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Kat George is jumping off the computer screen and onto... the computer screen, turning her writing into a web series.

What what WHAT is going on here?

I'm an Australian writer living in New York City, and I've put together a pilot for a web series. I've already written the script, which I've been told by reliable sources is "hilarious", and now I need the funding to turn that script into moving images you can watch on your computer screen.

And why are you doing this, pray tell?

I've built up quite a profile for myself online by being funny, sometimes sad, always over sharing, and saying the things we all think and feel, but that can be embarrassing or awkward to admit. I felt like (lies, I was coaxed into) writing a script was a natural progression from this, and not only have I always dreamed of one day running my own TV show, I fell in love with the script writing process. It's the first script I've ever written, and it most certainly won't be the last, as my long term goal is to produce an entire 6 part web series following the pilot.

So what's this script about then?

Good question! The pilot episode is based on my article for Vice, "The Big Gulp", but it also incorporates an over-arching narrative of banter in Bushwick bars, filth-talking friends, Twitter stalking, weird roommates, and one sort of douchey dude that steals the main character's heart. And the first time she swallows.

The main character is Kat (duh), a girl who has it mostly together but still manages to stuff it up from time to time. The episode introduces us to Kat and her three best friends: Harry, a dapper straight guy who is her platonic soul mate; Jamie, a loud, no-fucks-to-give girl who is Kat's best friend and the voice of reason; and Georgia, a quiet wallflower who's unexpected asides can be absolutely atrocious. We also meet Kat's roommate, Ricky, an apathetic hipster in Terry Richardson style glasses (it is Bushwick after all!) and Nick, Kat's sort-of boyfriend who is emotionally unavailable but charming enough to keep her hooked.

Sounds good. But what else have you prepared aside from the script?

Well! Funny you should ask. I'm in the midst of casting the pilot and location scouting with the help of a wonderful producer, Tim Nesmith, this week. I've also got the amazing Brian Lannin shooting (as you can see from the Kickstarter campaign video above), as well as editor Stephanie Szerlip (also responsible for the above video).

There's still lots to be done, but we're planning on shooting in the last week of July, and I've spent the past few weeks compiling contacts and reaching out to people to populate an entire crew. With Kickstarter funds secured, I'll be able to start hiring folks and equipment and paying other associated fees, from shoot catering to overnight parking near the location.

Brilliant! Where do I sign up?

Right here! There's some pretty serious eternal gratitude coming your way if you can spare even a few dollars, as well as probably the best web show you'll see this year.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Once the project is funded, the biggest challenges we could possibly face are:

Unreliable locations: Venues can "forget" about a shoot schedule mere days before, and while we plan to stay in close contact to make sure this doesn't happen, we have back-up locations, my own apartment being one of them, so we won't be stuck in a jam.

Unreliable actors or crew: Because we're not going to pay actors and because crew will be only paid very little, it could happen that someone gets a better and higher paying offer close to the shoot date. We won't hold this against them--people have to to pay the bills! But it's not a disaster either--this is New York City, and there are thousands of young creatives just itching to work on exciting new projects like this one. Between myself, the producer, DP and editor, we also have an extensive network of people to fill all roles.

Sheer terror grips us: That's the moment where we just have to our brave pants on and run into battle, screaming and waving our arms about! Whatever comes our way, I'm here to get this done.

We get invited to the Red Wedding: We'll just have to politely decline those invitations, I think.


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