Funded! This project was successfully funded on August 15, 2011.

Update #3



We made it! I am happy, overwhelmed, and so grateful to everyone who helped out at any level. This means the world to me. We have worked really hard for long time to get this done, and its amazing that its actually happening in such a legitimate way. You have funded the post production of our album, that I (we) are very proud of, and I hope that you all will enjoy very much. Now we can finally wrap this whole thing up, and get it to you as soon as possible. 

    Love and thanks

       Alan Ens and the rest of the band

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    1 dollar or more gets you a digital download of a song

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    pledge 5 dollars and you get a song download and a handwritten postcard. Whoa.

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    for 15 dollars you will get a digital download of the album, a pin and a postcard. (by pre-ordering, you are allowing this to exist)

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    "physically fit" ~You get a physical copy of the album(cd)+plus any goodies already mentioned.

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    you get everything above, including a knitted figurine from our very own Jamie L.

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    You will receive a cd, a personal thank you note, a mix CD from a band member, and Alan will record you the cover of your choice

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    you get a cd, thank you note, cover of you choice, a limited edition physical copy of our Living Room EP, and any demos, old songs we can find. Crazy Crazy Crazy

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    you get the Executive producer credit, all the goodies from below, and I'll write you a song. (you can pick what it is about)

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    Aside from getting everything else, you have 3 days of recording at my home studio. The project will go how you want it to go. We can collaborate, or I can oversee it.

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