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This toy brings animated gifs of your photos to life. You can make a movie with just 2 photos using this beautiful & entertaining toy.

See Update #4 for important news and links to the software!

Though we've met our minimum goal it's not too late for you to join in and participate in this project. We still have days to go and lots more stuff to add! The extra funding will let us include more features.

This project is to produce my new toy, the Two Foto Animator. It's also an exploration of animation made using only two photos. The neat thing about two image animation is that your brain does all the drawing of the in-between frames. If you see a photo of a person with an arm that is raised and then another photo with the arm lowered, your brain says 'Aha, there must be motion!' And then your brain makes the motion seamless. Very cool! Since you're only using two photos for each movie, it's easy to produce your own animation cards. Think of it as a real life steampunk animated gif! 

The Two Foto Animator is made from cherry and walnut hardwood from Michigan finished with organic flaxseed oil. Brass fittings are used throughout. All the wood parts are lasercut in my own studio here in Portland, OR.  

The Animator comes with 3 printed sample cards and 7 blank cards so you can make your own great movies. We're working with a developer to make an iPhone app which I’m hoping will be available soon. This app will let you use your phone to make a two photo animated gif that can be printed out to use with this Animator toy.

I have the design done and I really want to put it into production so you can make your own two image movies. The funds that you contribute will enable me to get the sample cards offset printed, will purchase wood for the edition, and will set up a website so we can share our designs. 

There are many levels to support this project and each comes with a reward for your contribution. Your contribution will count as a ­pre-purchase at a specially discounted price. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the great movies that you’ll be creating! I have hopes that some of you will want to share them on our website and maybe with your permission, we can include your movie in a future set of printed cards. 

Thanks for watching. I’m really excited about this new toy and hope that you’ll want to share in the project. I love that you can take a digital movie and be able to hold it in a beautiful form in your hand.

This Retroscope is one of the premiums. It has 36 flips and shows a fun movie of a toy dinosaur in New York City traffic.


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    Our undying thanks and we'll send you our thaumatrope card for spinning in your hand featuring two thaumatropes: the soup lady and George Bush. Warning: this was produced in 2002 and is vaguely political. Shipping included to US and the world.

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    The complete set of 12 optical tops. These tops and the spindles are printed on heavy coated cardstock. Fantastic designs from the last 200 years are featured as well as new designs that we've created. You can even make your own designs on the blank backs. Extra spindles are provided. Shipping to the US is included. (Canada please add $5; other countries please add $10.)

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    The wooden Animator toy as shown in the video. Built from cherry and walnut hardwoods with brass fittings, finished with organic flaxseed oil, includes 3 printed sample cards and 7 blank cards for you to make your own great movies. Includes shipping to the US. (Canada please add $5; other countries please add $10.)

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    Optical toy package: a Retroscope (a 36 flip movie viewer of a toy dinosaur crossing Times Square in NYC (as featured in the video) plus all the previous rewards. Includes shipping to the US. (Canada please add $15; other countries please add $25.)

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