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Bindle – the unique travel guide and meet up platform helping travellers discover new adventures! Read more

Canberra, AU Apps
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This project was successfully funded on September 8.

Bindle – the unique travel guide and meet up platform helping travellers discover new adventures!

Canberra, AU Apps
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About this project

Bindle allows travellers to find new buddies and discover new adventures.

 • Find and connect with others nearby – so those amazing travel memories can be created with new and interesting people by your side.

• Share your experiences using a unique user generated and rated travel guide - so that travellers are no longer lost for what to do when searching for their next adventure.

With Bindle, travellers can not only find others to obtain travel advice and find new buddies to start travelling with, but travellers can also find the most interesting and enjoyable activities occurring near them as rated and shared by fellow travellers instantaneously! 

Why we created Bindle? 

Lets face it - Traveling the world and exploring new places is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Travelling is one of our biggest passions and the four of us have been lucky enough to travel to numerous amazing destinations. We don’t usually have our trips completely planned out and often rely on discussions with fellow travellers to point us in the right direction for the best places to go and things to see. 

Along our journeys we have met countless people who have helped turn seemingly normal days into unforgettable experiences! Whether through providing us with good conversation, offering advice about where to go and what to do, or inviting us along to go and discover a new spot – the contribution that others make to our travels is always priceless. 

Despite the help we received from our fellow travellers we quickly realised it wasn’t always easy to meet these interesting travel buddies, and to find the most fun things to do in our location. Speaking to others we clued on to the fact that we weren’t on our own here, this was a global problem. 

For us, realising there were so many people out there with the same problem was enough to tell us it was time to find a solution. And that’s why we are creating Bindle – to help travellers make new friends and discover new adventures 

So How does it work?  

1. Bindle - Find travellers that are nearby, Check out their profile – and shoot them a text! 

Using Bindle, travellers can hop on their phone and at a touch, without any prior planning or arrangements, start finding other interesting people to meet up with, ask for advice or even organise to jump on board for the next leg of their adventure. Traveller profiles include the number of travel companions each person has, their nationality, a brief biography and a bunch of their photos. There is also a ‘bucketlist’ of activities they might want to complete on their journey and an ‘itinerary’ feature for them to share plans if they want others to see where they have been previously or where they are thinking of going next.

2. TravelGuide - Find out what everybody else has done, is doing or recommends that you do – both globally and locally! 

Travellers can share and browse through a feed of photos/videos of events and attractions that they have visited in the past, are visiting right now or recommend that you visit in the future. We call this feature the ‘Travel Guide’. Each photo/video in the Travel Guide is automatically tagged with time and location information, and stored with a short written summary describing the experience. Other travellers can rate these photos/videos, creating a unique first of its kind travel guide that enables you to find the most interesting and enjoyable things taking place both locally and globally.

What Makes Bindle Unique - The story behind the engineering and design that has gone into our project

We’ve analysed the existing solutions, and some do exist, but in our opinion none of them get the job done. There are online forums for people to chat and provide travel advice on, there are relatively static travel guides that tell people what big events and attractions to expect at their destination and there are even mobile applications which connect people travelling to the same destination months in advance. But until now, until Bindle, there has been no adequate solution for travellers to find and connect with other travellers that are nearby right now, and there is no real time user generated and rated travel guide that tells you what other travellers are doing in your area and what other traveller’s rate as the best experiences. 

Finally, every year we plan on releasing a hard copy travel guide that will consist of the most liked content present on the Bindle App – this will be an official guide that is rated and generated by you – the traveller!! 

Tech Specs and timeline 

We will develop Bindle on iOs and Android with the aim of releasing in 2015. 

Below is our predicted schedule from now until launch


Special Thanks

Just a note to say that we have had a lot of help along the way – but we would like to especially thank the following amazing individuals:

Chris Arnold – Film Director and Producer

Ramez Shehata – Graphics Designer. 

Melina Samimi – Fantastic Animation Designer.  

Michael Denny – The Voice of Reason (Voiceover Guy)

Rathesh Richard – The recording studio owner

Sarah Clenci – Cliff Diver #1.

Joel Olney – Cliff Diver #2. 

Ozan Idehen – Clothing Designer 

Brendan Baker – Ideas Man & Extreme Sports Adrenaline Junkie.

A special mention to Tony Maple, Lachlan Blackhall and Hamish Hawthorn for providing guidance and advice.

Risks and challenges

Testing and updates
We have budgeted to allow 20 weeks for development and 4 weeks for testing. There is a risk that further updates will be required after formal testing. In order to mitigate this risk we will work with the developers to ensure weekly feedback and updates are incorporated to the app.

Market and Promotion
We have a sound marketing and promotion plan involving partnerships and working with traveller networks. In order to ensure efficient and effective promotion we will leverage off our networks and encourage your support in spreading the word.

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    A waterproof Bindle travel bag.

    When Bindle is finished development we’re going to be helping travellers all around the world discover exciting adventures. For your contribution to this we’re going to help you get started on your next adventure right now; with a waterproof Bindle logo’d travel bag that you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve tried and tested the bag out in our own adventures and they hold quite sturdy!

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    A Waterproof Bindle Travel Bag + A Bindle Water Filtration Bottle.

    If you pledge $30 we’ll even throw in a water filtration drink bottle so that you can be assured not to be drinking in any nasty chlorine or organic materials on your next adventure. But be warned, if the water isn’t from a tap, you should probably boil it first as this filtration won’t be enough!

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    A Waterproof Bindle Travel Bag + A Bindle Water Filtration Bottle + A Camera USB Drive.

    For pledging $35, we'll throw in a super handy and super fancy 2GB DSLR camera designed USB drive - Just like a real DSLR, the lens detaches from the camera body and then plugs into a computer, helping you back up all your memories when you're on the go!

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    A Waterproof Bindle Travel Bag + A Bindle Water Filtration Bottle + A Camera USB Drive + Beta Version User Access.

    If you pledge $50, in addition to all the little goodies mentioned before, you will also be amongst the team of individuals who critically analyse and assess the functionality of the mobile application before launch. We’ll be relying on you to provide feedback and recommendations so that we can best optimise the experience for travellers all around the world.

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    A Waterproof Bindle Travel Bag + A Bindle Water Filtration Bottle + A Camera USB Drive + Beta Version User Access + 1 Spot On the Bindle Founders Mural.

    This is to say thanks to those who have demonstrated the utmost benevolent generosity towards the Bindle cause – to you we give all we have. The bag, and the drink bottle, the DSLR USB, the beta version user access and also a spot on our very own Bindle mural – where we will be posting a photo of you or your travel experiences.

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    This one is for the backers who want to help get the travel guide started - if you’re a business, organisation or activity group that is looking for more travellers to check you out, then this is for you. Backers in this category will get a spot on the travel guide for an entire year after launch! It’s a win-win because you’re going to help travellers find more cool places to check out, while at the same time attracting more patronage to your services.

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