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Help fund the digital re-release/re-building/re-mastering of Christ Analogue's 1997 album "In Radiant Decay."
Created by

Wade Alin

57 backers pledged $3,060 to help bring this project to life.

Take 'dat.

And now, the worst labeling job ever. Keeping in mind these are old tapes. They could be faulty. Hell, they could be recorded over. My DAT labels, in chaotic artist

  • data ird001 - optima
  • optima single - edit
  • radiance tracks
  • radiant tracks 2
  • together/battery
  • cmsun backup data
  • cms, optima, antibody
  • deus ex' archives (my all electronic instrumental project, pre CA)
  • in radiant decay tracking 04
  • radiant tracks 1
  • recon cd - work 1
  • recon work 2
  • in radiant decay - nm (not mastered)
  • radiance 6 - ird 06
  • radiance 7 backups

I also found a DVD with all of the midi files, in Cubase and Studio Vision Pro format.

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