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The cost of running for office makes candidates beg, borrow, and steal. PAY 2 PLAY shows how our elections encourage extortion, and how to stop it.
119 backers pledged $20,187 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks for a Great Benefit! PLUS: Rove Running Scared and new funny campaign ad on the P2P Blog!

The PAY 2 PLAY Benefit a Great Night!

A massive thanks to all of you who came out Saturday night for our benefit! It was a great crowd, an amazing evening with our guests, and a real boost to share the film with people and see the excitement spread! Whether folks had come for the politics, the comedy, the food & wine, or the auction items, they got all that and more as our brilliant speakers delivered a compelling and exciting bill. Between short docs from the film, Brad Blog ( founder Brad Friedman reported the latest vote hacking revelations in this election cycle, and comic legend Rick Overton treated the crowd with his unfathomably funny stand-up.

Other highlights included an appearance "live via satellite" (sorta) by Rep. Richard Martin, Republican from Ohio's 19th District (Paul Gilmartin of TBS' "Dinner and a Movie"). You can see a brand new video of his on our blog, as an example of how campaign ads might look like if politicians shared their real thoughts:

"Truth in Campaign Ads?"

The topic of campaign ads has been hot in the last week as President Obama has criticized the Chamber of Commerce for political fund-raising from anonymous foreign backers. Karl Rove's increasingly desperate behavior suggests that he fears tremendous vulnerability on this issue, as detailed in this new detailed blog post, just added to Mark Crispin Miller's News From Underground:

"When Karl Rove Squeals, You’re Doing Something Right"

As we close in on our last week, I know we can make our fund-raising goal if people keep spreading the word about our work! I continue to be amazed at how this issue has grabbed people at this place and time, and after lurking under the surface for decades, the public eye is looking at our pay-to-play political process. Each one of your pledges is a giant vote of confidence and support that drives us. Please spread the word and show your friends what you have gotten behind!

Thanks for all you do!

John Wellington Ennis
Director, PAY 2 PLAY

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