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Helping the maker of a 17-year-old letterpress zine push though the toddler years with polymer plates instead of hand-set lead type.

Hi. I'm Artnoose. I have been letterpress printing my zine Ker-bloom! every other month since 1996. I have surpassed 100 issues, and most of those zines were printed using hand-set type. This means hours spent with a composing stick, placing letter next to letter until they become words next to words and lines above lines.

Not many letterpress printers use hand-set type for larger amounts of text anymore. Although this used to be the way that all books and newspapers were composed, digital technology has become such that a file on a computer can be easily made into a photopolymer plate.

As the single parent of a delightful 21-month-old, I don't have much time to work. In fact, my work day begins at around 9 pm and last as long as I do. No matter how late I stay up working, I still have to be bright-eyed when my toddler wakes me up with the sun to read his favorite book or race toy cars down a ramp made out of a skateboard.

I realized a few months ago that although I had always prided myself in hand-setting my zine, the time might be nigh to switch to polymer, if only to reduce my workload during the toddler years. I paid for the Boxcar base with a large holiday custom order, and I am turning to you to help me defray the cost of materials for my zine next year.

I'm not asking for much, and I'll tell you exactly where the money is going:

$330 for six issues' worth of photopolymer plates from Boxcar Press

$250 for paper from the family-run French Paper mill in Michigan

$20 for various sundry fees, etc.

Any funds that go above this will go toward paying for childcare during my zine's production time, so that I can work some during the day while my son enjoys the company of a quality caregiver. So, feel free to pick up that business card reward!

I'm offering some interesting rewards, which you can see on the right-hand column. I'm especially excited about the institutional rate subscription because I'd like to see my zine in more archives around the world. I think the perks themselves make this project worth supporting. 

Thanks for continuing to support me while I move toward my zine's second decade!

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The fact that I have been printing my zine every other month without fail for the past 17 years (and that's including the birth of my son) should be a testament to my resilience as a producer. Any problem that would interrupt my ability to make my zine in 2014 would have to be an extreme hardship, the type of catastrophic life event that none of us can predict.

While I think it is very unlikely that this video would go viral, flooding me with hundreds or thousands of rewards to fulfill, even if that happens, the extra income would mean I could hire enough childcare for that month to get the job done.


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