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A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!
A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!
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Shipping Continues

Posted by Qfusion Labs (Creator)
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Hello Backers!  

It’s exciting times here in the Cubit office! We are still making our way through shipping. We have sent out over 350 packages so far! Many people have already received their Cubit and are building crazy and cool projects. Please be patient with us as we make our way through the remaining kits. We send more out everyday.  

USB Power Adapter

We have a had a couple of reports of people having trouble powering their Cubit or missing the USB Power Adapter. When you receive your kit, please check to ensure that you received your USB Power Adapter. The USB Power Adapter looks like this:

 If you are missing this power adapter, please email us at and we will mail you a power adapter as soon as possible.  

Interactive Tutorials and Getting Started Guide  

When you get your kit, check out the interactive tutorials and Getting Started Guide in Cubit Workshop. Both are accessible from the Welcome Screen or from the Help menu. The Interactive tutorials will walk you through the Workshop UI and help you complete 3 great learning projects. The Getting Started Guide can help you troubleshoot any bluetooth connectivity problems. More Interactive tutorials will be coming in future Workshop updates.  

Project Booklet  

An online project booklet will be available from our website soon. This project booklet will be updated alongside Workshop updates. We expect to receive lots of feedback on Workshop version 1.0 and its interface will continue to improve. To ensure that our projects stay up to date with the latest versions of Workshop, we will continue to update our online project builds and interactive tutorials.  

Thanks again for your patience and support. Please let us know of any questions or feedback on Cubit through  

Have a great evening,
The Cubit Team

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    1. Franz on


      Just got my package. No idea what part is what? Just a bunch of random components. A part-list and labels on the each package would of been really helpful? I don't even know if im missing parts.

      Also there is no "project booklet" so i just have a box of mixed parts and no experience in electronics before. I was hoping for the project booklet to say connect part a to part b to do this, and this is how?? please send me a booklet, i've waited too long for this, i've moved countries 3 times since i backed this. Can you please send me a booklet asap.


    2. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the detailed feedback.

      A. Fixed and checked in. That will be fixed in our next version of Workshop.

      B. That's not good. We don't have a good crash reporter at the minute. Obviously that is not great. If it happens again and you remember what you were doing or have the plan file you are working on. Sending it our way might allow us to figure out what happened. Please mail with these kind of issues.

      C. Everything we shipped is the latest version. As we release versions these will be incremented and changes will be posted. We were incrementing these numbers during development. Each number means something different for us. They mostly break down to the version for that piece, firmware, backend, frontend. And then the version for the protocol between that piece and the piece it is communicating with. That way we know which versions will work with which versions. It should allow a new version of Workshop to communicate with an older version of the firmware as long as the protocol hasn't changed.

      D. Thanks for letting us know. We'll be checking that on future runs.

      E. We use the PIC'S built in Analog To Digital converter and a linear voltage regulator for reference. Knowing those values we calculate the voltage in the firmware and send it over to Workshop.

      F. It's great that you are using the Custom block. We weren't sure how much use that was going to get when we were writing it. It looks like you are trying out the same functionality as the Utilities > Color > Change Color over Time block. It is a little strange that it is working with the current code. Cubit needs for things to run asynchronously as to not block communicating with Workshop and checking for new Smartware being plugged in. With that in mind we purposefully didn't put in a delay function. We put in setTimeout and setInterval functions instead. Here is what I am came up with for the blending program. Adjusting the second parameter changes how long it takes between each increment. You'll want to add your own Flow output pin and rename it to "Done". That will get fired when it is done blending. It then emits on that wire and you can continue your loop (use Done instead of output in your loop).

      function custom()
      local r = 0
      local intervalID
      intervalID = setInterval( function()
      if(r < 255) then
      r = r + 1
      onboard.setLEDColor(r, 0, 0)
      end, 10)

      Hopefully that helps, we should have some more projects posted soon. We'll need to do some more docs on the custom block as well.

      The Cubit Team

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      I’m enjoying exploring my Cubit and am glad that I did support this effort on Kickstarter. So, hats off to your group.

      A. Possible Minor Correction in Documentation

      In Help, On board button
      “… However, if you are in boot loader mode (and the light is steady red), hold the on board LED for 4 seconds to switch to normal mode.”
      You must mean: “… hold the on board button for 4 seconds …”

      B. Workshop crash but cannot repeat

      OS X 10.11.6 Switching back and forth between Workshop and TextEdit, Workshop crashed. When it reopened it asked if I wanted to restore the previous session, and with a yes, it did.

      BUT, I could no longer connect to the Cubit. I had to open BT preferences and remove Eagle, then let the Mac find it and pair again. Sent crash report to Apple but forgot to copy it.

      C. Cubit firmware: Cubit Version 116.110 (shows only if Cubit connected)
      Workshop Version: 309.305 (514.305.110)

      Is there any public information about what changes have been made with different firmware and software versions? Or is that proprietary?

      D. LED strip with 10 LEDs.

      A minor thing but the shrink-wrap partially covers the first LED. I clipped some of it off.

      E. I noticed that mousing over the connected Cubit in upper right of Workshop, I get the message:

      Connected to Eagle
      Power Status: Good - Voltage: 4.89V

      I noticed that the PIC32MX370F512H micro controller has a precision band gap reference. Is that BG reference being used to approximate the Voltage as stated? Just curious.

      I used a carefully measured input voltage on a bunch of ATmega328 chips and found that the nominal 1.1V BG reference in those chips was really quite accurate at room temp.

      F. Custom Lua Blocks

      I don’t know Lua and would not use the following code; just playing.

      Four Blocks: Start — Set Cubit LED Color (off) — Timer (5 sec) — Execute Custom Function — Loop back to Set Cubit LED Color

      The Execute Custom Function code:

      function custom()
      for r = 0, 255 do -- ramp red up min to max
      for d = 1, 1500 do -- delay for ??

      Now the weird thing is that this code seems to work: The LED is off and then ramps up from minimum red to max red, and then off again for about 5 seconds.

      BUT, this code clearly messes with some other timing. If I change the delay from, say 1500, to 3000, then that new code will frequently not load requiring a code erase on power up with the button AND/OR the timer set for 5 second clearly does not time correctly.

      So I guess this (amateur) code messes with basic BT timing or something. Again, just curious.

      Did all the videos and hope more are coming.

      Thanks again, great project

    4. Stuart Ekins on

      £24.15 VAT + £8.00 Royal Mail handling fee here. Still, the product looks OK. Will have a proper play on Sunday.

    5. Missing avatar

      Siamak Shams on

      Warning to all backers, you may be liable to customs chargers. I just Paid £23.03 pence for releasing my package from UK post office.