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pledged of $976 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Ben Baker
pledged of $976 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .


We're a small tabletop RPG publishing company - and we need your help.

We have a number of projects that are partially complete, but for us to publish them we need additional funds.
These will be used to buy images, hire proofreaders, and other tasks related to writing, designing, and publishing ebooks. 

Our Kickstarter comprises the following sections:
What is Melting Point Publishing - our introduction
Goal Descriptions - our current progress, initial goal, and upcoming stretch goals.
Pledge Levels - how you can back our campaign and what you'll receive.
Our Current Products - examples of the books we've already released.
Our Upcoming Books - the products we're nearest to completing.
In Development - the books that are being written, tested, and edited.
Our Intentions - why we're running this Kickstarter.
We Need You! - the final section of the Kickstarter. 


We're initially looking for £700, but we have additional stretch goals that can be unlocked, see the following image for a funding roadmap.
This roadmap will grow over time to show each stretch goal, so check back regularly for updates!

Funding Map
Funding Map


The first few stretch goals are described below:

Stretch Goals Descriptions
Stretch Goals Descriptions


A number of pledge levels are available.
They are as follows (see below for a full description):

Pledge Levels
Pledge Levels


 You can buy our current adventure, Still Life and Death, on DrivethruRPG - available here.

Still Life and Death cover
Still Life and Death cover

Still Life and Death is a Savage Worlds adventure that sees the party investigate a young woman’s disappearance. This draws them into a mysterious series of encounters involving a bizarre travelling art gallery, a horde of zombies, crazed magically empowered cultists, a powerful pig-demon, and the supernatural mastermind who is responsible for the situation. Can the party thwart their scheme, or will a powerful creature stalk the streets once more?

Here are some example pages from Still Life and Death:

Pages 16-19
Pages 16-19

If you'd like a free example of our current work - you can download a free pack of 8 high quality PCs - available here.

They look like this:

Stan Brickley
Stan Brickley

These show the kind of production we can currently achieve.
With a little help we can take this to the next level!

We have two game lines - Adventurers Anthology and Shadows of Horror: 

Adventurers Anthology
These are the stories that focus on grand adventures, epic conflicts, and heroes fighting the good fight against the forces of darkness and their vile minions.
High octane adventure and action are the hallmarks of these stories.

Shadows of Horror 
A series of adventures focusing on intrigue, suspense, and action.
The party are drawn into conflicts against evil monsters, dread demons, and the like, leading to the party thwarting the schemes of agents of evil and their malign masters. 

These game lines include the following upcoming adventures:

The Krell Effect - The party investigate a mysterious death that puts them firmly in the crosshairs for a bizarre scientist’s crazed ambition to harness time itself and become ‘the immortal demigod of time’! 
The party face everything from a transtemporal assassination, to a portal linking their location with an asteroid field in deep space, and a secret underground base full of high tech gear and autonomous robots intent on one thing - killing them. 
Can they survive against the odds and defeat the crazed scientist before he unleashes a potentially lethal wave of chronal energy in his insane attempt to conquer time itself? 

The Krell Effect cover
The Krell Effect cover


Hammer of Fate - Hired to retrieve a stolen artefact, the party are drawn into a conflict involving two rival lords as they battle to become king.
During the adventure, they face off against assassins, engage in open battlefield warfare, storm a castle, and much more. The party are eventually given enchanted weaponry to help them save the kingdom from a brutal dictatorship.
By the end of the adventure, they will have gained powerful friends and saved a kingdom from a tyrant’s rule.

Hammer of Fate cover
Hammer of Fate cover


We also have a number of other projects we are currently developing, writing, and testing. If we can get enough funding then we can focus on these other projects in the near future rather than waiting many months until we're able to give them the attention they deserve. These projects are still being fleshed out, but some of the concepts are as follows:

The 22 PC Fantasy Character Pack - A huge undertaking, this book features 22 different fantasy characters.
Each is available as Beginner, Novice, Seasoned, Veteran, Heroic, and Legendary version. Each will have a modified background representing their progressing career and experience from Beginner through each level up to Legendary.
Each comes with full stats, a tip sheet for how to use their abilities, roleplaying hints, a full colour picture, and history.
This gives a staggering 22 x 6 different characters, for a grand total of 132 possible characters of different experience levels to choose from!
There are many different types of character, from raging barbarians and skilful elvish warriors, to archers, merchants, explorers, wizards and healers.

Each has their own personality and between them should provide you with everything you need to gather a team of stalwart heroes to sally forth and explore the highest mountains and deepest dungeons of your fantasy realm.

22 PC Fantasy Character Pack cover
22 PC Fantasy Character Pack cover


WW2 Ghost Adventure (name to be decided) - A World War 2 era mystery. The party are allied operatives who’re dispatched to a rural French town to make contact with the newly emerging resistance cell after the previous French freedom fighters were killed by the Nazis.
This task draws the party into a mystery involving a ghostly plane that attacks friend and foe every night, and the Gestapo officer who intends to butcher everyone he suspects of being a resistance member.
Can the party solve the mystery that's causing the ghostly pilot to arise from his grave and attack the area he protected in life? Can they stop the despicable Gestapo officer from slaughtering many innocent citizens?

Magical Pirate Adventure (name to be decided) - A piratically themed adventure where the party are seemingly attacked by a ship of slavers. Once they fend them off, they learn the truth and are drawn into a story of slavery, a pirate lord trying to build a kingdom of evil, and a vile black magician practicing his foul arts upon captured slaves.  
The party must act now or allow many innocent men, women, and children to be enslaved, and a great evil to be awoken.


We aim to produce the best adventures, settings, and sourcebooks we possibly can.
We initially focused on creating one-shot adventures, and now we're also making books of ‘ready to use’ Player Characters, and larger stories, all while continuing to produce fun adventures.
In the future we intend to launch our own campaign books too.

We focus on keeping our overheads as low as possible while producing the best books we can.
This means doing as much work in-house as we are able to - something I'm proud to say we have been very successful at doing. 

But we are now at a point where we need to involve some external people for tasks such as producing specific images and proofreading.

With your help we will be able to complete our upcoming products many months ahead of schedule.


We are a small company.
Small companies face two significant issues when trying to contact potential customers: 

1) Reaching out to potential customers
We cant afford a large advertising budget, and we need to find a way to spread the word about our products.
This is one way that you can really help us out. 

2) Convincing them to give us an opportunity
We hope that by offering an unbeatable deal during this Kickstarter that people will give us an opportunity by backing us.

Everyone who pledges at the New Adventures Level (£10) will receive every unlocked game of their chosen system - that means that if we unlock two new books you'll receive both of them, and if we unlock five, six, or more books for your system - then you'll receive all of them for the same price at which you initially pledged.
So it’s in your best interest to help spread the word and convince as many people as possible to join in with this Kickstarter.
The more people who back it, the more stretch goals we unlock.
The more stretch goals we unlock - the more books you receive.

We've done our best to keep our price as low as possible while still being able to cover all of our costs and keep a little in reserve for any unforeseen difficulties that may arise.
Lets break down why we’re asking for £700.

We’re asking for £700 Kickstarter charges us approximately 10%
£700 - 10% = £630
The UK Government charges approximately 33% tax
£630 - 33% = £422.10

This means that of the £700 we are asking for, we actually have £422.10 to spend on our products.
This is how we intend to spend the money:

The Krell Effect & Carjacked costs: The Krell Effect Proofreading: £126
Images (estimated): £118
Layout, etc: £90
Writing: Free (at this time I am not charging for the time I spent writing)

Proofreading: £24
Images (estimated): £0
Layout, etc: £10
Writing: £0

£126 + £118 + £90 + £24 + £10 = £368
£368 + 10% for unexpected costs = £404.80

This means that to produce these two products we need £404.80

Hopefully this demonstration shows you why we need your help, and what we will be doing with the money we’ll raise.

Don’t forget that the more stretch goals we unlock, we more products you receive for free in the New Games Bundle (£10) - so spread the word if you want more free adventures!

Get in touch if you have any questions, and please help spread the word about our Kickstarter.

This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.

Check out Kicking It Forward:

Risks and challenges

The initial projects have mostly been written.
The 22 character PC pack requires a lot of work, as the writeup is slightly tweaked every experience level to reflect the character's ongoing development.
We have already released an 8 character PC pack, so we have experience creating these, and we know what to do - we just need to scale this up from 8 Victorian characters to 22 fantasy characters, and to expand on the writeup for each incremental advance as described above.

We have artists and artwork already confirmed, and as soon as we receive the Kickstarter funds we can take steps to buy the images.
There should be little risk associated with this.

We have also spoken to proofreaders.
They've given us quotes, and are ready to get to work.
As 3rd party workers, they have their own timetable and may not be free on any specific date. But as soon as we know the Kickstarter is going to be successful we can reserve some time with them and ensure we get our products proofread ASAP.

Having already produced and published an adventure and a pack of 8 PCs, we know many of the challenges that we will be facing along the way and have already developed methodologies to solve any problems.

Potentially we may face unforeseen problems that may delay the development of our products, but we have done our best to give ourselves a reasonable timeframe to allow for any unforeseen complications, and we believe this is enough to allow us to deal with any problems that may arise along the way.

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    New Adventure Bundle

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    Initially the only available game system is Savage Worlds, but other systems may be unlocked during the Kickstarter if Stretch Goals are met.
    Thats right, the more goals we unlock, the more free products you will receive! It’s in your interest to help us spread the word - the more people who back this Kickstarter, the more products you will receive once you've chosen this pledge level.

    Each product will be dispatched as and when it is completed, the estimated delivery date for this pledge indicates when we hope to have the majority of products completed.

    Your name and optional message added to the Backers page of our site (messages should be under 140 characters and are subject to approval).

    • One copy of each new book unlocked during the Kickstarter
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    Editorial Assistance

    We will read and review your tabletop RPG setting or adventure concept (maximum of 5000 words), and give you feedback and assistance to turn your idea into a professional, working adventure. Help will include looking at how to entice your players into wanting to take part in your story, creating enjoyable and unique encounters, pacing, NPC development, maintaining excitement throughout the story, and much more.
    This can include a 1 hour Skype session where we can talk over the changes and how they may help your story. Your name will also be added to our Thanks Page on our site, along with a ‘tweet length’ message (subject to review).

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    Pledge £60 or more About $83

    The author will GM an adventure for you

    We will GM a game for you and your friends (3-5 players) in an online environment such as Roll20.
    This will take approx 4 hours of gameplay in a single session.
    We will provide all game materials, PC character sheets, and the like.

    Available adventures include: Still Life and Death, The Krell Effect, or other adventures that are unlocked during the Kickstarter.

    Also, your name and optional message added to the Backers page of our site (messages should be under 140 characters and are subject to approval).

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