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A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!
A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!
A platform that brings together plug & play hardware and drag & drop software to allow everyone to create and invent!
623 backers pledged $105,714 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ryan Gallagher on

      I purchased the The Cubit PRO KIT [One Cubit Controller, Cubit Workshop, 8 smartwares] which I never opened. If anyone is interested in purchasing them to expand their setup please message me "VoiceOverGuy" on Kik or on most platforms. :)

    2. David Stockton on

      Hi :) Any chance there's been any progress on this? I'm assuming since I was the most recent comment and that was 6 months ago that the answer is no, but it still sure would be nice to have a way to control the IR transmitter directly. Thank you.

    3. David Stockton on

      Hi, me again. I am just wondering if any progress or information has been made available in regards to how to access or use the IR transmitter so I can use it more directly?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michel Toppin on

      @petur: Thanks for asking, Germany had an issue with the package because
      there was no CE sign, which would signify clearance by the product safety law here.
      @Cubit Team: any comments?

    5. petur on

      Nevermind, I'm too used to look for documentation on the net, it's all in the app :)

      And BT comm works too. If only I had added some delay because now they're only communicating with each other and not the PC. I feel left out :)

    6. petur on

      @Michel what EU country is that? It passed customs here in Belgium, took nearly 2 weeks and they opened the box for inspection. No remarks just import duties to pay.

      @Qfusion can two cubits communicate (BT)? Is there an API to do so from another APP or PC or embedded device? There's a lot of documentation work I fear ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Michel Toppin on

      Hello again. It's been now over a month, since I informed you of the failed delivery due to customs issues. Prior to that another backer also called attention to this. Sadly you haven't given any response to this whatsoever. I understand that with 'only' 623 backers, most of which from the US, I'm probably a minority, still as Kickstarter reminds me beneath this commentary field to be respectful and polite, I would expect the same of you and look forward to at least a response.

    8. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      Hi petur,

      I'm glad your Cubit made it to you!

      1. Looking at your kit, there should be two USB power adapters. There is no power source, like a battery, included, so you would need to plug these adapters into a USB port on your computer, a USB battery, or a USB phone charger wall adapter. There is a photo of the adapter in our last update (I am not able to post pictures in these comments).

      2. We are still working on the stretch goal for the Android control app. We expect to release that early next year. We will be releasing an update to Cubit Workshop in the next week.

      The Cubit Team

    9. petur on

      Took a long time through customs but arrived now!

      2 remarks so far:
      - there is no power adapter included, right? So use a USB adapter or powerbank.
      - was searching for the android app, any news on that?


    10. petur on

      Nevermind, got a tracking number and it's getting close :D

    11. petur on

      Same here... dear Qfusion please update, kids want to know if you will manage delivery *this* xmas (already missing the previous one - they have not forgotten)

    12. Jason Chau on

      Hi Qfusion,

      Just realised I've not received anything regarding my package since your August update. Can you please confirm if it has been shipped out already?

    13. Missing avatar

      Michel Toppin on

      I can confirm that the package doesn't get through customs, since not all the required criteria for import into the EU are met.
      How do you intend to proceed from here?

    14. Paul Battram on

      I believe that my Cubit reward is about to be delivered. But I can't tell yet because I have first to pay customs duties on whatever the Post Office is holding for me. I wonder if backers on Kickstarter projects are aware that it they live in a country other than where the project is developed, that they are often likely to have to pay customs duties, in addition to the pledge. I've noticed in some comments - not necessarily here - that backers are often taken by surprise. I have had a few rewards from other projects that were delivered without being held back for payment of customs duties, but generally this is a requirement for receiving the product.

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      Something which would really help me, and perhaps others, would be 5 or 6 complex plans, using many different blocks, both hardware and software only. Even before tutorials.

      Another possibly useful thing would be to have a "Cubits CookBook" page where people could upload plans so others could try them and, possibly, upload better revised versions.

    16. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      @Robert - Glad to hear that you are using the Stepper Motor. We are using quarter stepping to give more accuracy in the steps. That is why you are seeing the 4x behavior in the number of steps.

      We have already adjusted the stall current limit to 1.0A and we don’t recommend going above 1A unless there is adequate forced-air cooling to the driver board and heatsink. It does run a little hot, even with the heatsink. It has a thermal shutdown that will trigger if it gets too hot and it will start to run again when the heat dissipates. Stepper Motor Controllers generally run hot when they are holding a position since they are drawing 100% power.

      We are preparing documentation on each Smartware to help people use the Smartware optimally. That should help individuals and classes use Cubit to its fullest.

      Your encoder idea sounds like it should work. the first step would probably be to determine how many steps of the stepper motor it would take for 1 click of the encoder, use a Cubit Analog Smartware to read encoder outputs and create a program that turns the encoder 1 click at a time while reading and recording the encoder output pin states after each click. You can then observe the pattern of the encoder output from the 1st click to the nth click.

      Thanks again,
      The Cubit Team

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      Since I'm new to stepper motors, maybe all these drivers just run really hot.

      But, I'm going to try and adjust the stepper motor driver current per the instructions in the Pololu video: Setting the Current Limit on Pololu Stepper Motor Driver Carriers. This is the same carrier I have, the DRV8825.

      The first thing I need to see from the data sheet is the max current per motor phase.

      When I look at the only data sheet I have it says 1.68 A. I'm going to assume that is the value I should use when adjusting the Vref setting on the driver board.

      However, I am assuming that Qfusion has already adjusted the current limit ???

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      More Stepper Motor Questions & Observations (I'm totally new to stepper motors ...)

      Using DC-to-JST adapter with wall wart specified as 9 VDC, 1.3A.

      a. A data sheet for the JK42HS48-1684-01stepper motor says it has a step angle of 1.8 degree. I'm taking this to mean 200 steps for a full revolution (360 divided by 1.8)

      But, when I run it from Cubit with 200 steps, eyeballing the rotation it seems to be about 1/4 revolution. If I enter 800 steps then it eyeballs to a full revolution. What am I doing wrong?

      b. First stepper motor plan: Start -- Wait Until Button Pressed -- Drive Stepper Motor -- Loop back to Wait Until Button Pressed. Clockwise, 800 steps, 500 frequency, 50.0 Ramp.

      When I press the button 5 or six times in one minute, the TI DRV8825 stepper motor driver chip gets incredibly hot, even with its heatsink.

      I measured the temperature with an old fashioned mercury bulb thermometer. At rest it was about 25C (77F). After 5 or six full rotations, the chip measured 40C( 104F). You could smell that sort of "new electronics warming up" kind of smell.

      The chip was so hot that I slightly burnt my finger touching it ( no big deal having soldered for 50 years).

      But that made me wonder:

      Teachers are not going to want a kid getting burnt.
      What are the suggested constraints when using Cubit with this stepper motor?

      I'd like to build a project where the stepper motor turns a rotary encoder for one full revolution and at the same time look at the quadrature output from that encoder on a scope or with the Cubit analog board, or something like that.

      By varying the stepper speed, maybe one could actually see any "switch bounce" of the encoder or at the very least figure out the specs for an unmarked encoder, i.e. how many changes per revolution.

      Thanks for all of your help.

    19. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      @Robert - We do have a protection circuit, but we recommend not using the servo motors when using a higher voltage power source.

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      Used the DC-to-JST adapter. Got new message to make sure that lower voltage servos are disconnected.

      Question: if I inadvertently had both the USB power and the adapter power connected at the same time, is there circuit protection for that user error?

    21. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for the comments. We are doing our best to get any issues addressed.

      @liam dann - We are still shipping out some of the international backers kits. They have taken a little longer than the domestic kits. Your kit is already packed and QA'd. We should be sending it out very soon.

      @David Stockton - We are looking what we can do to help you with this issue with the IR transmitter. We'll be getting back to you shortly.

      @Victor Torres Rubio - I sent you a mail directly. There are some questions regarding what you are seeing exactly. I am hoping that it is not damaged, but if it is, we will get you a replacement.

      @Robert Ralston - Every kit that had a Stepper Motor included, also included a DC-to-JST adapter. This allows for higher voltages than the USB adapter. It is recommended that you use a 9V or 10V DC wall adapter (or other DC source) to power the Cubit when using the Stepper Motor. This will allow it to function properly. You shouldn't need to tap into any of the wires. Let us know if you did not receive the DC adapter or if you have any other questions about the Stepper Motor.

      Thank you everyone for you support and backing. We are trying our best to handle any issues people are having with their kits and to get any remaining kits sent out in a timely manner.

      Thanks again,
      The Cubit Team

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      Stepper Motor Question. Per the description of the stepper motor, it requires external power.

      How should I provide this? Unless I'm completely missing it, I don't see any easy way to provide external power, which seems strange in that everything else is so easy to plug and play.

      The motor is JK42HS48 1684-01 with 4 wires form it to the stepper motor board. attached to J1: blue, orange, green, black.

      I'm guessing that the pin by the J1 label on the pc board is GND.

      The opposite end from J1 has the 5 wire cubit connector. In the middle is the TI DRV8825 stepper motor IC.

      Thank you

    23. Victor Torres Rubio on

      :( sad to see that there is no project book inside the box and also I think that my cubit is not working because I can't make it power on. I look everywhere for a step by step for dummies, to know if I'm doing something wrong but also with no luck. Someone please let me know if I'm doing it correctly... I attach the module that read "USB to JST XH" with a cable to the port 1 in the Cubit. I connect that USB to a working USB in my laptop. On that moment, a light should start right? if it does, then I receive a damage Cubit... :'(

    24. David Stockton on

      I was able to find that I can reference the IR transmitter in a custom function as smartware.irtx, but I don't seem to be able to turn it on and off directly. The only method I can seem to get to work is "send" which doesn't appear to let me do what I need. Any help or ideas?

    25. David Stockton on

      Hi, I am trying to write some custom code to all the IR transmitter to trigger my DSLR. In order to do that, I think I need to be able to turn on and off the IR LED with specific timing which would mean a custom block. The documentation doesn't appear to have information about the name of the IR transmitter smartware like it does for the other smartwares. Can you tell me how I access the IR transmitter directly to turn it off and on, please?

      Thank you.

    26. liam dann on

      Are you still sending out Cubit kits because I still haven't received anything yet, could you get back to me about this

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      I’m enjoying exploring my Cubit and am glad that I did support this effort on Kickstarter. So, hats off to your group. (Sorry for double posting on the update page).

      A. Possible Minor Correction in Documentation

      In Help, On board button
      “… However, if you are in boot loader mode (and the light is steady red), hold the on board LED for 4 seconds to switch to normal mode.”
      You must mean: “… hold the on board button for 4 seconds …”

      B. Workshop crash but cannot repeat

      OS X 10.11.6 Switching back and forth between Workshop and TextEdit, Workshop crashed. When it reopened it asked if I wanted to restore the previous session, and with a yes, it did.

      BUT, I could no longer connect to the Cubit. I had to open BT preferences and remove Eagle, then let the Mac find it and pair again. Sent crash report to Apple but forgot to copy it.

      C. Cubit firmware: Cubit Version 116.110 (shows only if Cubit connected)
      Workshop Version: 309.305 (514.305.110)

      Is there any public information about what changes have been made with different firmware and software versions? Or is that proprietary?

      D. LED strip with 10 LEDs.

      A minor thing but the shrink-wrap partially covers the first LED. I clipped some of it off.

      E. I noticed that mousing over the connected Cubit in upper right of Workshop, I get the message:

      Connected to Eagle
      Power Status: Good - Voltage: 4.89V

      I noticed that the PIC32MX370F512H micro controller has a precision band gap reference. Is that BG reference being used to approximate the Voltage as stated? Just curious.

      I used a carefully measured input voltage on a bunch of ATmega328 chips and found that the nominal 1.1V BG reference in those chips was really quite accurate at room temp.

      F. Custom Lua Blocks

      I don’t know Lua and would not use the following code; I just like to play.

      Four Blocks: Start — Set Cubit LED Color (off) — Timer (5 sec) — Execute Custom Function — Loop back to Set Cubit LED Color

      The Execute Custom Function code:

      function custom()
      for r = 0, 255 do -- ramp red up min to max
      for d = 1, 1500 do -- delay for ??

      Now the weird thing is that this code seems to work: The LED is off and then ramps up from minimum red to max red, and then off again for about 5 seconds.

      BUT, this code clearly messes with some other timing. If I change the delay from, say 1500, to 3000, then that new code will frequently not load requiring a code erase on power up with the button AND/OR the timer set for 5 second clearly does not time correctly.

      So I guess this (amateur) code messes with basic BT timing or something. Again, just curious.

      Did all the videos and hope more are coming.

      Thanks again, great project

    28. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      Hi Ken,

      Sorry you had trouble getting started with Cubit. We are looking at ways to improve our "Getting Started" process. We are currently making a video on how to get started with Cubit and Cubit Workshop. We will be posting that soon. We are also looking at ways to improve packaging for the future.

      I'm glad you were able to get your Cubit working. Please check out the Workshop Walkthrough and the other interactive tutorials in Cubit Workshop to start programming your Cubit.

      The Cubit Team

    29. Ken Coley on

      I was able to power up the cubit by connecting the USB adapter via standard cable to port 1 on the cubit. It would have been nice to have some sort of hardware getting started document.

    30. Ken Coley on

      I got my kit but no instructions how to use it. Where can I download them?

    31. John Robinson on

      Where is the project book that was promised with my pledge?

    32. Missing avatar

      Jim M on

      Happy to have received a cubit controller. But, no power cable was provided, nor connector to make my own power cable, and I have yet to find the pin out definition to create a power cable.

    33. Missing avatar

      mrclassicman on

      It state my email address keeps bouncing thing back? I have used the same email address for ten years and no one else is having a problem, what's up? Also if hundreds of students, teachers and children are using these, where are the ones we are supposed to be receiving? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me on these questions.

    34. Franz on

      ?? this is ridiculous?? still nothing. still waiting just to get some parts out sourced??

    35. Andre Soudoplatoff on

      Any updates? The lack of communication is a bad sign for a start-up company? Do you care about the backers? Thank you.

    36. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      @Ken Coley @chandan gupta - We'll be sending out an update very soon. We've just received the first articles from our manufacturer, and everything is generally going smoothly. Almost there!

    37. Ken Coley on

      Beginning to wonder if I should just write this project off as a loss. Very Very Poor communication with its backers.

    38. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      @petur We don't have any immediate plans for multi-language support. It has been in our bug tracking system since you first brought it up and we have made some design decisions with that in mind, but there would need to be some changes as well to fully support it.

      We are definitely open to getting help from the Cubit community. A lot of our strings are in just a few files that could be translated. At the moment we are completely focused on getting Cubits shipped out as soon as we can . Once that is done, we should be able to step back and see what we can do to make sure Cubit is more accessible across languages.

      Thanks for your support,

    39. petur on

      Just repeating a question I asked at the beginning: will the software be multi-language and if not, is there a way we can help to translate?

    40. petur on

      Does the chromebook version mean there will be linux support?

      After discovering that her xmas present has a chance of arriving before her birthday this summer, my daughter has to install windows on her debian-powered laptop. The cruelty is getting too much...

    41. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      @Carlos Sanchez, Cubit is still here. We are working on a new update. Cubit Workshop and the Cubit prototype hardware has been used by hundreds of people: adults, children, educators, students, and makers. I can assure you that Cubit is working quite well. Everything is with our manufacturing partners and we are waiting to get the final shipments. Expect a bigger Kickstarter update soon.

      Thank you all for your backing and your patience,

    42. Carlos Sanchez on

      .?? Worrying about the silence. Reminds me of Zano.

    43. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      @Jason Chau -- That's some major input! I can't believe it's already been 30 years; that movie had such an impact on my childhood.


    44. Jason Chau on

      Thought you guys might like to know, it is the movie Short Circuit's 30th anniversary today (9th May)

    45. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      @Matthew Leo - Thanks for posting. We will be posting a big update tomorrow.

    46. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      @Dezat Khandro should be working again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      The Cubit Team

    47. Missing avatar

      Dezer Khandro on

      I need to make an address change but my email to support bounced back. Help?

    48. Qfusion Labs Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback and for your ongoing support. We are doing our best to Cubit out as soon as we can. We know that backing a Kickstarter, especially a hardware Kickstarter, is a big risk. We are working hard to make sure that taking a risk on Cubit pays off.

      We expect to have another update in the next couple of weeks as the final hardware comes in from the manufacturer.

      @Cobi Carter - There is still time to update your address using the Backerkit link or feel free to mail with your new address.

      Thanks again for your patience and support,
      The Cubit Team

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