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TIM is stop-motion animated short tribute to Tim Burton. It is narrated by Christopher Lee and inspired by Tim's short film VINCENT.

Many people believed for a time that the art of stop-motion animation was dead (or at least in critical condition). Tim Burton's love of the art form helped change that. This is our chance to thank him! This project is a full-on stop-motion animated short film that I have been developing for over a year, and it's ready to begin.

The film is beautifully narrated by none other than Sir Christopher Lee! Generous and gracious, he supported the idea and agreed to be a part of this very special tribute.

The money raised through Kickstarter will be used to create the sculptures, armatures, molds and finish the stop-motion puppets, in addition to the rapid prototyping / 3D printing of several components. Many other production and post-production elements will be required including some visual effects, compositing, motion control shots, sound design and of course original music. In order for the film to be able to screen theatrically, it will need to be finished in high resolution. As such, there will be some hardware and software necessities.

I invite you to visit for more information. This will be the place where you can get an exclusive inside look at the behind-the-scenes "making of". We will feature regular video posts and I promise you this will be a fun project to follow! For you hardcore stop-motion enthusiasts, we'll have some instructional video posts as well and may even tip a trade secret or two. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, there will be something to learn, so you'll want to tune in to that!

On behalf of myself, and my amazing team, we are profoundly grateful to have our shot and can't wait to start. But it really starts with you! None of it will be possible without your help and support!


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    For our minimum donation, you’ll receive our sincere appreciation and deep gratitude in addition to online credit at Additionally, your name will be listed on a special page of the site thanking Tim Burton for his incredible work!

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    You’ll receive a special edition pin of our main character TIM. This is a one-of-a kind collectable being offered here as our thanks for making this project possible. In addition, you’ll receive a digital download of the finished film that you can enjoy on your computer, iPad, or other mobile device. (International donors, please add $5.00 to your order. Thank You.)

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    For this pledge, you will receive our special edition pin, and we will send you a DVD copy of the film. In addition, you will receive a custom designed DVD insert signed by director Brian Joseph Ochab. (International donors, please add $5.00 to your order. Thank You.)

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    You will receive the DVD package mentioned above plus two (2) very cool and very special production stills from the film, available only to our supporters. (International donors, please add $5.00 to your order. Thank You.)

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    This is our “expanded edition” DVD package. This package includes the two productions stills mentioned above, PLUS a digital copy of the film. Included on this DVD are extended interviews with the artists and craftspeople who created the movie including the legendary Sir Christopher Lee discussing his approach to the poem. In addition, you’ll flip when you see the comprehensive “making of” featurette with incredible and detailed behind the scenes footage revealing how this film was made. (International donors, please add $5.00 to your order. Thank You.)

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    This package includes the dazzling expanded edition DVD, a digital copy and an official model sheet portfolio of the main characters in the film. In addition, you will receive a limited edition print of one of our original concept artwork pieces created by artist Chad Frye. (International donors, please add $5.00 to your order. Thank You.)

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    In addition to receiving the reward package above, you’ll also receive a rare, full color fine art print of our concept one sheet personally signed by director Brian Joseph Ochab and artist Chad Frye. It measures 13X19 and will look amazing on your wall! (International donors, please add $10.00 to your order. Thank You.)

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    What about a screen credit? For this contribution we think you deserve it! That’s right, you’ll receive a full “Associate Producer” credit on the movie. Included here is also the expanded DVD package, the signed one sheet, a very cool, custom and exclusive TIM T-shirt (only available to our supporters). (International donors, please add $15.00 to your order. Thank You.)

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    Can it get any better? You bet! You will be personally invited to a special theatrical screening of TIM either in Los Angeles or London! As our guest, you will be seated in our VIP section along with director Brian Joseph Ochab. You will also have the opportunity to meet some very special surprise guests also seated in the VIP section. In addition, Mr. Ochab will personally take you to an amazing Hollywood lunch at one of those cool “places to be seen” hot spots in L.A. We regret that travel costs cannot be included here, but in addition to all the above, you’ll receive the $1000 reward package!

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    Okay, this one is for the ultimate Tim Burton fan. Hence, we call it the “Ultimate” package! With this package you receive literally everything listed above and more. Ready? You will receive solid sculptures of ALL the primary stop-motion puppet characters in our film - a total of six! In addition, they will be painted, finished, numbered, and signed exclusively for you. You will also be given a personal tour of our sets! You’ll meet the animators, watch the filming and see close-up how everything comes to life. You will have also have your picture taken with the set pieces and puppets. Want more? How about YOU on the DVD! We’ll conduct a short interview with you and include it on the expanded DVD edition for the entire world to see! (As with the $5k package, travel costs are not included.)

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