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A night at the movies... EXACTLY as it was experienced in 1917. Rare material from the legendary Edison studio.
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Stretch Goal for $7,000! (It's flat and crinkly!)

Posted by Movies Silently (Creator)

Ladies and gentlemen, after crunching the numbers, getting some estimates and consulting, here is the first project stretch goal:




Hear me out! See, booklets are actually one of the more expensive extras you can add to the physical disc. Further, I plan to fill this booklet to the brim with factoids and details. Obviously, we'll discuss the Stevenson novel, we'll also talk about the state of the Edison studio when the film was released and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

As I said, I've been number crunching and I can afford this if we reach $7,000 total. It will also be available for download to backers who are either giving less than $25 or who are located outside the U.S.A.

Sorry I couldn't import a troupe of highland bagpipers or include a kilt with every order but then again, I was also the kid who reminded the teacher that she forgot to assign homework, so it figures I'd stick with the educational option.

Thanks so much for all your support!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bill Davis on

      Thank you, I just increased my pledge by $5, anyway, to help support this worthy project.

    2. Movies Silently Creator on

      The stamp for a letter (the booklet fits into a standard invitation envelope) is just $1.10, so not bad at all. It's when you start mailing packages that things really start getting pricey, I was shocked at how cheap letters were in comparison. So, I think I can easily swing that for everyone in foreign lands but thanks so much for your generosity!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bill Davis on

      Thank you! I know postage is crazy these days. What is the approx. rate to mail one of these to Canada? I'll gladly add double the postage cost to my pledge to cover for my copy and one for someone else!

    4. Movies Silently Creator on

      Hi Bill,

      I really want my international DVD backers to get a physical booklet, so I researched and it looks like I can mail booklets using a flat-rate international stamp! This is great news as international postage is crazy expensive even to Canada. So, you will definitely be getting a booklet if you pledged at the $25+ level.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bill Davis on


      This is an excellent stretch goal, thanks! I am just curious about the line above that says:

      "It will also be available for download to backers who are either giving less than $25 or who are located outside the U.S.A."

      I have pledged $25 and live in Canada. Does this mean I won't receive the physical booklet?