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The cost of running for office makes candidates beg, borrow, and steal. PAY 2 PLAY shows how our elections encourage extortion, and how to stop it.
119 backers pledged $20,187 to help bring this project to life.


Our profound gratitude to each and every one of you who took the time to join Kickstarter to contribute to this donation drive! With all of your help, we surpassed our mark of $20K and can start making plans for Ohio!

This is an innovative way of raising funds, and just one example of how new media can empower small donors into a considerable force. Campaigns spend millions to repeat their same message for a couple weeks of ad buys. With this $20K, I am going to be able to make a movie that will endure, open more minds, and reach a greater audience.

I look forward to sharing updates with you from the campaign trail! Ohio usually gets exciting around this time, like the occasional visit from President Obama and the First Lady this past weekend. Obama has been back to Ohio so many times because he knows that this state is the stage for America.

After four years, it is a dubious honor for this film about the need for campaign reform to be coming to fruition In a watershed year of elections spending.

But a more admirable "dubious honor" is the one achieved by Surya "Chili" Yalamanchili in Cincinnati, Ohio, who is now the only Congressional candidate not taking any PAC money. To think -- every other politician running for, or already in office, is taking the Big Money from corporate funds meant to influence politicians. Here is a recent blog from Ohio on how Chili has still out-raised his opponent on individual donations:

These are the examples we need to share so that others know it is possible. Thank you for spreading that inspiration!

John Wellington Ennis
Director, PAY 2 PLAY

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