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Little Foolery presents SMALL TOWN WITCH, a story set in 1920s New York -- in a world where Prohibition outlaws magic and spells.
Little Foolery presents SMALL TOWN WITCH, a story set in 1920s New York -- in a world where Prohibition outlaws magic and spells.
1,749 backers pledged $50,525 to help bring this project to life.

Post-Kickstarter FAQ. If you want to ask/message us any questions, please read this first!


Below is some messages we've been receiving a flood of! Here is an updated FAQ:

There is a problem with my pledge/credit card! Please, what do I do?

Look through the Kickstarter FAQ or contact Kickstarter! We have no control over how pledges go through. KS has 48 hours to figure out any credit card issues and a week to sort out any credit card information, I believe, but there is more information and help if you go through their site support than through us.

I can't believe I missed it! Can I still give you money for the pdf/book? Will it still be sold online afterward?

The Kickstarter is officially over and we won't be accepting any money outside of Kickstarter until the pdf and book are available to be sold online! And they will be, more information to come.

I see you guys will be at TCAF, can I pick up my Kickstarter rewards there?

Unfortunately, no, we won't be making it available for pickup. We are working our hardest for the books to be ready to promote at TCAF, however the rest of the KS rewards won't be sorted until after it, and it will confuse shipping orders for when the books are sent out. Books will be sold at TCAF at market value ($25) but that will be it.

What other cons will you guys be at?

Aside from TCAF, Jayd is making an appearance at Anime North, and both Jayd and Alex will be attending ConnectiCon. There may be others tba this year.

When will the PDF/E-book be available? Is it available for all backers?

The pdf/e-book will be available for download sometime by the end of April, most likely! And yes, everyone who backed $10 rewards and up will receive a copy of the pdf. It will also be available for online sale if you want to encourage others to buy it and spread the word!

What tier do you have to be to get the radio drama?

None, the radio drama will be produced for the general public. It was funded for that purpose, after all!

Okay, what now?

Now we just focus on getting the book done. We are still neck-deep in producing it and getting the book together, and the production deadline is approaching fast. We want to have it to the printers within the next three weeks.

As for the radio drama, both Alex and myself already have big ideas in the works, and we'll have more information about what to expect over the next little while, though most likely not until the book is squared away mid-April! Look forward to it, because we sure are.

Thanks so much again, it's all up to us from here on out. We'll stay in touch!


FINAL VERDICT: $50, 525! Radio drama funded!


There will be more to say in the next little bit, but for now thank you everyone, this has been a serious nailbiter, and this has been so overwhelming and humbling.

I didn't get to edit the KS in time to add in the unlocked banner, so here it is in this update:

Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Cover mockup, chapter preview, and page count!


Small Town Witch previews!

Photos of the mock-up of the STW cover as well as an entire chapter preview for the book about Jimmy Wonder’s slippery history with the law.

As established, Alex and I will be printing the book in beautiful hardcover, but we’re also going a step further and having it with shiny foiling to really earn that place on your bookshelf. On top of that, we’re confirming the book will be ~140 pages of pretty.

Very special thanks to Jen Doyle for her absolutely amazing colors, and Airy for her typsetting. These girls have been working so hard with me to bring this book together.

 You can see the pictures in higher quality here.

There is 3 more days left to the KS! It's almost there. Thank you so much for your support! Hopefully this will make you even more excited!!


Celebratory art for the $25K stretch goal


Since $15K had a lot of sexy, naked Kitty, I promised over twitter I'd objectify Vincent extensively if we hit the $25K artbook stretchgoal. And. Well. I keep my promises.

So, more sexy art!

Til next time.


$25K Stretch Goal Hit! Bonus artbook will be printed. Last stretch goal revealed.


All right all right all right!!! Great news, $25K stretch goal is officially hit!

What this means is a developer's artbook will now be printed alongside STW's first book. We should also disclaim this will be a Kickstarter bonus exclusive! It'll contain development art, character notes, prelude stories, as well as a bonus story starring these two characters:

Marilyn Weatherford and her husband, Bradley Weatherford. Bradley’s Chinese American, happily married to Marilyn, and a fearless, intrepid reporter with a nasty magic allergy. Together they have Reporter Adventures always out for the truth. The story will be about one of those tales.

The artbook will automatically be applied to any tier pledged with a book (so $20 rewards and up!) at no additional cost. This means that at the minimum $20 you can get two books and the digital pdf, which pretty great for everyone involved, and it wouldn't have happened without all of you!

Thank you so so much!

The $50K stretch goal is a radio drama!

The last stretch goal is $50K is something that, if it happens, would be really exciting to produce. The wonderful voices of SungWon Cho and Olivia Brown will be reprising their roles as Vincent, Jimmy and Kitty in all their glory. If you want to help us make it happen, there's just a little less than 10 days left to past the KS around to everyone you know and get in on the action.

That's it for now. More news to come as usual. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support you have all given us. We hope to continue to impress!