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Little Foolery presents SMALL TOWN WITCH, a story set in 1920s New York -- in a world where Prohibition outlaws magic and spells.
Little Foolery presents SMALL TOWN WITCH, a story set in 1920s New York -- in a world where Prohibition outlaws magic and spells.
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update 9/19/15 -- COVER ART, FINAL (FINAL) STRETCH


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update 9/1/2015, the final stretch


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Update 8/8/2015, some frequently asked questions


Hi everyone, Muun again with some updates on Small Town Witch:

Personally I think everything's going to go well for this guy.
Personally I think everything's going to go well for this guy.
Yup, juuuuust fine.
Yup, juuuuust fine.

Work's continuing apace on Small Town Witch -- I'm still doing my best to be sure this book goes to press in the month of August. Which it now is! Final work includes doing finishing touchups to line work as well as finalizing colors  -- I will let you know as this progresses.

In the mean time. Since a few of you have had some questions, I would like to clarify a few points!

My address has changed since I backed this project! Where to I go to change this?

Firstly, thank you so much for your patience.  No worries! Once this project has gone to press, we'll be sending out a backer survey to confirm everyone's mailing addresses. When you get this, you'll be able to give us the updated address where you'd like us to send your books/other rewards.

Wasn't this project 99% done in March?

Unfortunately, the 99% mentioned by Chira was in reference to the lineart only. The majority of what needs to still be done is in relation to color and layout. I'm happy to report layout is pretty close to finished, but our colorist has been very busy with  dayjob issues and that's slowed things down considerably. We're still hoping to get this book to press by the end of August.

Wait, so how much of the book is actually done?

Text and layout is ready to go! Extra materials (artbook, extra short story, prints) are also just about ready to go! We are mainly waiting on final touchups (Chira is a bit of a perfectionist) and colors and then we will have a nice final file to send to the printer. Once it goes to the printer, we will send all you awesome backers a PDF of the finished book, hard copies will probably ship within the next month after that. But regardless, you will be getting that book soon.

Why has this book taken so long?

Mainly? Lack of manpower, life, and health issues.

Little Foolery is a team of about four or five people at any given time, and most of us have full time jobs.  When I started Small Town Witch, my original idea was to do something along the lines of a Japanese Light Novel -- an illustrated short novel. That original vision has expanded a bit beyond that simple model, mostly due to Chira's very strong desire to get you something that hasn't really been seen before. That, and the unexpected huge (and great!) response from all of you, has meant that we've watched this project grow beyond what we'd ever dreamed of. I think the finished product for this is going to be really amazing, but it also means that it's taking longer to achieve to that finished product than any of us originally hoped for. Regardless, this is getting done, come hell or high water!

I can't really say much about the health issues, because those are really personal and not really my information to disclose, but as for life stuff, I'll just note: one team member got married, two changed over to fulltime time day jobs, another moved across a continent, and another has also had a move over the course of this last year, all of which has also affected the schedule in varying ways.

Fortunately, the wedding is out of the way and the other team members are largely staying put, so that should hopefully offer a bit more stability for the last leg of this book.

Thank you all again for your huge support for this project. Kickstarters are always a leap of faith, and you've all been such patient, enthusiastic supporters, I can't wait to get our story to you as soon as possible. Once again, please, if you have any concerns about this project, feel free to message us -- and I'll answer as quickly as I can! It's the least I can do for all of your support.

All the best,


update 7/8/15, we are still alive here!


Hi everyone!

This is Muun (aka Alex Singer, aka that person who doesn't talk much), the writer for Small Town Witch. There's been some question lately about the status of this project and I just wanted to let people know: Small Town Witch is not dead! The book is still coming!

But since the last update there's been a lot of radio silence so I just want to give everyone a quick update.

As of typing this, I can tell you:  text is 100% done, typesetting is 100% done, the art is about 80% done (that includes linework and colors), the accompanying artbook materials are 100% done, and the cover art is 100% done. Pretty much we have a full story, we are just waiting for a few more pieces of final art to slap down so we can send it off to the printer.   The script for the radio play is also well under way, and I expect production on that to start in earnest as soon as the book goes to press.

The reasons for the delays? Well, it's been a few things. Basically various ongoing personal and health issues have been cropping up for a number of our staff that have slowed production down considerably -- though we still remain really close to having a press-ready book.  Small Town Witch WILL be going to press no later than August.

I hesitate to give an exact date, because unfortunately we seem to have jinxed it in the past by giving those, but again, we will have a to the printer date of NO LATER THAN AUGUST. I, Muun, will punch the actual moon to make this happen. After that, it may take another month or so to get the books to the distributor to send it out to all you lovely folks, but there should be a big, beautiful hardcover (and hardboiled) book on the way and in your hands very, very soon.

Please watch this space in the next week or so. I'm still chasing some loose ends but hopefully soon I can deliver some more excellent content to show you how far along we are.

Thank you so much for your patience and support for this project. I've been saying: the response to this project has far exceeded any of our wildest dreams! But it's also meant the project itself is bigger than anything we ever expected. We will continue to do our best to deliver you the best weird magic noir story we are able to to tell. 

Until next time!


WIP Report: Art done, Colors nearly finished, ETA end of April/early May


Hello everyone,

It's been a bit of a gauntlet but this book is nearly through. The lineart is at 99% drawn (revision/fix work and any last details) to be completed fully over the weekend, and the colors by Doyle are about 50% done.

We were hoping to have the entire thing finished for this update but it's been a bit of time since the last one, so it's best to reassure the silence was because we were working obsessively around the clock.

Our colorist, Doyle, had some intense deadlines to take care of in the past month and a half, but will be free to handle what's left to handle in the next 3 weeks. We'll be sending it to the printers and releasing the PDF end of April. This is expected to be the final delay.

Below is even more art from the book, to give meat to this update:

This book has a lot of art.

It's been a year since this project took off and its finally cooling off on the counter from being in the oven. It took longer than expected, as it grew into a different form and much bigger than originally planned, for which we apologize.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!