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Owning her own equipment will give a young teenage girl from Wisconsin the tools she needs to succeed at growing her business.
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Hey there is a bee's nest in my tree!

Interesting things happen when you are a beekeeping family. The phone rings and the person at the end says "I have a nest of bees in a tree behind our house!" Bees are misunderstood and mis identified often. But a beekeeper quickly learns where they nest and where they don't. Tree branches are where they don't. But, it was a nice evening. Cool again after a long hot spell. So after supper, Natalie and I drove the few miles out to the fellow's farm.

The guy told the story that he was mowing lawn and bumped his head on something, turned to have a look and there it was. Cool weather was this man's friend because the nest was quiet. Everyone was inside staying warm. These "bees" in this case is a nest of Bald Faced Hornets. In a nest of this size there could be 700 hornets. Each of them capable of stinging multiple times. --Honeybees can only sting you once. It was fascinating seeing this nest, even if it wasn't bees. Natalie let the farmer know what they were and that we would not be taking them to a new home.

It is great though that people are now thinking of bees and why they are important. When I was a kid, growing up, my mother would have taken a can of RAID to this nest long before reaching for the telephone to see if they could be saved. Times have changed. Thoughts and attitudes have changed as well. People are starting to realize what Natalie and other beekeepers are doing is important. They are starting to hear about what will happen to the food supply if people like Natalie fail. And, at the same time people are learning how good honey is for you. They are replacing much of the raw sugar in their diet with locally raised, natural honey. Replacing something bad with something that at the same time has health benefits.

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    1. Creator John Pirc on September 4, 2012

      We have had a couple of those in our trees over the years. One year a guy stopped by in the fall and asked if he could have it. He was a local architect and he already had one hanging in his office (empty I assume). I told him sure so we cut the branch off with the nest still attached and away he went.... Funny thing happened tonight. There was a bee flying around while I was working outside, I waved it away and it flew right under the cuff on my work glove and stung me on the back of the hand....