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Update #9

New Drawing Machine Project


Sorry for any duplication of posts but I wanted to alert backers that we've just launched a new toy project on kickstarter. Called the GatorGraph its an harmonic drawing machine using recycled 1 liter bottles as weights. Setup is quick and easy. 

The GatorGraph is built using fine quality materials so it will last for years. It can be also be extended for the DIY crowd.

Please take a look at the project at:

Update #8

Almost ready


Here's a photo of just a few of the Animators waiting for their boxes. At this point I have 10 boxes assembled. (Maybe I'll get to 20 by the end of the day!)

I still have the card holder frames to construct and the instructions to write but I'm getting closer all the time.

Thanks again to all of you.

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Update #7

Kinotopic iPhone app


Radu, the excellent developer of Kinotopic, has just told me that he'll be incorporating a special feature for the Two Foto Animator! His Kinotopic app is already available for the iPhone. You can use it to create cinemagraphs (check the link to see them) and very cool animated gifs. Hopefully soon you'll be able to use Kinotopic as an easy way to make Two Foto Animator pictures on your iPhone.

In the meantime I'm still learning about what works as Animator cards. Here's a movie that I thought would never work but it does. Love does find a way!

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Update #6

User Gallery


We're entering the home stretch on our Two Foto Animator project and I want to thank everyone for helping us reach our goal to make this happen. I've added a link to a user gallery on the Animator software home page. My hope is that you all will come up with great movies that you'll want to share. If you email me your pictures from the Animator software, I'll post them on the gallery page so everyone can download and print them.

The user gallery is on Flickr so it is easy to see and download the pictures. Click on the 'User Gallery' link on the Animator home page. Once you find a file you'd like, just click on the 'Actions' menu which is located above the photo to the right of 'Favorite'. Select 'View All Sizes' and then hit 'Download Image'. (I'm attaching a picture so you can see where the 'Action' menu is hiding out.)

I've already started laser cutting and assembling the Animators. There's still a ton of work to do including designing the user guide, but it's all coming together. I'm sure everyone's rewards will ship on schedule or maybe even a bit sooner. 

Thank you all again and again!


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Update #5

Software how-to video


I've been getting some great feedback from people who have been using the new software. Its been really easy and they've gotten a start on making their own movies so they'll be ready when their Animator arrives. 

I'm posting a little how-to video showing the Animator software in use which you might find helpful. You can see an HD version of the how-to video by clicking the link at our software page:

(For sharper text you can view in HD from the link on the Animator software page.)

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    Our undying thanks and we'll send you our thaumatrope card for spinning in your hand featuring two thaumatropes: the soup lady and George Bush. Warning: this was produced in 2002 and is vaguely political. Shipping included to US and the world.

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    The complete set of 12 optical tops. These tops and the spindles are printed on heavy coated cardstock. Fantastic designs from the last 200 years are featured as well as new designs that we've created. You can even make your own designs on the blank backs. Extra spindles are provided. Shipping to the US is included. (Canada please add $5; other countries please add $10.)

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    The wooden Animator toy as shown in the video. Built from cherry and walnut hardwoods with brass fittings, finished with organic flaxseed oil, includes 3 printed sample cards and 7 blank cards for you to make your own great movies. Includes shipping to the US. (Canada please add $5; other countries please add $10.)

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    Optical toy package: a Retroscope (a 36 flip movie viewer of a toy dinosaur crossing Times Square in NYC (as featured in the video) plus all the previous rewards. Includes shipping to the US. (Canada please add $15; other countries please add $25.)

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