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The Fwoosh presents Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series, the first wave of super-posable action figures to add to your collection.
The Fwoosh presents Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series, the first wave of super-posable action figures to add to your collection.
1,241 backers pledged $343,894 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fwoosh LLC Creator on

      @Brett Swisher: all of our kickstarter backers who filled out their backerkit surveys had their rewards shipped out to them in July of last year, please send an email to with your info and the fulfillment center can look into why you haven't received yours.

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      Brett Swisher on

      When are u fulfilling the orders of your top tier customers??????

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      Jason Boonstra on

      When is the next series coming out....?

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      Brett Swisher on

      Filled out the 3rd survey you have sent me and still haven’t received my figures!!!???

    5. Tantema Garnik on

      Hey Everyone! If you haven't heard about it Cryptid Toys has launched a 1:12 scale campaign offering fully articulated skeletons and heroic build blank bucks.

      Check it out - any and all support is welcome!

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      Brett Swisher on

      So is there a reason that I still have not received my figures after 2 years????

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      Josh Polak on

      I finally got my toys.

      Does that mean I can take this site off my bookmarks and stop checking every day like I have been for two years? I don't's a habit now.

      Only iffy QC I had was my red ninja. Stuck waist and neck post. But with heat and then freezing it seems to have loosened the paint. But he's definitely more "fragile" now...hope he doesn't break on me down the line.

      Blasted plenty of parts with a heat gun to avoid breakage. Mostly hip balls and necks and even wrist pegs. It's annoying, yes, but a hell of a lot less annoying than a broken figure.

      So far, I really like them. A lot. They're very cool....just still a little bit in shock that they finally finally arrived!

      I know people don't like negativity but I just want to reiterate my number one disappointment was the sub-par communication from the creators. Lack of updates when nothing was going on is one thing, but flat out ignoring questions, concerns, and problems is another. This is their endeavor of course, but I felt like they forget that we were part of it too. An important part.

      Water under the bridge now, but I hope they can take communication more seriously if they attempt to do this again.

      Really looking forward to messing around with my figures some more now that I finally have them at long last. Fingers crossed there's no breakage down the road.

      Despite my gripes, I'm pleased....these figures are really cool. Nicely done, despite all the bumps in the road. Really looking forward to a final wrap-up and thoughts from the creators.

    8. Suppapon Kraichoke on

      @ JOSE GUARNIERO - Not sure if any one from fwoosh evercontact you yet?
      You can contact them via Articulated Icons Customer Service. Just send them a mail with clear mail subject and content, they will reply to you ASAP.
      Here >>

    9. Moses Bad on

      How exactly do you propose this? Heat up, popp off the leg, spray and pop it back on?

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      Nobody from the creative team has helped me so far

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      Please my friends I need urgent help. Brazilian customs is a nasty experience and my legion of ninjas is stuck. I need a copy of the commercial invoice right away, please it is URGENT . I dont even use the same credit card I paid for this project with.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alex Mann on

      My box of ninjas finally got to me in Australia and they're fantastic.
      After I saw other people's pics I began to regret getting black basics instead of red but in low light they look like something straight out of a sweet 80's ninja film.

      I'll have to try out the WD40 solution as a lot of the hips are still sticking but other than that, I've had no breaks.
      Excellent work, Fwoosh. I'm totally keen to back your next project and then receive the actual toys two years after that. :)

    13. Shaun Barrows on

      @ Jai Gibson

      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.

    14. Jai Gibson on

      For those of you still experiencing sticking areas like the hip ball joints, use WD40 Silicone. A quick spray over the ball and no more sticking. Heating worked initially but once cooled the rubber on rubber created too much friction. A bit of lubricant and all is as it should be.

    15. Suppapon Kraichoke on

      International Backer from Thailand here also got figures, so far so great.

      Just open around 50 of 80+ boxes, right now just a problem with 1 arm pack that come with the same hand, and a tear at shoulder/bicep peg. Also my Shibito head got paint stuck and broken peg. The others are just totally fine, and Yes, while some come with gummy joint due to paint, but they are very easy to fix which I don't think those are the problem since if anyone have ever play with action figure should find these problem before.

      For those who cancel their order, I think maybe they are more comfortable to decline their reward and find some other figures line to play instead.

      What I can say is, some of their order will become mine when Fwoosh sell the remaining stock later.

    16. Moses Bad on

      OK, just for fun ... all was complete ... out of 11 figures 3 are broken, sort of.
      One basic red and a black have stuck waist joints, heated, let cool, black snapped, red will, if handled any more.
      And the right foot on my Shinobi comes off easier than a hand.
      27% fatality rate ... well, let's see qhat customer service will say.

    17. Rick Nuhfer on

      Got my freebie solitaire… Were we supposed to get a samurai also?

    18. Missing avatar

      Josh Polak on

      I imagine people that canceled feel justified after reading about widespread breakage issues, construction errors, sloppy paint apps, and promised features that do not work (swappable heads and hands).

      I haven't received mine yet. I've based everything I'm saying based on pictures and videos. The samples that were reviewed months ago are clearly superior to what people are getting in their hands. Anyone can see that.

      I have my fingers crossed that there are no issues with the figures I ordered. I'm still annoyed I won't be able to tell for several more weeks cause I was assured right here by a Fwoosh staffer that they'd try to help me but they didn't.

      I think their communication throughout this process has been terrible.

      The figures look good from what I can see. Good, not great. I think we all wanted them to hit a grand slam with this, but if we take a step back and look at things very objectively these probably aren't up to the standards that they wanted, and are not the best figures we've ever got our hands on, like they intended.

      B+ for their efforts on the production side, but should have been more hands on during the factory process. I think the factory took advantage of their inexperience.

      D- for communications with backers.

      Can't give a final grade on my toys til I get them though.

    19. Moses Bad on

      Received mine today - Germany - will probably take through the weekend to find out, if there are any issues.

    20. Rick Nuhfer on

      I wonder if all these guys that were complaining and screaming they were canceling their orders have any regrets...

    21. Missing avatar

      William J. Nedrow on

      To anyone who has already contacted customer service about QC issues, have you gotten a response? I sent an email yesterday but have not heard anything. I don't know if that is normal or if my email ended up in a spam folder somewhere.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jesus R Rodriguez IV on

      I apologize for my one outburst and received my order last week. I can honestly say these are amazing! Very glad I backed this project and if you guys decide to do anything else on Kickstarter I'm all in. Hope you guys can give us more ninjas for us to buy because I'd love to get 4 more red and 5 more black basic ninjas. A few QC issues but nothing I can't fix myself. Great job guys!

    23. Grosse Fidelity on

      Glad to hear it Tyler mine are in the way so I hope I'm as lucky as you with Canadian customs.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Just recieved mine here in Canucksville no duty fees for me

    25. Jai Gibson on

      Wow wow wow, received and they are amazing! It's true that there are some sticking issues: nearly all of mine were suck at the hip joints and the waist but don't worry all, this is nothing that can't be fixed with very hot water or a hair dryer. Be patient and heat them up before trying to unstick a joint or you may end up breaking something!

    26. Missing avatar

      steve bolsover

      Got my ninja and arm pack today in the UK, happy to say everything seems ok with my stuff, hopefuly those people with problems will get them sorted.

    27. Moses Bad on

      Let's hope that they in such a case are happy with pictures of a mauled figure ...

    28. Grosse Fidelity on

      Ok I appreciate the update though I am now a little concerned and really hope that I do not require a replacement figure, if hate to have to send a figure back since that can get pricey from Canada and I imagine the same for all international backers.

    29. Missing avatar

      Salvador Cabral on

      @Matt Foster - All of the figures except for Shinobi are pictured with all of their accessories on the campaign page.

    30. Matt Foster on

      Can someone point me at a parts list, I think I got everything I was supposed to, but looking to double check

    31. Missing avatar

      Richie Alvez on

      I received my order about 20 figs just missing two extra rooftops

    32. Missing avatar

      Dane Wright on

      My arm pack also snapped at the biceps swivel. Hope this is not everyone's across the board.

    33. Missing avatar

      Osirusra on

      @Moses, I'm not sure how to prevent what happened with mine. I was only attempting to swap arms. The second time, I was being church mouse careful and it still happened. I am thankful that all included items were correct. I'll just request replacement arms once the request avenue opens up. I hope you all have better luck swapping!

    34. Moses Bad on

      So, if I understand you correctly, the way to go is heat up, grind down the sockets a bit for easir fit and maybe heat up again during assembly?
      Someone didn't plan this out carefully ...

    35. Missing avatar

      Osirusra on

      I am on the east coast and rec'd my order. The shipping was incredible. It arrived two days after being shipped. I received everything I ordered and the package included all accessories it should have. Before I got mine, I was really starting to wonder what would go wrong so I hope the rest of you waiting will be encouraged. Please be aware that even with boiling, two of my arm packs have broken so please be careful of that.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jim Harig on

      I received my order, but I ordered and paid for 9 rooftop bases and only received 5. Everything else looks amazing!

    37. Missing avatar

      Salvador Cabral on

      From RoboKillah on the Fwoosh:
      "Yeah, we're getting messages through Backer Kit and Facebook and here and personal accounts and random message boards and and and. It's too spread out. We're working on the best way to consolidate all of that into one avenue to address everything while still working on getting pre-orders out. That will be the email but we also have to fulfill the original orders before considering breaking things up for replacements. We're here, working working working. We love you all and will fix mistakes the best we can."

    38. Moses Bad on

      Label was created ... mh ... end of August seems plausible.

    39. Missing avatar

      Alex Mann on

      Got my shipping notice yesterday.
      I look forward to it getting to Australia really quickly, and then sitting in a storeroom at Australia Post for 48 infuriating hours and no good reason.

    40. Grosse Fidelity on

      @kelly like Josh said go to the backerkit site and you should see the status
      Mine was ready to ship for 2 weeks until 2 days ago when it switched to pre shipping then to in transit.
      Now I just need to wait and see what Canadian customs will be like.

    41. Missing avatar

      Josh Polak on

      Check backerkit. All the info is there.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kelly Panter on

      Backer #505. Still have not received any information about the shipping confirmation. Seeing some pics on social media from some who've received their orders. My CC is valid & not expired. Please advise. Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      William J. Nedrow on

      You guys have something that says ready to ship? I have nothing of the sort. I'm starting to move from anxious to worried. Should I be?

    44. Moses Bad on

      C'mon, Fwoosh
      SDCC is over ...

    45. Missing avatar

      Dick Justice on

      Still says ready to ship. At this point I'm not expecting anything besides half my order and a bunch of QC issues.

    46. Spicy Magazine on

      Status has said Ready to Ship for almost 2 weeks.

    47. Missing avatar

      Steven nguyen on

      Am I the only one who has not received anything?

    48. Grosse Fidelity on

      For anyone keeping track Ottawa Canada just got a tracking number though no email I saw in the backerkit.

    49. Missing avatar

      Shaun p on

      Hey guys, you said you would post an email for customer service yesterday, I've been trying to get ahold of you guys since last week, I got my package last week but had a few things missing from the package but they were on the invoice. I would really like to clear this up

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