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$8,490 pledged of $30,000 goal
By Anne Balsamo
$8,490 pledged of $30,000 goal


Dear Friends,

We have an ALPHA version of the AIDS QUILT TOUCH mobile web app functioning on the developers site.   We're are still seeking funding:  1) to implement the INTERFACE DESIGN, 2) to develop the LOCATION (mapping) function, 3) to clean-up the underlying QUILT IMAGE database, 4) to move the app to a reliable SERVER, and 5) to print the INSTRUCTION cards with directions on how to get to the app.

This image shows the MAIN MENU (every selection is now functioning), and the page that you go to when you SEARCH by NAME. 

PLEASE consider re-pledging your original pledge to our new campaign at INDIEGOGO:

The funds go to the NAMES Project Foundation, marked for the AIDS Quilt Touch project.   ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Please send this notice to your friends and colleagues who may be interested and willing to help the effort.

We aim to LAUNCH the app by June 27th, 2012.


Anne Balsamo

Director:  Quilt 2012:  Digital Experience Project

Many Thanks for YOUR Support! We didn't reach our goal this time, but we're going to try again!


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Dear Friends,

With only 27 hours remaining, we're less than 1/3 towards the fundraising goal.  You have been so generous to back this project with your attention and your pledges.  Can you help us connect to those who might be able to pledge at the higher amounts?  Is it POSSIBLE, I wonder, to meet our funding goal?

Here is a screen grab of the crowdsourcing application that is NOW being used by a small group of people around the world to EVALUATE the visual quality of the digital images of the QUILT BLOCKS (5800 images) and to IDENTIFY the location of individual QUILT PANELS (48,000 panels) on each block. This is an example of a DISTRIBUTED DATA ANALYSIS PROJECT.  For a data base that includes images of 6000 BLOCKS, we have to present each block at least twice to ensure rater reliability.  Interaction with 12,000 blocks requires the identification of at least 90,000 PANELS.


Here's a rough budget breakdown of the $30k goal:  The priority for the funds is to pay the people who are doing the art & design, coding & programming, and working with the image and meta-data databases.  Project coordination and technical management are being offered pro-bono.

$5k:  Create the CROWDSOURDING WEB APPLICATION to divide QUILT BLOCKS (6000) into images of QUILT PANELS (48,000).

$5k:  Scrub the META-DATA database to create a publically-viewable database of PANEL information (91,000 records).

$7.5k:  Recrop the digital images of QUILT BLOCKS--based on crowdsourced information about image quality (roughly 1500 images will have to be recropped).

$2.5k:  Create the INFORMATION architecture, VISUAL ASSETS, and WIREFRAMES for the mobile web app.

$5k:  Create the mobile web app in DRUPAL

$5k:  Reward mailings, cost of rewards, fees to Amazon & Kickstarter

Please let me know if you have suggestions for how better to get the word out about this very worthy and exciting project.


Anne Balsamo


Dear Friends who have pledged support for the AIDS Quilt Touch - mobile web app:

The URL for the app WILL BE:

It now holds a LANDING PAGE announcing the project and the KICKSTARTER campaign. 

We will password protect the app to allow for limited early access for those who have backed the successful KICKSTARTER campaign.  

NOTE:  This is a mobile WEB app.  It has a "responsive design" that allows it to be viewed on any device that has internet access. It is NOT platform specific!

NOTE2:  After the Quilt 2012 event, the AIDS Quilt Touch app will continue to serve as a portal for tracing the location and circulation of any of the Quilt panels.

We have 8 days left.  I know this is a very SHORT time to raise the remaining funds.  We're spreading the word through many on-line channels. 

As an early backer, we REALLY appreciate your support!  Could you help us reach the funding goal by forwarding the KICKSTARTER campaign to your networks? 

 If you already have, MANY MANY THANKS!!!

Anne Balsamo