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More creative than your mouse lets you be? Doodle Defense is a tower defense game that turns your drawings into weapons.
122 backers pledged $2,336 to help bring this project to life.

So Close!

Posted by Andy Wallace (Creator)

Hi gang,

Doodle Defense is just $70 away from being funded! Hell Yes! Another big "Thanks!" to everybody who has supported the project. I can't wait to get this thing off the ground and give you all a chance to play it.

Doodle Defense's internet presence has continued to blossom, like an awkward kid growing into a cool dude who makes games:
About Projectors
Parsons' Red Phone
Save Game
And this awesome interview from FastCo Design

At this point, it definitely looks like the project will be funded, which is insanely exciting! Any money raised beyond the $1,500 will be going toward better assets, more detailed animations, and more levels for the game.

Facebook and Twitter have been the number one source of donations, so thank you guys for posting, liking and otherwise leveraging social media (as the pros call it). It really has been working, and the more you continue to share and link to it, the better the game will be. And as always, upvote on Reddit:



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    1. Jonathan Krarup on

      I don't have a projector, or a Kinect... but I like your idea, so here's another dollar for the pot :)

    2. Jess Haskins on

      You got picked up by About Projectors? That's, like, the #1 site for new projector news and reviews! :P

      Seriously, though, it's exciting to see your project getting all this great exposure. Congrats! (And I'm sure those projector folks do a fine job.)