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From the creator of Symphony of Science comes an original folk/rock album about the most awe-inspiring scientific ideas.
From the creator of Symphony of Science comes an original folk/rock album about the most awe-inspiring scientific ideas.
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Terra Lumina Vinyls are in! Shipping now!

Backers and fans,

After a painful delay, the Terra Lumina vinyls are finally in our hands!  They are high quality 180 gram 12" records and they look & sound great - we are anxious to get them into your hands.  We will be shipping them out first thing tomorrow to all backers who's reward included one.  If you missed out on the kickstarter campaign and want to order one for yourself, you can pick one up on our bandcamp site.  

If your address has changed since we requested your address via the survey a few months back, let us know at  Once again, we apologize for the delay in getting these to you, and we will be including an extra copy of the CD to compensate.

Enjoy the album!


John & Will

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Terra Lumina Vinyl Updates - March

Hello fans!

A quick update on the status of the vinyl.  We have received the final test pressings from the manufacturer and have had the pleasure of listening to the album analog-style.  It sounds great and we think you'll enjoy the uniqueness of the sound compared to the digital/CD version.

Now that the test pressing is approved, there is a few week waiting period before the final product is ready.  That puts us at an approximate ship date of late April.  Again, we apologize for the unanticipated delay, and as we mentioned in the last update, all backers who's reward includes a copy of the vinyl will receive an extra CD as compensation.  

Hope you're all enjoying the album, looking forward to sharing the record with you!


John & Will

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Terra Lumina vinyl release delay

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Terra Lumina: Post-release update!

Dear backers & fans,

It's now been a little over a week since the Terra Lumina release and everything has gone great!  Thank you all for your generous support and for sending in your feedback about the album.  We have been reading all your comments and enjoying the reactions to the songs.

Our next steps are pressing the vinyl version and promoting the album; thank you for being patient with us as we take the time to get everything right.  There will be updates on this process going forward and we look forward to hearing feedback from more of you soon!

We owe huge thanks to the following artists and musicians who helped us create the album:

Mat Hudson, aka Orphan Elliot, provided the eye-popping geometry-inspired artwork that formed the basis of the album's design.  Check out his website for more amazing illustrations and designs:

Shogo Ota, of Tireman Studio, contributed his awesome art and design expertise to the album as well, adding a special touch to the visual identity of the album and providing the illustration of ourselves in the foldout panel.  Check out his incredible design work!

The hugely talented Cara Alboucq provided vocals on tracks 8 & 9, and we couldn't be happier to have worked with such a great musician.  You can hear more of her amazing voice on Bandcamp and YouTube.

Zach Brown generously contributed his Cello skills to the project, and we also owe thanks to Peter Pearsall for helping with lyrics and Jordan Vessels for additional electric guitar. 

Backers in the USA - if you haven't received your package yet, let us know if it doesn't arrive in the next week; we recognize that there are occasionally hiccups in the shipping process and some parcels may be lost in the process.

If you received your package with damaged merchandise, please let us know so we can get the problem resolved right away.

Have suggestions for how we can further spread the record to classrooms and students?  Shoot us an email or a message and we'll talk!

Happy new year!  Thanks again to everyone for making our vision a reality.  We hope you are enjoying the music and that we can bring you more soon.


John & Will /

TERRA LUMINA - debut album OUT NOW!! Thank you!!

Dear backers and fans,

Today marks the release of the album we have been working hard for months to bring you!  Terra Lumina's self titled debut album is out now!!  

Promo video:

Purchase links:  (merch and download)
iTunes: (download) 
Amazon: (download)

Last week we sent an email containing your free download code for the album if you contributed $10 or more to the campaign.  We'll be sending that code again today in case you missed it.  If you missed the campaign or didn't get a digital pre-release copy, follow the links above to purchase a download or physical copy of the album!  

The CDs, posters and t-shirts turned out great and we have attached a few pictures of the art to this message for you.  You can find more on  We look forward to hearing your feedback on the art and the music itself as the release unfolds - what do you think?  

We began shipping out packages yesterday - USA residents should receive their packages from within a few days to a week, and international recipients a bit longer (uncertain ship times).

As mentioned previously, the vinyl was unfortunately not ready in time for the release date. We opted not to rush its production and take the time to make it right. Backers who ordered vinyls will be hearing from us soon on updates and release estimates. Thank you for understanding :)

We are very proud of how everything turned out and think you're all going to enjoy it.   This couldn't have been done without your support - thank you all so much!  You'll be hearing from us soon regarding release updates and the like. 


John & Will

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