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A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!
A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!
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Friday Update

Posted by Qfusion Labs (Creator)

Hello Backers,  

We have both happy and sad news for you today. The sad news first. We have another snag in our manufacturing pipeline. We have had to find another source for one of the critical components to the Cubit Controller and Multiplexer, a Zener Diode. One of our suppliers backed out at the last moment, gave our money back, and will not be able to deliver the component. We have, however, found a new source for the 9000 diodes that we require, but there is a 3-4 week lead time for delivery.

What does this mean for shipping out Cubit Kits? The new shipping estimate for Cubit Kits is estimated for late April to early May. It is quite disappointing for us to have pushed back the shipping date so far from our original timeline, but we are resolved to fight through any setbacks and get Cubit out the door.

For happy news, we have moved to a new larger office in Oakland, CA. We have also brought on board our 7th team member, Denise Suto. Denise is an experienced teacher and STEAM educator. She is helping us develop Cubit lessons and tutorials as well as doing marketing and outreach. Denise is a great addition to the team and has already contributed greatly to refining Cubit for release.

Creating and developing Cubit has been an amazing journey. Even with some delays and setbacks along the way, we are determined to get Cubit into our backers hands. We are anxious to see all the incredible creations that our ingenious backers will make. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend,
The Cubit Team

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    1. petur on

      OK, that totally makes sense! Thanks for that detailed explanation and good luck ;)

    2. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      Hi Petur,

      Thank you for your very valid input and question. We use zener diodes in the Cubit Controller and Multiplexer to suppress transient voltages on each IO line of each Smartport. The particular zener diodes we selected are triple zeners in a tiny SOT363 package to minimize space. Each Cubit Controller and Multiplexer requires 18 zener diodes meaning space is critical. We’ve already conducted extensive stress and thermal testing on the existing design and submitted the PCB layouts to our manufacturers. Unfortunately, our first supplier dropped the ball at the last moment and finding this particular type and size of diode proved challenging. Replacing the diode we've been using with a perhaps more readily available diode in a different package would require a redesign of the PCB, producing test prototypes, and conducting another series of stress and thermal tests. We felt that would delay the manufacturing process much further than waiting for our new source to deliver.

      We want to be as open and transparent with our backers as we can throughout the manufacturing process. We are doing our best to get Cubit out as quick as possible.

      Thank you and all of our backers for your continued support and patience,

    3. petur on

      As an electronics engineer, I'm wondering what is so special and critical about the zener diode you use? And certainly why production would slip 3-4 weeks to source such a common component...