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New York, NY Comics
Project We Love

A sci-fi adventure comic series following one man's exploration, settlement and survival upon the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

A sci-fi adventure comic series following one man's exploration, settlement and survival upon the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Read More
pledged of $9,500 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful

This project's funding goal was not reached on March 14, 2012.

New York, NY Comics
Project We Love
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    1. Hansel Moreno on November 21, 2012

      Great first issue! I'm glad you found a way.

    2. Shagg Matthews on March 20, 2012

      Sorry you were unable to reach your funding goal. Is there a way for us to support this project outside of Kickstarter? Like a "Donate" option on your website? If so, let us know. I'm sure some of us would be willing to follow through on our pledges.

    3. Missing avatar

      Daggerhand on March 15, 2012

      I'm with Daniel here. Very sad to not see this happen here, but hope something works out with Oni or someone. Loved all you other Oni projects

    4. Daniel Theodore on March 14, 2012

      What a shame. Joe, I strongly encourage you to pursue this. In spite of this shortfall, it still looks like a helluva project.

    5. Daniel Theodore on March 10, 2012

      I upped my pledge from $25 to $100 this week. This looks like such a beautiful and exciting project.

    6. Creator Joe Harris on March 10, 2012

      Thanks again for everyone's support.

      Four days to go... and like the boys have said, long way to go still...

    7. frijolie on March 8, 2012

      Happy to support creator-owned comics by Joe Harris. Loved Ghost Projekt!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mal Jones on February 29, 2012

      @Hansel: But a long way to go. Keep spreading the word!

    9. Hansel Moreno on February 27, 2012

      Awesome! Over $2000!

    10. Shagg Matthews on February 25, 2012

      Joe - Looks like a great project! Good luck!

    11. Browncoat Beth on February 24, 2012

      I keep tweeting about you guys every few days hoping my friends will get off their butts and's bordering on spamming them, honestly. :) But I want to see this come to fruition!

    12. Hansel Moreno on February 19, 2012

      Guys we need more $, I'll be tweeting to the few people i can. Good luck Joe and Team.

    13. Missing avatar

      James Fisher on February 15, 2012

      Hey, super psyched for this Joe. The art looks amazing and this idea is wicked, bring it on!

    14. Creator Joe Harris on February 14, 2012

      Thanks! We'll be updating the site with more of Martin Morazzo's artwork and designs... both for everyone to see, and special peeks for "backers only" in the near future.