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A hard anodized credit card shaped piece of aluminum that can be used as a stable base on soft ground for motorcycle kickstands.

My name is Dave.  Like many here I am a dreamer that does.  Working in the insurance industry I handled several claims where a bike had fallen over due to being parked on soft pavement or dirt/gravel/sand.  I thought for sure there had to be something to take care of this problem for my clients.  After digging I found there was, but they were in my opinion imperfect.  They were often gaudy, made of plastic, and most importantly too cumbersome to always carry for the sport bike rider or the person that doesn't like saddle bags.  So I put a lot of hours into designing a solid piece that could easily be transported but still multiply the surface area of the kickstand several times over.

If you watched my video you already know that the design I settled on, the KickCard, is made to easily fit in a wallet, is made from solid T6 aluminum, hard anodized*, and made right here in the USA.  I kept the design clean and included a generous hole to facilitate whatever wonderful uses and tricks a thousand different intelligent users are able to come up with.  To order a single piece from a machine shop, if you are able to find a shop willing to do such a small order, would run you nearly $400.

I have a successful prototype that has proven to work on very loose soil of all kinds and am confident in it's ability to perform on soft pavement.  I have a manufacturer that operates right here in the USA that can deliver me orders of a thousand or more pieces within a month.  At the completion of a successful campaign I will also establish eBay and Amazon stores for ease and security of purchasing for any future orders.

*Please note the prototype is not hard anodized.

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There are several risks and challenges to be met after the successful completion of this campaign. Chief among them is the task of quickly delivering the rewards to you, the backers. I do have several people lined up to work this task at once and can find more if needed. Even though the current manufacturer is in the USA he is nearly a thousand miles away. I will seek to bring the orders to a more local manufacturer to ensure better control over the process.


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