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Update #34

The Midnight Clock just launched


Hi All,

That new project I've been working on - The Midnight Clock - just launched. If you, or someone in your life, likes the imaginative, adventurous worlds you can find in good stories, it might be worth a look.

Here it is.

All the Best,


Update #33

A new project


Hi All,

It's been a long time and I hope everyone's Boiler is serving them well! It's been almost a year now since we found a new manufacturer and have been able to make some really nice improvements to it, thanks to the support (and immense patience) of all of you.

I'm writing because on Monday I'll be launching a new project that is quite different from the Boiler, but will hopefully still be of interest to many of you. It's a clock I designed for my new son, and it does something pretty cool (see below).

Because of the success of the Boiler, product design and manufacturing is now my full time job, so the making of the clock will be done primarily in-house. No crazy contract manufacturers or day job to get in the way this time around. :)



PS - because I know you all don't want to get spammed, this and a note when the new project launches are the only updates I'll be posting on it here. If you would like to follow my work generally, here's a link to sign up for my mailing list:

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Update #32

Accessories available; moving back to the blog


Hi All,

A few notes in what will probably be the last of the large updates here:

Backcountry Boiler Accessories

At long last, a number of accessories for the Boiler are now available on my site. Stoppers, FireFelts, a new pot stand, both sleeves - finally ready to ship out.

Moving Back to the Blog

After a several-month hiatus, I'm moving back to primarily posting updates on my blog. If you'd like to follow me there, there are exciting things to come, and you can subscribe via Feedburner. Likewise, the best way to now reach me is to email me there at

More Boilers

For those who didn't receive their Boilers or had problems - new ones are in the works, and I'll both email you and post updates on the blog on how future production progresses. The tooling is currently at a new shop (which specializes in precision pieces with high-end finishes), with production samples due by June 15. Then some lasers are getting involved. It's going to be wild. If you either haven't received your Boiler or emailed me about a problem (and didn't want a refund) you're automatically lined up for one of the new batch.

So, that's it for now! Don't be a stranger - I'd love to hear about how the Boilers are doing out there. Manufacturing problems aside, it has been great working on this project with the support of you all. If you have something you have the itch to make, but haven't - do it. It's absolutely worth it.



Update #31

If you haven't received your Boiler

Hi All,

As updated elsewhere, as I was getting ready to pack up the last of the Boilers on March 20, I found some finishing problems on several (30ish) of the anodized and non-anodized Boilers. I've spent the last month trying to fix these problems, but have not been able to bring them up to a level of quality that is acceptable. The anodized Boilers needed to be stripped and re-anodized, but the process damaged the bottom seam to a degree that caused many of them leak. The non-anodized Boilers had unintended binding of the ceramic marking solution (the "ink" that bears the logo and warning), the removal of which left the top surface of those Boilers badly marred. Because of faults in the manufacture of all other Boilers I have on hand, I also don't have acceptable alternative Boilers to send in their place.

Instead of continuing what has been a ten-month process of waiting for and then trying to fix the Boilers made by this manufacturer, I will now be actively pursuing one that will be able to make the Boilers in a more timely and quality-controlled manner. Finding a domestic manufacturer capable and interested in working in metal as thin as is required for the Boiler has been extremely difficult (which is why I stuck with the former manufacturer for so long), but I've found some promising leads, and am going to devote my time to pursuing that path.

So for those who have not received their Boilers, there are two options.

The first is to put yourself at the top of the list for the Boilers I receive from the new manufacturer. Over 2000 people have signed up for my mailing list since funding closed, so there is some meaning to that. While I can't promise a specific delivery date, suffice it to say that the actions of the former manufacturer were extremely rare. A sane production schedule for something like this is 2-4 months from beginning to end. If you select this option, I'm also glad to send one of the Boiler rejects for you to fiddle with until your new Boiler arrives. Those will come completely as-is, and are not at all representative of how anything should be made, ever. But they do demonstrate the neat thermodynamics that make the Boiler work so well. It would actually be pretty great if most folks chose this option, as the shenanigans with the former manufacturer left this project with just enough in the bank to move forward with another run.

The second is for me to send you your money back.

If you're one of the unlucky few, I am really sorry, but I actually think this will allow the Boiler to finally move forward. Please let me know which option you would like to take.



Update #30

99% shipped!

Hi All,

Oi, so getting out this last big batch has taken a lot longer than hoped - even after getting them in house: address changes, repositioning offset labels, sewing additional sleeves, making sure folks actually get the Boiler with their name on it - BUT I wanted to send an update noting that just about all of the Boilers will have been shipped by the end of day. Yay! For domestic folks, that means tracking info will start updating today if it hasn't already. The international packages don't have ongoing tracking, but they're on their way, too. :)

Still working on that 1%. Just got another address yesterday, so I'm getting closer.


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