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Since the age of five, I have been classified as “Profoundly” hearing impaired...but is hearing a prerequisite for listening?

Since the age of five, I have been classified as “Severely and profoundly” hearing impaired…

…but I ask: Is hearing a prerequisite for listening?

Without being able to hear the world in the traditional sense, I have learned to interact with the world using all of my other perceptions. I have had to learn to pay attention to people’s faces and mouths when they are talking to me; I have learned to use pressure changes in the air around me to detect subtle movements; and I have learned how to “keep the faith” when I’m not 100% sure of what people are saying, knowing that I will figure out the most important, the most interesting things as the conversation continues.

"REsonance: Touch here. Listen." is about presenting a place where people can experience other forms of listening. I want people to feel what it’s like to understand the world through a heightened sense of touch, vision, and “good vibes”. I want people to have a conversation with themselves and with others without having to speak.

But most importantly, REsonance is about creating a place to play; and through play we can reach out and be a part of something larger than ourselves. Through play, we not only connect with ourselves, but we can also
connect with one another.

Listening is about communicating. Communicating is about connecting. Connecting is about being a part of a community.

Will you come listen with me?


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