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Wearable Input Device that lets you control anything. Gesture control, text transmission, payment, and more!
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Logbar inc.

5,161 backers pledged $880,998 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator John McLear on March 3, 2014

      Hey, John McLear here the guy behind the NFC Ring - , I'm excited to see what you can come up with but I think you need to answer some key questions/requests to avoid liability.

      1) Please can you post a real picture of the ring (not a render)?
      2) What is the actual battery life under normal usage? You talk about gestures but what about the power usage from LED/vibration?
      3) How have you handled the patents that this infringes upon? Have you signed agreements etc? If so, what is the URL to these documents assuming they are in the public domain?
      4) The "Developer tool" does nothing, are you aware that to developers this is a little offensive?
      5) What material is the ring? If it's plastic, what grade? What certification do you have to ensure the ring material wont damage the skin of the wearer?
      6) Will the ring be CE certified?
      7) What is the link to your public Bluetooth ratification certificate?
      8) Will your software be open source or is it all closed source?

      Like I said I'm excited for your product so don't take my questions the wrong way :)

    2. Creator Abdul Halim Mat Ali on March 3, 2014

      It is either the creator is too busy or Logbar doesn't have resources for PR as they are not interacting with the backers. Proof me wrong Creator

    3. Creator Shuangquan Hu on March 3, 2014

      @Creator: Do you mean we need to touch unlock on the phone screen before any gesture with Ring?

    4. Creator Paul Lee on March 2, 2014

      @xuntar, as long as we all understand, I completely get where you're coming from.

    5. Creator Logbar inc. on March 2, 2014

      Thank you for posting many comments!
      Ring is improving everyday!

      - About Early Bird
      Early Bird comes with a charger and cable!

      - How to unlock Ring
      You need to use smartphones or tablet to unlock Ring. Smart devices allow you to set up Ring!

    6. Creator Jerad on March 2, 2014

      @Xuntar: I agree, the deadline isn't as important as the product.

    7. Creator Xuntar on March 2, 2014

      @Paul: I don't mind waiting at all, I always prefer a better/thinner/smaller/more waterproof version over a faster version. To each his own, I guess ;-)

    8. Creator Jerad on March 2, 2014

      @creator: also is a waterproof version a possible stretch goal? As others have said, this is fairly important if you want to wear it daily.

    9. Creator Jerad on March 2, 2014

      @creator: Does the EARLY BIRD come with a charger and whatnot like the GET ONE RING does?

    10. Creator Carter Diastika on March 2, 2014

      @creator: do i need to unlock the phone first then do the gesture? if lets say i want to send a message, play music or send email etc. apologize if already been answered. Also how accurate it is to do a gesture like that? Otherwise could be very annoying if not, for example a motion gesture on samsung tv which is more like a gimmick. I know the technology is different, but same concept.

    11. Creator Paul Lee on March 2, 2014

      @Abdul, I am inclined to agree with you that this device may be a gimmick...but WHAT a gimmick!
      @Xuntar, I hate most stretch goals. All they do is to kill the delivery date by 6 mos. I'd rather they focus on the project as is. Let them work on rev.2 on their own time and dime.

    12. Creator Xenatos on March 2, 2014

      myo vs fin vs ring
      these are though choices...

      The SDK for the ring is Ouch though or am i missing something from the rest too?
      same tech diferent sizes and prices.

    13. Creator Xenatos on March 2, 2014

      a thousand gestures is pretty fast to reach...

    14. Creator Abdul Halim Mat Ali on March 2, 2014

      @Creator. Can you address our queries?

    15. Creator Carter Diastika on March 1, 2014

      Since the battery is not replaceable meaning when it reach the wear point we have to pay for getting a new one. Hmmm... rather replace the battery than getting a new ring.

    16. Creator Adrian on March 1, 2014

      Great idea! I have some questions...

      How is comunication with other devices secured? Is there a chance for at least basic encryption? Devices pairing? How would my app know if it's my ring that sends the signal?

    17. Creator Raul De Maio on March 1, 2014

      Wow, I like it.
      This could be very useful for teaching; I think you should think about an use in video games (a combo with the Oculus Rift?)
      However this one can "kill" the use of touch screen.

    18. Creator Xuntar on March 1, 2014

      I got a reply on Facebook bringing good news: "We are starting the mass production process now. It does not mean that there will be no improvement of design and functions. While doing mass production process, we often change and add functions. We are still trying to make Ring smaller than now!"

    19. Creator Xuntar on March 1, 2014

      If you start the mass production already, does it mean there can/will be no improvements made to the design/functionality by stretch goals?

    20. Creator John Good on March 1, 2014

      Why is it for Android 4.4+ only?
      E.g. BT LE is supported with 4.3 too.

    21. Creator kani on March 1, 2014

      +1 for waterproofness. We sweat in summer. And I usually wash my hand with ring worn.

    22. Creator ZzmadzZ on February 28, 2014

      What app does the ring support? Plus can I use the ring in multiple devices like on an iPhone or on my MP3 player? Do I have to reconfigure the settings for each devices?

    23. Creator Jeffrey Mancebo on February 28, 2014

      Since I am also a backer of the Soap smart router I would love to see an app specialized to control it using the Ring. Both devices are still in development so it would be nice to see something done to help them work together.

    24. Creator Seyha on February 28, 2014

      @Chonnawat Eklapphaibun
      Get both of them :D it is different finger. this kickstarter is for pointing finger u can writing is cool.

    25. Creator Chonnawat Eklapphaibun on February 28, 2014

      Just saw this... This makes me really hard to decide.. either with the price and everything...

    26. Creator Abdul Halim Mat Ali on February 28, 2014

      Creator will need to list a practical use case of ring else I will just think this is a gimmicky device

    27. Creator Dennis on February 28, 2014

      @Abdul I was wondering the same thing. Best I could figure is if it's more for _responding_ to someone that messaged you instead of creating a new message.

    28. Creator Abdul Halim Mat Ali on February 28, 2014

      I am skeptical about the use case of this product.
      To compose a message in the phone, we still need to choose a contact from the phone. How can the ring select the contact without even touching the phone?

    29. Creator Dennis on February 28, 2014

      What sort of drivers are required. My laptop and desktop PC can both connect to bluetooth, can I use the ring with those?

    30. Creator Natasha on February 28, 2014

      This ring would look amazing in black

    31. Creator Ryan Williams on February 28, 2014

      @Kenneth I liked "prophecy" better lol

      And when is the expected shipping for Canada?

    32. Creator Luis Eduardo Rodríguez on February 28, 2014

      awww didn't make it to the super early bird -.-

      +1 to matte black

      and please try making it thinner!

    33. Creator Logbar inc. on February 28, 2014

      Thank you for asking questions!

      -About Connectivity
      Ring uses Bluetooth Low Energy signal to connect with your smart devices. If you want to use other signal such as Wi-fi, you can use your smart devices as a hub that can send other signals.

      - About Battery
      Based on our recent test, about 1000 gestures can be performed with a single charge.

      - About Color
      We only offer silver color for first version, but we are thinking to add other color version!

    34. Creator Felix Guilbe on February 28, 2014

      How long will one charge last? I have a smart phone, a smart watch and a Bluetooth headset So I hate charging everyday also will Ring come in different Colors? Matte black would be great!

    35. Creator Shuangquan Hu on February 28, 2014

      How long will the battary last for one charge?

    36. Creator Kale Truong on February 28, 2014

      Ok you answered my question for waterproof but how about the connectivity is it only available via bluetooth or are there other signals we could use, like in my example of the samsung tv / universal remote.

    37. Creator Logbar inc. on February 28, 2014

      Thank you for asking many questions!

      -About Waterproof
      Since we have a special touch sensor and vibration, Ring is not a perfect waterproof. However, we are trying make Ring practical Waterproof. We will tell the progress and keep updating about waterproofness

      -About Battery
      We use rechargeable battery. Battery is not replaceable.

      - About Size
      We will ask you which size is good for you end of this campaign. We will make special printable measure, so you can know your size before your decision.

      - About Shipping

      We are getting license of using Bluetooth many countries now. If we could get a license, then we can ship! Please wait for updates!

    38. Creator Kai Kloepfer on February 28, 2014

      +1 for waterproof. Would also like to see it in a matte black

    39. Creator Kenneth McIntosh on February 27, 2014

      Also if on the slim chance that the prophecy isn't funded, is there any chance of producing this for the people who have backed?
      Thanks again

    40. Creator Kenneth McIntosh on February 27, 2014

      Also if on the slim chance that the prophecy isn't funded, is there any chance of producing this for the people who have backed?
      Thanks again

    41. Creator Kenneth McIntosh on February 27, 2014

      Hey guys. Great product you have here. Just a few questions.

      1. You said "We will begin shipping in July 2014 to United States, Europe, Japan, and China." When will you ship to Australia? (I got the early bird)

      2. How does the sizing work? If it doesn't for can we send back for replacing?

      Thanks again :). Very excited for this

    42. Creator Brandon Zylstra on February 27, 2014

      So apparently you need to have your phone/device on and nearby any time you want to use Ring. With iOS do you need to have the Ring app running in the foreground?

      Will this be compatible with Mac OS X in the future?

      What will the six sizes be?

    43. Creator Andrew on February 27, 2014

      Am I the only person who saw this, and instantly thought "Holy Crap they invented a real life power ring like the ones used in Infinity Blade!" (If you don't know what "Infinity Blade" is go to the iTunes market and download it now then slap yourself for not doing it sooner)

    44. Creator Trevor on February 27, 2014

      I almost forgot to ask but will the battery be replaceable or serviceable in any way? Thank

    45. Creator Trevor on February 27, 2014

      Yet another vote for waterproofing and just out of curiosity is this your final design or do you plan to make it just a little thinner. Awesome project.

    46. Creator Brian Hinshaw on February 27, 2014

      Another vote for waterproofing and suggestion for color option like sterling grey or platinum

    47. Creator Brandon Lieu on February 27, 2014

      I'm wondering if it's waterproof too as well as if it can be paired with infrared devices so I can use it as a universal remote (ring?) of sorts, because that would be awesome. Also if it's shipping to those 4 places in July, just wondering if Canada would be included in that ETA or would it be delayed?

    48. Creator Jon Ooi on February 27, 2014

      "We will begin shipping in July 2014 to United States, Europe, Japan, and China."
      Besides Japan & China, do you also ship to other Asia countries? Eg. Malaysia/Singapore

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