CA$ 30,908
pledged of CA$ 85,000pledged of CA$ 85,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, January 3 2015 6:43 PM UTC +00:00
CA$ 30,908
pledged of CA$ 85,000pledged of CA$ 85,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, January 3 2015 6:43 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Sterling Treadwell

      happy new year! I am sorry to see this campaign didn't make it and have already given my apologies on facebook to you. I hope you do another campaign at some point. I backed you for a physical copy the first run, i backed you the second, and I'll back you when you do it again. I don't know if you did too little or too much in terms of updates in both campaigns, I think you have tried really hard in both cases and things just didn't pan out. Hopefully with a few monthsw of additional development (if you have the time and ability) will mean a bit more to show on the next campaign and that';ll push interest over the mark. I have found that shooting for lower initial funding, but having a lot of stretch goals AND letting folk know this is a passion project and not just some guy looking to pay himself a hefty salary, can go a long way. Also, since it seems the pup is center stage to the game and draws a LOT of interest, make that your focal point when doing a video for the campaigns. I am not sure if you did with this second campaign (truth be told when I saw it launch IO didn't bother watching the vid, just threw money in cause I know what your doing is great stuff) but maybe you just need the right angle. As well try and appeal to dog lovers the world over and possibly add some buy ins for custom collar's for the pup (would it be possible to name him when we play? could we pay to get a dog tag or collar with a custom engraved name on it? Possibly pay to have the Main character call to the pup in game by custom names? ) Would it be worth it to add collectible pet collars with backers names/pets on it?

      Just throwing ideas out there.. I hope you get the chance to try this again, or possibly an alternate method. either way I follow you on here and facebook and I look forward to helping. Third times a charm? :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Ariel Weisberg on

      I'm sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you! I'll also be here for round 3.

    3. Missing avatar

      Angus Mcleod on

      Damn, was really hoping this'd get funded. I hope you find a way to get it finished up and released, I know I'll happily throw what meager money I can at it!

    4. Kirk Brownridge

      I'll be there for round 3, Barry, as I'm sure will many others.

    5. Dean Thrasher

      Happy New Year! I just dropped by to see how the campaign was going -- I was surprised not to get the usual Kickstarter 48-hour notice.

    6. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Happy New Years everyone!

    7. c3sk on

      In for round 3, I want that t-shirt Barry! :)

      Have a safe and happy New Years :)

    8. Matthew Kadish on

      The concept for this game looks very cool. I really hope you guys get funding to complete it!

    9. Sebastian Miller

      I believe Grifman was far to harsh in his statement, and I am sorry to hear about our car troubles and your licensing issues that does seem frustrating. I also apologize if I came off a bit rude in my previous comment, I just want to let you know that you will have my support in any future campaign of yours and I truly look forward to the release of this game. I definitely think you should go for round three on this KS Project maybe just lower the goal a little like you were saying, and you may say that updates don't increase backers or pledges, but they surely do! I love receiving updates from the projects I back! and even if i'm in the minority on that people can always turn off the email update feature in their settings, I don't think there is anything wrong with 1-3 updates every week. Anyway I really hope you continue the great work you are doing on this game!

      Happy new year!

    10. Tracey Craig

      It is quite difficult to get funded on Indiegogo. Not many would be willing to give money to an unfunded project, it is a far bigger risk than KS. If a project fails to fund there is absolutely no guarentee the money will go to the game's development. Never heard of Pateron so can't comment!

    11. Ahmad Khan on

      Mr. Collins i hope you post links for direct-pledge (paypal/bitcoin) and continue to work on this project of yours , its just such an awesome game, and perhaps try your luck on pateron and flexiable funded indiegogo. I for one will support you as long as you want to make this game :-)
      Best of luck sir.

    12. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Chris: Thanks, I appreciate the feedback, I agree, its gone from a 200k to 10k expectation for KS, we're mulling over a re-launch with a more short term goal rather than aiming for a full years worth of development funds.

      We can adapt, we have support, we have funding available to us via kickstarter, we just need to learn from the current climate and expectations and roll with it.

      Grifman: Sorry you feel that way, We ran into some major technical difficulties regarding our ability to create videos/post updates as some of our critical software licences have expired, so we're working to remedy that situation, not to mention I've been struggling with vehicle problems which have left me stranded away from home. Being the lead developer, only PR/marketing/Campaign organizing person on the team with the holidays and other life issues i mentioned - its a struggle to say the least.
      Last campaign I ran I was told to tone back my updates, this time, told to amp them up, can't please everyone.

    13. Christopher Oatis on

      Great Grifman, Way to not be constructive, helpful, or considerate.

    14. Missing avatar

      Grifman on

      Beyond the problem of launching during the holidays, the campaign for this project was just terrible. Virtually no updates, no sense of excitement building. Honestly, one of the worst run campaigns I have seen, and I have supported quite a number, both successes and failures. Sadly, I am not surprised this failed.

    15. Christopher Oatis on

      I think people are being a little too hyper focused on the update thing. Overall, the timing with the holidays might have been difficult, but all and all I think Kickstarter is a much different environment then it was when Wasteland 2 and Broken age went live. The internet is fickle and things Ebb and flow, but I still have the up-most faith in this project and think you should persist no matter what obstacles fall in your path. It looks like a unique game and in a time when every other developer is just playing "follow the leader" we definitely need more guys like you creating original media. Have a great rest of your hoildays and I hope to hear from you and this project in the new year. You'll definitely have my support a third time. :-)

    16. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Sebastian: The holidays as well as my vehicular break down leaving me stranded in an other city have really thrown a monkey wrench in my update plans. I realize a few people wonder about the lack of updates, but at the same rate - I've not seen an update bring any additional attention or pledges in my experience. Will be posting an update soon. But due to the lack of a $30k start day to our campaign it was well known from day 1 that our campaign would not be successful due to our high asking price. We're working on a way of moving forward from here without losing the support of our core team due to a lack of funds.

    17. Sebastian Miller

      I'm not sure why there are so few updates being put out for this project. It's clear to the current backers that this game is very impressive, but even if you are in talks with press or publishers it's still very important to push out updates to raise excitement and give people a reason to share the project. This game looks amazing and I wish you the best of luck with being able to finish it.

    18. Ahmad Khan on

      Kickstarter is now a place for projects that ask for less then 30K,except for the few obvious exceptions like inXile/obsidian/harebrained this platform will be left or small indie-games, though visual novels are making a killing nowadays, go figured. Direct funding and perhaps a flexiable-funding indigogo(60 days long is the max) might be the way to go.

    19. Tracey Craig

      I agree kickstarter is indeed dying, well it is for the games cat due to unreliable devs, Yogsventures springs to mind It is why i recommend a good PR company who will do all the advertising/promotion for you. I do hope you will try again :)

    20. Rowan Nagel on

      Hi Barry. I just pledged a bit now so I could say I wish you best of luck in this game. I've been watching it for a very long time, but eventually lost track. I'm only now finding out about the kickstarter, and it seems a bit late :( Anyways, I've backed this and I'll back any future efforts for this game, as it looks like it will be amazing.

      Cheers man.

    21. Tom Vanassche on

      Barry: I also noticed this. It seems that in the last months only "big name" projects seems to get the most attention from backers on Kickstarter.

      In my opinion, the negative attention generated by a couple of Kickstarter projects that never materialised in the end seems to have had the biggest impact on the willingness of people to back relatively unknown projects.

      I've also noticed that quite a lot of projects that got kickstarted seem to mismanage the funds they got from backers, resulting in broken promises and development that drags on forever (well past the projected release date).

      People are starting to realise that backing a project on Kickstarter is actually a huge risk in most cases, and I must say that I'm actually glad that the Kickstarter craze is slowly but steadily fading. Perhaps this will lead into a more mature incarnation of the idea behind crowdfunding, and that's not a bad thing at all.

    22. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      James: Yup, I believe those were massive factors, combine that with a lack of attention from Media (not exactly their fault)... The lack of media for kickstarter these days does translate into less attention and thus less funding. Ashen Rift has had roughly 10X the comments per article written, or forum post or whatever, and the responses are on average much more positive/excited. Even had several front page Reddit days, Several huge Imgur days... 100k+ views, hundreds of comments, yet still, despite this, the kickstarter has had less views than our first campaign, and much less backers... Kickstarter is slowing, it has less people on it and those that are on it are less active than before.
      Our greenlight got 400 votes last time, in 8 months, this time, it got thousands, immediately. The game is good, the game is wanted, the response is good, kickstarter is dying.

    23. Missing avatar

      James (RJwolf) Swale on

      I honestly believe it was timing above all things, with Christmas round the corner at the start of this campaign, people don't want to back a campaign when they could use the money for gifts for their kids, or a fully released game to play over the holiday period, if you did a campaign in the spring I'm sure this would be backed. You have my continued support! (and that's saying alot since iv lost most trust in the kickstarted system due to games like planetary annihilation and other such failures in terms of promised gameplay) which I think is problem number 2 with this campaign, people just don't trust kickstarter games as much as they use to.
      good luck for the future!

    24. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Hey, I've been pre-occupied with real life struggles/stresses and whatnot as of late. The campaign is beyond saving at this point, my focuses are on development and maintaining relations with the backers as best as possible.

      Marry Xmas.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kagel on

      Ugh... only 8 days to go and not even half way there.... sad that it looks like this great game will fail again. Barry the lack of updates is definitely killing you. I can't believe there have only been 3 so far. You need to be more involved with your backers. A LOT more involved, you're scaring away any new fish with your absence. You need to be generating buzz for your project like crazy. You can't just sit back and wait for it to happen... cause it won't.

    26. Amraphel

      Just reiterating what Kurt and Dylan said, frequent updates during the campaign are a big draw, and help a lot with generating excitement and awareness. I'd really love to see this get funded, and you definitely need to generate more excitement!

      At this point in a campaign like this, I'd expect easily 10-15 updates. Even if you don't have anything earth shattering to share, just showing your own enthusiasm and activity goes a long way.

    27. Kurt K

      I backed the original, this and any future efforts. I really want to see this succeed.

    28. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Completely agreed Kurt. Thanks for the insight. I'll be ramping up the activity more and more over the remainder of the campaign. Lets get this funded!

    29. Kurt K

      I've back over a hundred and the number of updates during the fund raising time should be frequent. Donors DO want frequent updates and more paced after the funds are raised. Lack of updates is a bad indicator and reflects extremely poorly on a campaign. Donations can drop off and can stop if there is no activity. Activity = Excitement. I would say now some major activities are needed as funding is stuck at 28k and something needs to be done or this campaign will not get funded.

    30. Missing avatar


      Barry, thats a valid point - after you finished the campaign!
      During the campaign the number of Updates (as well as the content) is a crucial part of the decision-making process.
      17 days to go and only 2 updates would be a major red flag for me if I haven't had backed the last Ashen Rift-campaign.
      I backed 82 projects so far and only once I had issues with the frequency of the updates (2 a day is a tad much).

      I wouldn't mind more update and I'm pretty sure nobody will complain if you spam their Kickstarter-Activity-Feed (Mail notifications can be turned of by the user) with a few more updates ;)

    31. Timothy Casassa on

      @Dorian - Sometimes they do! When a backer is undecided about a project, the Updates are generally the place they go to look for more information. I know that's what I do.

    32. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Dylyan: I've been under the impression that backers do not want to be spammed with updates as they are the ones who receive e-mail notifications, I've been trying to reduce the number of updates (I've backed a number of projects lately and am rather frustrated by how constantly my inbox gets flooded)

      I was always told to treat the backers inboxes with the utmost respect, But I can split my updates into multiple more, you're the 3rd person to mention it to me, I'm sure there are a few others who feel similarly. I'll be posting an update soon, so I'll ask everyone how they feel in that update, based on that I can ramp up the amount of updates.

    33. Dorian Banks on

      Do regular updates impact new backers? I seriously asking, as I don't know.

    34. Missing avatar


      Last update: 9th of December. Days left in the KS-Campaign: 18.
      The number of updates is a huge factor for many people who are thinking about backing - how can we expect regular updates during the development if there are no regular updates during the KS-campaign, when you want / need our money?

      How are you planning to handle the other 18 days? Around 1 update a week?
      I would hate to see the project fail another time - especially if its because of something so avoidable as regular Updates!!

      Fingers crossed!!

    35. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Rob - Amazing! thank you for your support!
      We've had quite a lot of high level backers lately, this is amazing!

    36. rob on

      Just found this. Im in for $128.

    37. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Tim - We've contacted all major and most if not all minor sites - we reached out to around 1500 various sites, still trying, looks like polygon may happen soon :)

      Henrik: Amazing, Really thankful for the support, you have no idea. We will deliver you that experience, one way or another! Take care my friend. Looking forward to fulfilling your reward! Cheers!

    38. Missing avatar

      Henrik Mygren on

      Like all who backed this,I to believe in this project.

      I hope for a really emotinal ride with a man and his dog plus alot of action too ofcourse ;D

    39. HerskerMS on

      Wee I just backed this game and I relly hope it will reach it's goal because the world needs this game. With all the other games that are just made to make money this game stands out with the few others as one of the make to game because we want to make the game.

    40. Timothy Casassa on

      Eurogamer mentioned this KS, and Rock Paper Shotgun plugged it when it first launched. We should try to get more gaming new outlets on this.

      Barry, have you tried passing a message to The Escapist, ScrewAttack, Gamespot, or others?

    41. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Chris, I really appreciate it! if we hit our goal, you can use all that cash for other things like the physical copy perhaps or t-shirts etc, we'll make sure you get rad stuff + the 30 credit for digital rewards. Yea, I've got a little Staffy and she, along with every other pit i've met is amazing. For sure we do need more people rescuing these rad dogs and more positive public personalities. I've actually not heard a single negative thing regarding Bounder or his breed yet, so that makes me very happy :)

    42. Christopher Oatis on

      Okay I get it, now. Well, I already up-ed my pledge to $66... And since I'm a Pitbull owner myself I think we'll just keep it that way. The more positive representations of these dogs there are in the culture the better. Really Hoping we can make this thing hit the finish line this time.

    43. Tracey Craig

      Ah right starting to understand about the extra stuff for previous backers. Very kind of you :)

    44. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Watch: One of the main artists on the team says the same thing to me regularly :) haha Its a little late to re-take that shot with an adjusted wrist, but I don't disagree with you, hah.

    45. Watch on

      Just an aesthetic choice Barry (and I don't mean to offend anybody) but the image on the trailer before it's played with the main character with his wrist bent, well the wrist looks weak, I think it would look better straighter.

    46. Missing avatar

      The Unknown Backer on

      Thanks for the fast reply, Barry!

    47. Barry Collins 4-time creator on

      Aye, You don't need to spend an extra 30 dollars if you're a backer of the first kickstarter, we will provide you with 30 dollars of free stuff through the original campaign if this one is a success. But if you feel like spending a few extra bucks, go right ahead ;)

    48. Missing avatar

      The Unknown Backer on

      I think Timothy is right, but I would like to have some confirmation on that.

    49. Timothy Casassa on

      I think it means that you get the perks of whatever tier you're backing at, plus you can get $30 worth of stuff from the add-on list.

      I'm thinking about getting a couple extra digital copies for friends, myself.

    50. Christopher Oatis on

      I'm confused by the new update... Does the 30 cr mean that if I switch from from the 20 to the 56 dollar tier that I'm only responsible for $6?

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