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A sci-fi adventure comic series following one man's exploration, settlement and survival upon the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The Story

Great Pacific is a full-color sci-fi adventure comic book series set to debut in the US comics market in October 2012.  This is an ongoing title, and this Kickstarter fundraiser is intended to cover creative costs for the first 132 gorgeously rendered pages (six issues).

Great Pacific tells the story of Chas Worthington, recent heir to one of the richest oil fortunes and most successful corporations in American history. In a defiant act that seems crazy to most and criminal to many, he sheds his former life of wealth and influence to settle the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch, planting his flag and declaring the environmental wasteland a new, sovereign country.

Set upon a floating island of plastic refuse and trash estimated by scientists to be twice the size of Texas, and based on the true-to-life environmental catastrophe currently plaguing the Pacific Ocean, this series will explore a young man's attempt to tame this terrible new continent with the help of an astounding new technology that could change the face of the energy industry. But first he'll have to contend with the elements, harmful pollutants, mutated marine life forms that have been exposed to the toxic refuse his nation is built upon, and hostile natives from nearby islands. Looming beyond those immediate physical dangers is the United States government, which sees him as a reckless and dangerous fugitive who needs to be dragged back to the 'States using whatever means necessary.

Our Goal

By the time this Kickstarter campaign launches, the creative team of Great Pacific will have been hard at work for nearly a year to bring this ambitious project to life. We are on the verge of completing the second issue, and the artist is beginning work on issue #3.

We're aiming to raise $9500 to pay the series artist/colorist a decent stipend for each issue, as well as paying the letterer, designer, and editor. The remaining money raised will be used to create incentives for our Kickstarter supporters. Joe Harris, the creator and writer of the series is foregoing any payment for his work and will cede all money raised here to his collaborators.

Martin Morazzo is an artist based in Argentina who first came to the attention of US comics readers through his gorgeous artwork on the award-winning webcomic Absolute Magnitude, which was published via DC's now defunct online imprint, Zuda.

Shawna Gore is an Eisner Award-winning editor with a long career working on great comics titles such as Axe Cop, Criminal Macabre, Emily the Strange, Creepy, Bernie Wrightson's 25th Anniversary edition of Frankenstein, and more.

Graphic designer Sean Dove and letterer Douglas Sherwood have contributed their formidable talents to help give Great Pacific the professional polish Martin's beautiful artwork deserves.


  • The first issue of Great Pacific is oversized at 32 pages. Each issue after that is expected to be 22 pages long.

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