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56 Card Bicycle Deck. The War of Currents Playing Cards feature Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison's battle over POWER and LIGHT!
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Back Breaking Design

Hey Guys,

As we developed and designed these cards, we had to do some studying. We knew a bit about The War of Currents, but we really didn't know a whole lot about US Playing Card Company and the history of the BICYCLE label.   Like most of you, we played cards growing up, but how often do you look at the design aspect of those cards?

One of the major elements we wanted to include was, yes, a BICYCLE!  On the backs of Bicycle playing cards you will find a BICYCLE, in some form or another.  Sometimes this was just a wheel, but this became Bicycle's logo of sorts.  Another element we found to be interesting was a LANTERN.  A good majority of the earlier Bicycle cards included a lantern on it's design, sometimes referred to as LANTERN CARDS.

So, when we began drafting out ideas for our back, we wanted to include both of these elements in some form or another!  Hopefully you can use this knowledge later in life... if NOT, just some fun facts.

We have included two vintage pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Thanks for reading!



More small updates/stories coming soon!  Thanks for making day 1 such a success!!

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