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A Gear Driven Wooden Machine to Make Wonderful Drawings!
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A Great Review to Inspire You

Posted by Joe Freedman (Creator)
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Wayne Schmidt is a writer and commenter on technical curiosities like Harmonographs, kaleidoscopes, and astronomical tools. His website has hundreds of pages with extensive explanations. Wayne was also an early purchaser of our Cycloid Drawing Machine. He's just posted an amazing video and web page reviewing the Cycloid. It also serves as a great introduction and description of how to get started and fine tune the possibilities. Its actually much better than my own video so I wanted to alert those of you who haven't opened the box yet, or for those who haven't delved too deeply into the variations of gears.

Wayne Schmidt's matrix of variations.
Wayne Schmidt's matrix of variations.

Wayne's video is super high resolution so you can easily see all the details of the drawings. He starts with opening the box and moves through making complicated drawings. Some of his comments made me blush but the video is a fantastic starter.

The video can be seen at:

The web page which has most of the same information is at:'s%20Amazing%20Cycloid%20Drawing%20Machine.html

Thanks again to Wayne and the rest of you who backed the project. I hope Wayne's video will inspire you all to get cranking.



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