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$450 pledged of $29,000 goal
By Christine C
$450 pledged of $29,000 goal

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Impaler Project's New Facebook Link


All future project updates and correspondance can be seen on our Facebook pages; come leave us your comments.


To All Supporters

Thank you for your kind pledges.  Beginning this campaign without an established Fscebook fanbase, I learned, crippled it from the outset.  However, in the film business, surrender is not an option.  My team and I will continue moving forward and you can follow our progress, anytime, on our Vlad Impaler Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Impaler-Project/214257455354197?ref=tn_tnmn
or email me directly there: 1drak0nia@gmail.com

I hope you will continue to support our efforts, and let your friends know that 'Impaler' lives on.  Who knows, lightening might still strike.

best regards,           Chris Carmines


How Vlad, not Dracula, was the first modern vampire

Come join us on Facebook; for new posts each day with tantalizing tidbits from our upcoming "Impaler" movie, now in pre-production.


"Impaler" Project now on Facebook !

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Impaler Update

I've recently secured an experienced feature film publicist, a motion picture packaging agent and an entertainment attorney who can move this project directly into its packaging phase, once we successfully meet our donations goal.  Your contributions to "Impaler"will not fall into a black hole, or be for naught.  Thank you for helping us to succeed!