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A Gear Driven Wooden Machine to Make Wonderful Drawings!
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Tiny New Drawing Machine

Posted by Joe Freedman (Creator)

Sorry for duplicate emails. Some of you may get 5 of these. And you are the folks to whom I'm most indebted!

The Cycloid was the best drawing machine that I can make. I added every possibly option that I could. It has endless possibilities but many people have been a little intimidated by the combinations. And its big. It usually takes me a day to clear off enough desk space to use it. My new machine is smaller and lacks the multiple turntables and planetary gears. Drawing size is 5-3/4 inches versus the 9 inches of the Cycloid. Its been called 'cute' by a beta user who owns the Cycloid. 

I'm not sure that I would recommend this machine to devoted Cycloid users but some of you may have friends who you'd like to gift it to. Or want a simpler machine for children to use. (Supervised of course since it still has lots of little pieces.)

Duration of the project is short--only 16 days--so I can get started on the project and get it done quickly. You can see it at:

Thanks again for your previous support. People who backed any of my previous projects will get an extra pack of paper as a special thank you. I hope you'll like the new project.


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