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Help us fund the molding and casting of these (and potentially other) 10mm Landsknechte sculpted by the talented Bob Naismith.
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Pikemen Planning

Posted by Warmonger Miniatures (Creator)
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With Bob being able to start on the Pikemen next week I figured I'd post an update here to get some thoughts on what I was going to send him. I'd like there to be seven strips, like the Zweihander: one standard bearer/musician strip and six rank and file.

The standard bearer/musician strip would be "in column" (see below) and probably 6mm wide and 14mm long. I was thinking of having the standard bearer be in front and walking with the banner flowing behind him. The musician, maybe a fifer.

In Column
In Column

The rank and file would come in two types. The first, would be two "in column" strips. They would be 6x14mm like above, with the man in front in a "charge for horse" position (kneeling, pike roughly at 45° with butt on the ground and katzbalger drawn) and the man in back in a "at port" position (standing, pike at 45° with butt at hip).

The second type would be four "in line" strips (see below). These would be 6mm long and 18mm wide and have each man standing in various "advancing" or "at rest" positions (pike at vertical).

In Line
In Line

Each unit would come with one standard bearer/musician, five "in column" and nine "in line" with the idea being you'd put two "in column" at the front of every 20x40mm base and three "in line" at the back. Just to be clear, my intention here is that the figures would be mounted facing the narrow edge.

The pikes would be around 32mm long (16 scale feet) and the style would be similar to the Zweihander. I'll be doing some mock-ups to make sure that everything will fit and look good on a base and still allow for easy base-contact.

Your thoughts?

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      Andrew Sturrock on

      I've already got a fair number of Pikemen from Pendraken. The one thing I'd suggest is to make sure the pikes are thick enough so they don't bend easily!

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      John Montrie on

      I will definitely be ordering some of these!