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Little Foolery presents SMALL TOWN WITCH, a story set in 1920s New York -- in a world where Prohibition outlaws magic and spells.
Little Foolery presents SMALL TOWN WITCH, a story set in 1920s New York -- in a world where Prohibition outlaws magic and spells.
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Update 9/30/15; artist health update


Hi everyone,

I hate to follow a fairly positive update with some bad news, but this is something of a sudden situation and warrants a general PSA.

Per Chira:

"I pulled a muscle in my neck really bad. The results have been constant pain and immobility. Recovery has been slow but things are improving day to day, as incremental as they are.

Pretty much everything’s halted in updates until I recover enough to, well, move.

This has been your PSA."

Unfortunately, this has effected the completion of the last few spreads. I will give everyone of an updated ETA as soon as I know more. Please, everyone, wish Chira a swift recovery!



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    1. Elena M. Martinez on

      Oh, ow, that sounds excruciating! I have to deal with occasional shoulder and finger issues myself, but your neck injury must make it difficult to even do anything. I hope you're on strong pain killers. No worries on the happens and stuff. Still looking forward to it, just take care of yourself! /fist bump

    2. Megan Jeffrey on

      Rest up and feel better, Chira! (Not just because we all want this awesome book, but because no one should suffer that much for their art!)

      Thanks, as always, for the updates!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kate Newton on

      I hope you get better soon. Injuries like that suck so bad and overworking through it won't help you. Take all the time you need. Your health is more important than anything else.

    4. LITTLE FOOLERY 2-time creator on

      Hello, I am Chira,

      Shea Antoinette, To answer your concerns, I am the artist of this book as well as the comic.

      As for the comic, webcomics are often operated by a "queue," wherein pages are pre-drawn ahead of the chapter and are released incrementally over future updates. The fact the comic is updating is not representative of my workload :)

      While it is none of your business what my personal scheduling is like, I'll answer it because you're so concerned. As for convention surfing or my priorities, this book has been my top priority for the past year and a half of its production. In that year, I have been to 2 conventions, and I'm sure a total of maybe 10 business days of travel and minding tables is not a huge impact on the 15 months I've been investing in creating the best quality book possible. In fact this book has been such a top priority I have not left my apartment for 2 months, as I have been working on this book around the clock to try to complete it! I apologize the schedule is not to your liking, it hasn't been to our liking either!

      If you are displeased about the wait, by all means contact us for a refund. You have been contacted for one once already. If you do not want a refund, I would please request you stop speculating on our priorities, scheduling, and so on, when you have been getting frequent updates on unfortunate circumstances, such as the state of my current health, and trust that this project will be delivered, as we, and myself personally, have no greater priority than seeing this book through.

      Thank you!


    5. Shea Antoinette on

      As you can see, I was very frustrated this morning. It just really sucks when something is supposedly almost done, then almost almost done, and THEN supposedly FOUR PAGES FROM BEING DONE and then this...
      If Chira is not the person who I keep seeing updating their comic and convention surfing, then please forgive me for my rant and here's to a speedy recovery.
      But if Chira is in fact that person, I truly am disappointed in how her priorities have been set and that we, the backers, and this project are so low on that list that this has been postponed from 15 months to now indefinitely.

    6. TheRaven on

      ack! that kind of injury sucks hardcore. hope chira can recover soon and with minimal complication. thanks for the update, too; i don't mind waiting a little longer if i know what's going on. it's when creators just disappear off the face of the planet for months after things were supposed to be done that i get testy.

    7. Jordan Wyn on

      I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon.

    8. Missing avatar

      patrick awesome

      Take care, rest up, no worries!

    9. Brandy Ybarra

      Oh no! I know how painful those can be. Sending all the good luck for a full recovery!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Liggett on

      Sorry to hear this! Neck problems are the worst. Hoping you feel better soon!

    11. Christina Gardner on

      I think I saw that on Twitter! I hope you feel better soon Chira! I'm sorry that life is throwing y'all lots of lemons : C !
      Personally I don't mind waiting for the book because I know the time being taken is being used to make a quality book! And its not like you guys haven't been updating here with tons of images of hard work being done!
      Thanks so much!

    12. Shea Antoinette on

      Is Chira the person who keeps posting comic updates for some other series and whatnot on the internet and going to conventions...? I don't understand why people don't put their kickstarters before their other things, esp. since one has been paid for while the other things aren't. This isn't the only kickstarter where the creators/producers/etcers are putting the rewards on the back burner to work on other things nor will it be the last, but unless that other comic is Chira's only source of income this should've been priority and now Murphy's Law has put us even farther on the backburner...
      Thanks for the update and sorry this happened, but I do not appreciate the lack of insistence put on this project.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joseph Riojas on

      You guys need to go find some 4-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and a rabbits foot. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    14. Mangsney on

      Get well soon, Chira!! Back/neck pain is the worst, take all the time you need to recover properly!

    15. Shauna Forrister

      Thanks for letting us know! Hope they get better soon!