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A new iOS and Android app that lets you use your smartphone to view, scan, process, and share analog film and slides.
An iOS and Android app that lets you use your smartphone to view, scan, process, and share analog film and slides.
An iOS and Android app that lets you use your smartphone to view, scan, process, and share analog film and slides.
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New plans for pricing


Hi Kickstarter community!

One of the great things about launching FilmLab here on Kickstarter has been the smart, helpful feedback I've been getting from backers. And one thing I've learned so far is that the subscription pricing I was planning for the app was a bad fit for some people. I've been working to see if I could come up with something better, and I think I have. This new pricing model especially works out better for Kickstarter backers, so if you've signed up for one of the beta rewards, read on!

I have a few basic things I'm trying to achieve with pricing:

  • For active film shooters and people with large amounts of film, offer a great product at a reasonable price, with no restrictions.
  • For people with small/occasional projects, offer lower pricing that makes sense for what they're doing.
  • Let people try FilmLab before they pay for it, so they know what they're getting.
  • Work within the restrictions imposed by the app stores.
  • Make FilmLab reasonably profitable, so I can continue to improve and support it long term.

So with those goals in mind, here's the new pricing model:

  • FilmLab will be free to install. Anyone can use it as a digital loupe to view their film and inspect film frames up close, for free.
  • When you install FilmLab, it will include the ability to save a limited number of output images at no charge. That way people can fully test out the app, and see what kind of output their personal smartphone is capable of producing for their own images.
  • If you're doing a small project and want an affordable way to use FilmLab, you can purchase the ability to create more output files, with bulk pricing. From what I've found in my experience testing FilmLab, you tend to view a lot of images but only save the ones you like. So this will be an inexpensive option for those that prefer it.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to buy FilmLab Pro, a one-time paid upgrade which gives you unlimited output files for life, plus power-user features like additional manual controls, lossless output, proof sheet capabilities, etc. The price for the FilmLab Pro upgrade will be $29.95 at launch. (Depending on demand and other factors, I may raise or lower the price over time.)

And for Kickstarter backers, I have good news: If you've signed up for one of the beta channel rewards, then in addition to the promised year of free beta access to FilmLab Pro, you'll also get a discount that allows you to buy the final version of FilmLab Pro for only $4.99 after its released on the public app store. (This is something I didn't know was possible until yesterday, but it turns out that I can offer a special price on an in-app purchase without violating App Store guidelines). No subscriptions, no limitations on use, and backers get rewarded by getting FilmLab Pro at a big discount.

I hope these pricing changes will make FilmLab work better for more people, while still financing my continued work on the app. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to send feedback! I'm looking forward to learning more from this great community going forward.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Edward Noble on

      The pricing sounds good, but I'm not quite sure how this affects me with the $30 pledge. Does this mean that I've essentially paid for the pro version already, or does that still cost extra (to cover both Android / IOS versions)?

    2. Nath Mallon on

      Love the new pricing model!

    3. Abe Fettig Creator on

      Thanks everyone, I'm happy that you like the new pricing!

      Matthew, to clarify FilmLab will be available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android. Both stores have limitations on pricing models, although Apple's seems to be more restrictive. I'm going to make sure FilmLab complies with both :)

      Scott, color profiling sounds like a great pro feature. It will probably be post-1.0 as I'm going to try to make version 1.0 as focused as possible and then add more features later.

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott Turner on

      Yes! I think the pricing model is great. So excited to see how this app works and the kind of quality it puts out. Either, such an awesome concept and useful for previewing, even if you choose to drum scan or something later. I'm sure it will be worth every penny though at the proposed price point.

      I'm curious how you'll do color profiling? Would be great to include an option for creating a custom color profile from a dedicated IT8 target!

    5. Merlin Marquardt on

      Much better pricing plan. Thanks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mathew van Bebber on

      In your email of 15/5 You wrote: I can offer a special price on an in-app purchase without violating App Store guidelines. I subscribed on the expectation that the app is also usable in Android OS.

    7. Missing avatar

      LGroenendijk on

      A good solutions to the pricing problem!

    8. Missing avatar on

      Great Plan ! I am all for it and can't wait for the App !


    9. Scott Huck on

      Great model. Can't wait until we can test it. This is really a big deal for the analog community, and am excited for you. I've followed your progress over the last 2 weeks before launching. I bought it immediately ... then started reading all the details, trusting it will work on my IOS 6 ... if not, glad I could help make this kickstarter a success!

    10. Shawn Brezny on

      Abe, love the new pricing model and it seems well thought out. This new model provides value for the various types of users. Nice job and look forward to more progress updates!

    11. Juliette Mansour on

      This is a well thought out, fair assessment of pricing and I think it will work out great! I'm only a front end dev but also happy to provide a little of my time for testing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alexander Lippling on

      Great news!

      I'm also an iOS Dev and I'd like to support with alpha testing. I shoot a lot of color, that might be helpful.

    13. Robert Pavich on

      Sounds good to me. I'm glad things are moving along!

    14. Missing avatar

      Quentin on

      Thank you so much ! this is suuch a good news for everyone !

    15. Marco North on

      thoughtful, logical, practical. onward!

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter Hofmann on

      Very good - I like the new pricing model. I am impressed by the thorough thinking behind it. Please continuer your good work - I am looking forward to using FilmLab!

    17. Stuart skene on

      Love the new pricing scheme. I have no doubt I'll be purchasing at go live. When I saw it, I felt the use for me would be in analysing the film for larger dslr "scans" ie I can look at my developed films with an idea of which I want to scan for printing and archiving digitally. Obviously, we never shoot a perfect role and this allows me to not wast time upload every image to find out it was massively out of focus.....and sure, I can instagram a quick snap of the prize shot I can't wait to share. The digital loupe is exactly what I'll use it for but I will be purchasing as a backer. Can't wait for beta access, Abe.

    18. Josh Lee on

      Really happy with this model, sounds perfectly reasonable and a good compromise for all levels.

    19. Missing avatar

      lightandframe on

      I Salute your dedication! A product of great ingenuity and a creator of great vision. Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Philip Kwong

      This is great news, and very reasonable. Keep up the good work.

    21. Duncan Hopewell on

      I think thats a solid model, and worth the extra 5 dollars, provided the output is excellent.

      I'm a film shooter and also an iOS software dev, would be happy to do some alpha testing if desired. I only shoot in black and white, though, so I probably can't offer much in the way of color workflow feedback.