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CA$ 6,508 pledged of CA$ 8,500 goal
By LeonDaydreamer
CA$ 6,508 pledged of CA$ 8,500 goal

Drop Another Coin in the Slot


Hey guys,

So, as you probably heard – the Ominous Timer from Update #11 was the correct one this time around. We made it to 76%! Some of you have been especially awesome the past couple of days, giving the campaign a nice boost, but we didn't quite reach our goal in the end. I feel like Kickstarter should play this music~   :)

Let me know if you catch the reference! The point is – Drop another coin in the slot, press «Continue». I still feel very strongly about this project, and I found all of your support incredibly encouraging!


Thanks so much to all of you for joining me on this venture. I already spoke about everything I’ve learned and am thankful for, so you know that I don’t think of this is a failure at all, and I got to meet all of you wonderful people!  :)

If you are wondering what’s next - I will take a little a break, it’s been a hectic couple of months, and I can sure use one. But, if you have the opportunity, please find me on my various social media here:

My website: http://www.faroffdaydream.com

If you check out some of my earlier projects like Put A Sock In It! or Ghosts Are Good Hosts, I apologize ahead of time, but do let me know what you think of them! :P

And you can reach me vie direct message here on Kickstarter or by sending me an e-mail at info [at] faroffdaydream.com ~ if you’d like to stay up to date on what will be happening next with A Near Dawn and at Far-off Daydream Games, just shoot me an e-mail and I will put you on our mailing list (don’t worry, I only use it if there is something really worth mentioning).

Don had something to share:


What’s that, Don? Surely you don’t mean the 1987 Tim Capello song from The Lost Boys soundtrack – “I Still Believe”? Why yes, it is a great song, and quite appropriate, too! :) (There is some vampire footage in the music video, though~ )


Finally, Street Figther! The reference earlier was Street Figther II – a lot of you probably knew that, it’s the music that plays when you lose a match. :P – but then you press Continue, and you fight again.

I hope you enjoyed some of these updates (and weren’t too annoyed with my particular brand of humor – I know I like it), it was probably the best part about running this campaign for me.

Thanks for everything, guys! Let’s keep in touch!  :)


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    1. LeonDaydreamer Creator on November 24

      Thanks guys! :)
      Yeah, maybe it's not the time for it now.
      We can think about it again in a little while...

    2. Frodo
      on November 24

      So sad this didn't make it ) :
      Hope you come back for another round.
      Many Kickstarters make it on the 2nd round ( :

    3. The Icehouse on November 24

      Sorry Leon, that was close... :(