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Wearable Input Device that lets you control anything. Gesture control, text transmission, payment, and more!
Wearable Input Device that lets you control anything. Gesture control, text transmission, payment, and more!
5,161 backers pledged $880,998 to help bring this project to life.

Announcement! Important message from CEO Takuro Yoshida

Posted by Logbar inc. (Creator)

Our Amazing backers,

Thanks to your support we’ve finished shipping to all our backers. (*If you have not yet received it yet, it’s either returned to us or something was wrong so please contact us

We’ve been receiving many feedback, good and bad. We value every voice and appreciate it. It helps us improve our product. 

Please look at the video which we posted on Youtube to see the message from CEO and to check the current accuracy as of today.

We realized there are 3 main problems.

1, Connectable Distance

We’ve decided to change the material to a material that connect 5-10 times better. With stable connectivity, we can prevent the Bluetooth signal to get disconnected while writing the gesture without the user knowing.

2, Gesture Interface

We thought the gesture is easy but we realized it’s not as easy as we thought to users so we will make changes to make it easier. You can see how we changed the current and new gesture interface from the video below.

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Replay with sound
Play with

3, Our app is confusing.

There are 3 actions that do not work when your smart device is locked which are, the camera, magic voice and text input. 

All other actions work when in back ground mode. We apologize for the confusion. 

 The display when Ring got disconnected was hard to recognize so many users didn't realize and did their gesture. This led to them believing the gesture is not working so we will fix it.

Currently, we are working on incorporating all these to the Ring. Once the improved Ring is made we will be more than happy to give it to all our backers who are not happy with our current one. (*You will be paying for shipping).

We will post the link to fill in the form so if you wish to receive the new Ring please fill that in.
Users who are having size issues, we will change the size when we give you your new Ring. 

We do not know when this will be ready yet. We are looking at next year spring but this can get delayed. We can not promise the time so we will keep you posted.  

The device may take a while but with the App and Gesture interface, we will make an announcement once it is ready. This will be in a few months.

We will never stop improving Ring. We appreciate your voice!

Merry Christmas Backers!


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    1. Djakku Net on

      Honestly, the ring i have purchased spent more time on its cradle, in my drawer than in my finger.
      Is it a good thing that you realize how unfinished your product was after you ship it?

      it make me wonder how improved will be the second ring, as also if another model is already being prepared? What other issues are going to be takled?

      I struggled with the gestures as well, and to be honest with you, i think the hardware / software should be adaptable to the user and not the other way around.

      The person playing with the ring in that video is just A user, and he probably has a lot more experience than US backers.

      When i put the ring on my finger and start to move around, all i get is frustration, and randoms beep.

      gestures should be activated in more than one way.
      tap and hold --- move the finger -- release the button --> that how you should be able to record gestures.

      The app doesnt work on android properly , you can't use it on a windows or linux pc,
      no source code.
      all we have are promises.

      Now, i do believe in smart wearable, and this being a crowndfunding campaign, i never expected a completely finish product. but so far all i got i as big fat 250$ plastic toy that doesn't fit my finger.

      Instead of saying that you with you could teach all the user to use the ring properly,
      just make it more open and adaptable to its user then you will eventually have some positive feedback.

      make a windows app that read the gesture, same of Mac and Linux..
      release the a beta or a nightly build of your already availables apps so the user can have a idea on how fast thing are changing or no.

      Put a forum in place so a community will gravitate around the technical and practical aspect of the device. You are not near being an apple company that sell finished product that just works, so... ADAPT!

      Using crowndfunding and closed source app is not what i signed for. I could have been if you product was delivering at least 10% of what it advertize!

      Good luck on your progress,
      I will be watching

    2. Salamander Kane on

      I am really sorry that u have had so many problems, and i really appreaciate that you will be responding to the issues faced

      I have been having connectivity problems, and actually I am not sure the gestures work properly at all ... so effectively I have a dud product. As such, I really would like to have one of the improved versions and i hope that it makes things easier ... the issue is not so much can it work, but how it will work ... and with the problems, I can only hope ur changes and improvements help. Please put me on the list for the next version? How much will shipping cost? (BY THE WAY! I got hit by £33 for delivery as they said that taxes had not been paid - that is a HUGE HIT :( - had to pay or it would not be delivered)

    3. Missing avatar

      ATM on

      Many have already spoke of the disappointments of Ring. I'm a bit late with my feedback, but it's good to see that all of my issues with Ring are being improved on. I anxious to try the improved version.

    4. Missing avatar

      erin evers on

      I still have not received my ring. Emailing the company not seeming to help. Extremely disappointed. Will never do business with these folks again.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Cipolla on

      I received the ring recently. It was too large for my finger, didn't accept any commands, and was so massive that it felt like I'd stuck my finger in a drain pipe. A substantial disappointment.

      That said, I really do appreciate the fact you are trying to make amends with an improved design. Kudos, and keep up the good work.

    6. Nobuyasu Kanai on


    7. Bundit Srinon on

      I just got Ring for a couple days, and I realised that it's quite difficult to use in daily activity.

      I have carefully printed the ring size measurement and measure my finger size, however, my Ring that I got still over size even I use the size adjustment. With the over size ring, I have problem to draw gesture, because when I point my finger down, Ring will easily fall from my finger.


    8. Wataru Fujiwara on


    9. Naoyuki Shintani on

      I cannot use the ring as it much too big hope to get one that work better and smaller

    10. Mushin on

      My size doesn't work. Even with the plastic size adjustment you provided. When I'll get a new ring/size adjustment?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ali Rafiaie on

      I had sent over 6 emails with yesterday being the last one that I HAVE NEVER got my ring. How can they claim that they have sent the rings to all the backers. This is insane.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Penney on

      Oh and sort out that thing where we can't change the battery!

    13. Missing avatar

      David Penney on

      Thanks for the message.
      Produce a machined, shiny surface, try to slim it down and when the updated one arrives please check that the led is on the side facing me( the one I have faces away and I can't see it blink!)

      Finally please use the time to generate a capability for MAC OSX and perhaps windows too...


    14. Johnny on

      The cost of shipping it back to Japan alone will increase the price I've paid for this piece of ugly hardware

    15. Maximilian Eberl

      I couldn't use the ring at the moment because it simply falls off my fingers. It is even to big for my thumbs... This is the first time that I am really disappointed by a kickstarter project. I just wish to return it and get my money back...

    16. Pancham Parikh

      Thanks for acknowledging the issues with the ring and the connectivity problems. I was having a hard time with keeping the ring connected to my phone. I would live to wait for the new ring which hopefully is improved and hopefully by then Android app also will have full functionality!

    17. Amit lavi on

      Thanks for the update
      I cannot use the ring as it much too big hope to get one that work better and smaller

    18. Johnny on

      How about you pay for the shipping for messing up the sizing a in the first place? I find it appalling that you want to charge backers to return your mistake and error. Total crap business you are running here.