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Why Honey is Not Vegan is the go to site for anyone interested in vegans and honey. It's due for a complete overhaul – you can make it happen!

Created in 1997, the Why Honey is Not Vegan site at is the most widely cited resource for anyone seeking information about vegans and honey bees. Unfortunately, the site – the number one Google result when searching for vegans and honey – hasn't been updated in seven years!

Rather than letting this widely used resource become obsolete, with your support I will work full-time (50 hours a week) for the next three months to achieve a comprehensive overhaul and revision of the site – both the content and the technical aspects.

I created the site by working on it full-time in the summers of 1997 and 1998, and that is the level of attention that this project requires currently. Here are just a few topics I would to add to the site:

• Colony collapse disorder
• An examination of organic, "natural," and small-scale beekeeping
• An analysis of Bee Movie and children's literature
• A positive letter to raw foodists who use the term vegan but eat honey
• The killing of bears by beekeepers
• Updated list of companies whose products contain bee ingredients but are labeled animal-free
• Responding to all of the questions I've gotten
• Use of honey bees by the military
• Vegan advocacy and the honey question
• And more!

I am grateful for all of the support I've received over the years for this site in the form of positive comments and the posting of links to the site. You have made this site what it is today. Let's work together and keep it going for another 12 years. Thank you for your support!


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