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My Summer As A Goth is an empowering, funny tale about how we try on new identities in order to figure out who we really are.
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The scene is almost ready!

Hello Team Goth!   We are excited to report we finally received the first edit of the scene we shot in early December this week and are working diligently with our terrific editor, Emily, to get it where we want it.   

Initially, we have to say we are pretty happy with what we've seen, especially considering the incredible restrictions we were under. A three week turnaround total, with two castings and only two rehearsals and fittings? It was crazy to think we could pull it off and have something we'd be happy with.   

We are definitely having an Editing appreciation moment, learning about how the art of fine-tuning a film is the stuff of magic. Editing truly affects everything: dialogue, timing, tone, even the quality of performances. Continuity is the biggest trip- making sure everything makes sense, even in just a 4 minute clip. The minutae of details that must be minded is astounding, but when done well makes such a difference in terms of suspension of disbelief especially considering how everything is shot out of sequence (three words describe the bane of our existence: black nail polish! It's on, it's off, it's on! Oy...)   

It's all been a fascinating study for us as first-time filmmakers. We feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to learn so much with shooting this first scene; it sets us up to be able to foresee more of what filming will actually be like, what works and what pitfalls to avoid, etc. However, all in all, the scene is very cute, not embarrassing (our lofty goal, in addition to getting it filmed by 12/31 to qualify for the Section 181 tax credit). All associated with it will be quite pleasantly surprised, hopefully.   

We can't wait to show you! We are meeting with our editor early next week and then should have something to debut here- first to our Kickstarter supporters, of course- hopefully by Friday, February 3rd if all goes well.   

In the meantime, we are trudging through the process of creating our business plan/investment package. We have much of what we need to be able to do it ourselves, even though we were hoping to find a consultant who'd write it for us. We haven't found anyone yet who offers what we need and in the end, feel it is just not the best use of our limited resources- so we're rolling up our sleeves and taking a crack at it ourselves. Alas. We are hoping to have a first pass of it around March 1st, but that may take a back seat as Tara prepares for POWFest ( the second weekend of March.   

Technically, we don't need a business plan to get funding. We have an official budget and shooting schedule, a great script, bios of all attached, and our lawyers are drafting up investment contracts. But for our sake, to be able to meet with interested investors and tell them why our film is special and why we believe it will be profitable, we both feel like we need a guidance document that contains supporting evidence that gives weight to our convictions about our lil film. It is all part of a thoughtful, intentional process- as much as we'd like to bypass that process altogether and get the word out to any angel investors out there willing to take a chance on us. Sometimes you just have to do the work, take the steps, plot and proceed with faith- it is akin to learning to walk before skipping.   

We are going to be sending bi-weekly updates to keep you in the loop as we progress- although if we have our scene ready by next Friday, you will be the first to get a sneak preview!  

Take care- Tara & Brandon