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We are two young farmers passionate about raising ducks and spreading the love of farmstead foods.
We are two young farmers passionate about raising ducks and spreading the love of farmstead foods.
129 backers pledged $16,256 to help bring this project to life.

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We did it, with your support!

Greetings from LTD Farm!

Well it's been a long strange trip, but we have finally finished our project! We're so happy to have our duck barn up and filled with our new flock of gorgeous ducks! Thank you so much for your support! We thought it would be appropriate to give you a look at everything, now that we've finished up all the basic work on this project. As with every project, we have endless details to work out, but that is all part of farming, especially on a small-scale diversified level. 

The barn is 20'x 48' with a 26' shed roof. It is post and beam construction with treated 4x4's every 4 foot. The pitch of the roof shades out the sun in the summer and lets in the sun in the winter. We have our frost-free hydrant installed and pumping out fresh well water inside the barn. That was a very aggravating and expensive part of the whole project, but it is now done and we won't have to be hauling water in 5 gallon buckets from our bathtub this winter, so we are thrilled about that part. We have drinking area where they have easy access to fresh water all day, and it is plumbed outside so the poop water runs down hill into our next project, the Duck Orchard and Vineyard, where the ducks will be spending their days under a canopy of fruit trees and vines, eating the grass, bugs, and slugs in the shade, and fertilizing the whole permaculture berm and swale system. That is next year. 

This year they are happy as can be in their electronet fenced paddock full of forage and cool rocks to nap by. The duck barn itself is surrounded by a permanent paddock area in which they can be outside in the sunshine in winter. From there we let them out into the electronet fenced paddock, which we will rotate throughout the area that will become our Orchard. We have a small solar panel system that will soon be powering the lighting inside the barn.

We can tell you for sure that the ducks have settled down after the big move and are absolutely loving their whole new setup. In fact, when we round them up at the end of the day, most of them are inside already enjoying the indoor shade, snacks, and beverages. We are very happy to be able to provide such a great setup to our new flock of ducks, who are all looking healthy and happy.

Thank you for your support!

Andrew & Khaiti French

Living The Dream Farm

First batch of ducklings arriving next month

Hello there all our Kickstarter supporters! We've had some really warm weather this winter, and it's making us stir-crazy to get out there on our land and start our new projects! We have ordered our first batch of ducklings ( we have decided to get two smaller batches of ducklings so that we can take care of them better then if we got one large batch) for our new flock, and they should arrive next month. We will house them in the hoophouse with the other ducks while we build our new duck barn, which should be under way as soon as the ground thaws. Who knows when that will be, but we are hoping to start in April. We have a pretty good idea of what our structure will be, but now we wait and compile our building materials list.
Meanwhile we are starting our seedlings for our CSA inside. Andrew is working at a temporary job for the winter and dreaming about the gardens, and Khaiti is taking care of the new goat babies and making sure everything is shipshape for our upcoming growing season.

Thank you so much for your support! It is very important to us to demonstrate that you can make a living doing small-scale sustainable agriculture, and without your support, this year would have been very different for our business. Thanks again.

Andrew & Khaiti French

LTD Farm

Proud to be supported!


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We've made our goal!

Wow! We've made our funding goal with a few days to spare! This is absolutely amazing and we are SO grateful for all the support that you gave us, as well as all your work telling friends and family about our humble farm project! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We're sad we can't just start getting going on the project, but alas it is winter, and we need to wait until spring and summer to start to lay out our hoophouse foundation.

A few days ago we had some predator issues and we lost a number of  our sweet ducks. This has underscored our feeling that it is of the utmost importance to create a very secure shelter for our duck flocks, safe from weasel, fox, and coyote. So we are going to be spending more on that part of our project for sure.

We will be emailing you all after Dec 1 to work out all the details about distributing the pledge gifts. Until then, Thank you so much and take care!

More then halfway there!!

MY goodness, we are suddenly at the 1/2 way mark everyone! We're beyond ecstatic over this major milestone!!! There's a few things we'd like to explain about our farm and our project: all these pledges WILL NOT COME TO US unless we reach the entire goal amount. Not a single penny. The reason we set our goal at $16,000 is because we'll need every bit of that for our Duck Egg Project.

After  meeting with our local Farm Service Agency office and doing some research on a government loan, we realize that a loan from the government will  probably not be an option for us. It is kind of apparent that they think we are CRAZY to raise duck eggs. The government likes to hand out loans to Non-Organic farmers who farm conventionally for commodity pricing, it is how all the paperwork is set up. Farming genetically engineered soybeans is easy for them to understand and they are willing to hand out bucket-loads of money for such an endeavor. You can see how Organic Duck Eggs would be quite a stretch for them to wrap their heads around, can't you?

They don't get it but YOU do, and therefore we need all the support we can muster. You know how awesome our eggs are, how wonderful our farm is, and how we use sustainable practices to care for and nurture our land. When we succeed with our Kickstarter Project, you will be one of the select few who gets to say "I helped LTD Farm make it HAPPEN!"

When we reach our goal, you will be a  part of DUCK EGG HISTORY!!! And you'll be on our website as a MOST important backer of LTD Farm.Thank you for your support, and now it's time to spread the word once again. We're halfway there but we have a long way to go!

We're announcing a new Reward as an added incentive to pledge- a Private LTD Farm Celebration Reception. This party will only happen if we make the goal!  With this pledge you get a ticket to our private Celebration Party, hosted at our wonderful friend's cozy home in South St. Paul and catered by us with food from our farm (including pulled pork and deviled duck eggs), and a chance to win either a 2-3 pound slab of our own applewood smoked Tamworth bacon, 2 dozen duck eggs, or a fabulous holiday gift box filled with our farmstead goods like sauerkraut, jams, and goatmilk soaps! Party to be held on Saturday, Dec 10 from 6-9 pm.

Thank you so much for your support! Onward & Upward!

Your Farmers, Andrew & Khaiti