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Harmony Central FX forum members working together to create a collaborative pedal.

The Octophant Octave-Fuzz is the result of a collaboration between members of the Harmony-Central FX forum. The idea was to create a unique pedal that any and all members could afford, and so it was decided to charge only for parts & logistics. Any extra money will be evenly distributed between the builders, so throw in a few extra bucks! This pedal is a celebration of the unique spirit of the HCFX community. 

Octave Fuzz Lead:

Gated Octave Riff:

Various Gains (Lowest Gain>Medium Gain>Ge Mode High Gain):

60s Octave:

Normal Mode Octave on Highest Gain:

Nasal 60s Kind of Sound (Ge Mode):

Semi-Gated Ge Mode:

Super Thick Ge Mode:

Doomy Sludge


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