game about the Amish (game might come out sooner than release date, it may be released this year)

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    All of the above, plus an 8 X 10, 110-piece puzzle which features a photo of The Amish Cook's house.

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    All of the above, plus a hand-made pillow from The Amish Cook herself, made from scraps of fabric that she uses for her family's clothing. This will be a cherished conversation piece and will include beautiful blues, rusts, mustard, and white colors.

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    All of the above, plus a 2013 calendar with 12 amazing Amish images to take you through each month of the year. You'll also receive some seeds from Lovina's garden and some'll get these in time to use for the gardening season of 2012...(I'll take a video of us gathering the soil and seeds in her garden)

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