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FishBit is an app and connected device to monitor and control your aquarium’s water composition to help your tank thrive.
183 backers pledged $11,745 to help bring this project to life.

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FishBit November Update

Posted by Current Labs (Creator)

Hey All,

It's an exciting time at the FishBit headquarters. We've finally gotten all the parts for the Beta Monitors and are putting them together. The end result is something of which we are incredibly proud.

Monitor beta
Monitor beta

We are building each one by hand to ensure that they all come out working great. It makes for a lot of work and care but it's incredibly rewarding. 

Monitor Assembly
Monitor Assembly

If you want an inside look at us working check out this quick video:

We've spent the last year iterating on every detail from the electronics to the mechanics and we are super excited to begin shipping these to the beta backers over the next few weeks! With all of the great feedback that we continue to receive on the Controller, we're excited for what we will learn from everyone :)

Monitor Board Iterations
Monitor Board Iterations

Speaking of Controller feedback, we've been thoroughly reviewing everything you guys have said and making changes for the production version, which we will be launching on Kickstarter in the near future!

We've already added an additional 2 outlets, decreased the size, changed the relays to better handle powerful aquarium equipment, added a way to mount the Controller, and plenty more which we can't wait to unveil!

As with everything FishBit related, the hardware is only half of what you get. We've been spending a lot of time making the app experience better and getting rid of bugs while making it ready for the Beta Monitor! Look for a big app release in the very near future before your Monitor arrives in the mail.

We look forward to making some exciting updates in the future as we get closer and closer to making FishBit a reality -- not only for our beta backers, but for everyone!

We are hopeful that we will be launching another Kickstarter following some more feedback later this year!

-with love from the FishBit team :)

P.s. Check out the FishBit Monitor in our tank


All Controllers are Being Shipped!

Posted by Current Labs (Creator)

For those of you that are still waiting for their FishBit Controller, the wait is almost over. 

Please confirm your mailing address (if you haven't already) and we will zip over to the post office and ship you your Controller! Important: if you haven't received a confirmation email from us, please let us know ASAP at

Now that your Controllers are ready, we are focusing on getting your Monitors completed and out to you guys! We are expecting the first articles of plastics next week but we are still waiting on some long lead-time components. Since we're only building 50 units of something, we're pretty low priority for our manufacturers. The good news is that we are picking up speed!

We will be continuing to update the app in the meantime. We're almost finished with Reminders and Scripts. New app functionality will be out next week!

We've been blown away by the patience, support and feedback from you and it has translated directly into a better FishBit. Thanks to your advice, we're now sending you an email when your power goes out and then comes back on.

Lastly, if you are in D.C. this week for MACNA come stop by booth 413 and say hello! We'd love to give you a high five.

The FishBit Team

Email updates sent out

Posted by Current Labs (Creator)

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June Update!

Posted by Current Labs (Creator)

Hello FishBit Friends!

On June 2nd we had a great moment, we set up our first fully assembled FishBit Beta monitor and controller! It was connected to our 12G “Demo Day” aquarium and the monitor really came in handy. We were able to catch that the water temperature was rising through the day and adjusted the booth canopy to keep the aquarium cool! Since then we’ve been collecting parameters from our 75G and controlling lights!

Although we’re getting very close to assembling all of the betas, due to two separate vendor delays our schedule for the monitor has been impacted by at least 4-6 weeks. This pushes our expected delivery to mid-July or early-August. We’re extremely bummed by this because we’ve given this our all yet fell short of our goal.

According to our ECM (Electronic Contract Manufacturer) we should have FishBit controller components by July 3rd. If all goes according to plan (which doesn’t it always!?) we would be shipping the controllers by July 10th. We also want to let our backers know the beta controller will have six controllable outlets for extensible devices. At the get go we were aiming for eight, but promised a minimum of four, and have decided on six for beta release. 

With the monitor we are waiting on power components and continuing to test inductive coils for reliability and probes for accuracy. We expect the monitor will ship shortly after the controller and we’re doing everything we can to have it out by the end of July. 

As you can imagine, wireless power is tricky. We have been working with a couple of different partners to ensure we have a reliable solution that works for tanks anywhere from 1/8" to 3/4" glass. Right now we are having great success up to 1/4" and are close to expanding the distance. In parallel, we are taking the opportunity to do more long-term testing with the probes and accompanying electronics to ensure we get as many kinks out of our beta system before we deliver it to you. Once we have a better timeline from our vendors, we promise to update you again.

The FishBit iOS app and web app will be available once controllers ship.

The FishBit Team Grows! 

Since our last update, we’ve brought on Dan! He is leading mechanical engineering efforts on FishBit and we’re excited to have the team grow! It will really help increase our production and shorten the time it takes to get a FishBit in all of your tanks!

Thank you for understanding, and for all of your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email, social media or comments below. Now time for us to get back to work! 

 -Team FishBit 

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May Update!

Posted by Current Labs (Creator)

Hello FishBit Friends,

Over the last month the team has been focused on development, and FishBit Beta is really coming together! At the beginning of the month we received the latest revision of the monitor’s mechanical enclosure (and we're currently prepping to CNC the controller).

Then last week the first beta PCB arrived. 

What’s next? Integration! Bringing together the mechanical and electrical, and having FishBit connect to the Internet and send data to the beautiful iOS and web apps. 

Product aside, we held “welcome” calls with almost all of our 30 beta backers! Experience among the beta customers ranges from 6 months to 30+ years! FishBit Beta will be at home in aquariums ranging from 8 to 300 gallons! We heard countless amazing ideas, and know how important ease of use is to our customers. And without a doubt, it was great to hear all the words of encouragement! 

And finally, email us photos of your aquarium and we'll send you a FishBit sticker :) 

That’s it for now, back to integration!

 -Team FishBit

P.S. with June around the bend you can expect our next update earlier next month.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and We love feedback, feature requests or a simple hello!