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The world's simplest aquarium monitor and controller. Fishbit helps keep your tank thriving and fish and corals happy!
The world's simplest aquarium monitor and controller. Fishbit helps keep your tank thriving and fish and corals happy!
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      Chris on

      Thanks for the update... The only thing worse than bad news is no news since imagination (and another kickstarter that went dark permanently) can run away with you. I really like the idea of lots of tiny updates. Even a steady stream of tweets that include the little details of your frustrations is far better than silence and likely to engender a deeper connection to the project.

      As to the other kickstarter supporters... I think that leaving a comment telling Nathan how awful he is would be a key reason why he is hesitant to release an update with nothing but bad news. I agree that the lack of response has been a problem and Nathan admits as much in his post along with promising to do better. Having done several start-ups and being in the exact position of nothing but bad news week after week, I can empathize. If we would like to hear more regular updates, we should focus on being supportive of getting the updates even if the news is bad.

      If you must move on, please due so in a way that recognizes that what they are doing is very difficult and fraught with opportunities for disaster. Huge organizations fail all the time doing less complex projects with many times the resources. I, for one, believe in this project for more than the monitor it will provide. I think it will help to spur all the controllers to the next level which is nothing but good for the industry. The existing controllers have gotten lazy due to no reason to take the risk Nathan is taking. I will patiently wait for a product that is safe for my tank as long as the regular updates, the good AND the bad are actually regular.

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      Jerine Blissett on

      Thank you for the update. I was beginning to get a bit anxious. You mentioned that you will have a better understanding of the timeline in a few weeks. This is a bit concerning since on August 16th you mentioned a timeline of 90 days and now you have established that you're going to need a few weeks to establish a new timeline. I reluctantly was willing to wait 90 days and now it sounds like your saying that it's going to be more than 90 days and the challenges you are running into don't exactly instil confidence in me. What benefit is there to the backers for weathering the storm with you? Many of us have been more than patient and it sounds like you're telling us you need more. Why should we stay? I'm assuming the offer you made in August for those who want refunds is still valid? I really want to continue to support this project but that is becoming increasingly difficult.

    3. Nodnarb Snave on

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to an amazing product!

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      Paul A. on

      You should probably respond to your customer service emails or maybe your kickstarter messages. The lack of response is awful.