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Join the Fight for Small and help fund an online local news and opinion platform for Indianapolis. Website launches in September.

Join the Fight for Small and help fund an online local news and opinion platform for Indianapolis. Website launches in September. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 2, 2014.

About this project

We believe in the people of Indianapolis. We were born here. We were raised here. We live here. We will raise our kids here. And we believe our city needs a voice. A loud voice. A voice that tells the rest of the world what we Hoosiers are capable of.

Silicon Valley focuses on high tech, high-growth ventures. The East Coast has politics and Wall Street. Here, in the Heartland of America, we have hard work, hand-shake agreements, and Hoosier hospitality. 

Recently, we asked famous venture capitalist Ron Conway for advice on growing a startup in Indy. His answer? Move to Silicon Valley. With all due respect to Mr. Conway, we would like your help in proving him wrong. We believe that high-impact ideas start at the grassroots. On Main Street in Middle America.  We believe that the next big idea can come from our backyard.

Why inSourceCode?

At inSourceCode, we build big things on the Internet--like websites that get tens of millions of monthly visitors. We've had our work featured on The Today Show. We built the policy platform for Techcrunch. We've been linked to from a Google Doodle. We've collaborated with members of Congress to keep the Web open when SOPA was trying to restrict online freedoms. But the Fight for Small isn't about us. It's about helping those who make our city and our country great.

What's the Rub?

Small businesses power our local economy. Most of the people that read this will work for a small, locally-owned business. Yet, 53% of small businesses in Indiana don't even have a website. There is a giant disconnect between where the world is going and the small business owners who currently power it.

What's the Plan?

We want to leverage our WordPress skills to build an online conversation platform. This website will empower users to blog about whatever their hearts desire and will offer never-before-seen exposure to local businesses. We believe that helping small businesses understand the importance of the Internet starts with showing them how online conversations can help them. So, step one is creating a space for that conversation--building an online community for our community.

We also believe that everyday people across our great nation are looking to connect. Locally. Instantly. They want to know what's going on in their city. They want to find out about local hotspots and local happenings. And when news happens, they want a place to talk about it.

What Makes this Idea Big?

While most news sites and blog platforms are supported by cash-for-ads, in our model, small businesses trade gift cards for exposure. Those gift cards, in turn, are used to pay the contributors who are providing the content. We aren't hiring writers. We are building a platform that gives individuals in our community a voice. The better the content, the more traffic is generated, and the more an individual can get paid.

All traffic and clicks to the site infuse money back into our local economy.

Talk local. Support local.

Why Kickstarter?

That's simple. We want this to be collaborative. We think this idea is big. Moreover, we think it can impact loads of people. That being said, if you don't agree, we won't move forward. Could we get money elsewhere? Yes. But this isn't about money. This is about building something here, in Indianapolis, that can be replicated all over America.

This campaign will cover the costs of a minimum viable product (MVP). Backers will see the behind-the-scenes conversations and those who pledge $125 or more will join us on the front lines as we talk through features, timelines, and other back-end logistics. 

We also love the all-or-nothing nature of Kickstarter. We believe in this idea, but it doesn't work without support from the community. We could bootstrap this ourselves, and we do plan to invest heavily if there is interest, but it all starts with the grassroots.

Will you join us?

Risks and challenges

We get paid every day to build websites and Web platforms. But this project will be our first that is designed specifically for engaging the community. We anticipate some hiccups and imagine that timelines might shift in the process. When the project meets the Kickstarter funding requirement, we will begin the design and development phase. We expect the first iteration of the site to be ready approximately 120 days after this campaign is complete.

The biggest inherent risk is that the success of this project hinges on network effects, which may or may not materialize. Even if the design is gorgeous, the code is solid, and the marketing is spot on, it is entirely plausible that not enough people from Indianapolis will use it to make it valuable.

It is also possible that small business owners just might not see the value in this website. We have foot soldiers on the streets, and we will do everything in our power to show small businesses how this website will work in their favor. However, if they don't agree, we may struggle to hit critical mass for adoption.

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    Board Room Parties - How would you like to hang out with like-minded people, have the opportunity to provide feedback, and maybe enjoy some local food & drink in the process? With this package, you get invites to three events (one a month) at local bars to do just that. We'll chat about where we've been and where we're going and you get to help mold the direction. Also you get all of the additional perks above.

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    Small Business offer -> Social Media Package - Are you wondering what all those kids are doing with those instagrams? For just $650, we will provide three, one hour consultations, optimize your pages and together we’ll craft a 90 day strategy to help you get the most out of your social media experience. This package does not include the other perks.

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    Small Business Offer -> Website Package - Want the web to work for you? For $1,000 you can have your own website. We’ll interview you, figure out what exactly you want and make it happen. We’ll even train you on how to maintain it yourself. There is a catch though: You have to be an established business and have a working logo. Site will be built on the FightforSmall WordPress platform and hosting will be provided for one year. Not sure if you're a fit? Please email questions to This package does not include the other perks.

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    Become the Presenting Sponsor - Do you get green with envy when you see Lucas Oil’s name on that shiny, new stadium? If you cater to small businesses in Indiana and want to be included in all of the PR and energies from the Fight for Small initiative you can put your company’s name and logo on the Fight For Small website, emails, press releases, etc. Also, we’ll invite you to send a representative to all of our events. We will custom configure this package to make sure you get known in Indy.

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