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A new iOS and Android app that lets you use your smartphone to view, scan, process, and share analog film and slides.
An iOS and Android app that lets you use your smartphone to view, scan, process, and share analog film and slides.
An iOS and Android app that lets you use your smartphone to view, scan, process, and share analog film and slides.
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    1. Alex Holzreiter about 19 hours ago

      Is it possible to receive a working version via TestFlight for the new iPhone X?

    2. Hao Ao 4 days ago

      IOS version is about to expire in 6 days, any news for the update ?

    3. Abe Fettig Creator on November 28

      @Andreas, you can certainly switch to Android, I'll contact you to get the details I need.

    4. Abe Fettig Creator on November 28

      Hi Michael,

      According to TestFlight, you have the latest beta installed now - were you able to figure it out?

    5. Abe Fettig Creator on November 28

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for letting me know. I'm still working through some issues on specific Android phones. I'll see if I can get my hands on a Pixel 2 XL for testing.

      The control you mention over color, etc. is still in development, but I hope to have it in a build soon.

      Finally, I haven't created documentation for the current builds, as the user interface is still changing quite a bit - but when working properly it should basically be: tap the frame you want to capture, then edit.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mathew van Bebber on November 26

      Hi Abbe, i admire you for all the work you have with developing the app and answering all the messages.

    7. Missing avatar

      michael damore on November 26

      I did not get a link. What should I do


    8. Andreas Weyermann
      on November 23

      Hi Abe,
      I'm an iOS backer, just my iPhone broke and I replaced it with an Android. Any chance I can switch to Android?

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt Rogers on November 22

      Hi Abe,

      I suppose I am something of a moving target, when this project began I was on a Moto X Force running Marshmallow, and then I upgraded to Nougat. Now I am on a Pixel 2 XL with Oreo and this app has never seemed to work properly for me. I have not seen any instructions for how the app should work, or what controls I have, so maybe some of it is just me but on my latest device (the Pixel 2 XL) the screen is blank, then when I tap the screen I get one shot...there is no live display, no way that I can see to toggle negative/positive, BW/Color, or to adjust color in any way. I have read the FAQ but that does't have any answers, is there a tutorial or help file?

    10. Abe Fettig Creator on November 20

      Hi Holden,

      I think you might still be using an older build. Can you try installing the latest build from TestFlight? According to Apple it won't expire for another 24 days (and I promise there will be a new build available before then).


    11. Holden McSweeney
      on November 19

      Hi Abe,

      Mine says Beta has expired on IOS. Please advise.

    12. Mark Bennett on November 14

      Found the new vers, loaded via google play to my One Plus 1 and it runs for one shot then goes blank/black and seems to freeze. The one shot I did get has a 1 inch wide green band on it.

      Whens the next update?

      Have you tried the macro lenses yet?



    13. Missing avatar

      Kalidoss Anithkumar on November 14

      Hi Abe , I am a iOS backer , Still i have not received a link from your side , Can you send the link ?

      Thanks in advance.

    14. Hao Ao on November 9

      Any news ? You said there will be update IOS ?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on November 8


      just want to say it seems to be doing well!

      Will come bck when I get a good stock of slides done

    16. Missing avatar

      Herbert Borowski on November 5

      My FilmLab for iOS version is 0.2 (4). Is there any new one?

    17. Missing avatar

      Martin Siegel
      on November 4

      Hi Abe,
      looks like I somehow missed the Android update that was announced on Sep.30th. How do I go about it?
      Thanks, Martin in Austria

    18. Hao Ao on October 31

      Any news with the update on IOS ?

    19. Abe Fettig Creator on October 26

      @Victoria, your email is on the list for the the Android beta. Instructions for how to get set up are in this post: Please let me know if that doesn't work for you! Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Victoria Beggair on October 26

      I sent my gmail and not received an invite. Please get back to me?

    21. Abe Fettig Creator on October 25

      @Jill, @Susan, @Tom, I've sent you another invite - if you don't see it please check your spam folder!

    22. Abe Fettig Creator on October 25

      @Dario, Android autofocus is not a simple as I wish it was (there are some models that require extra work to get autofocus to work correctly). But I'll keep iterating on it and will try to get your Note 4 working soon!

    23. Missing avatar

      Susan and Tom Moon on October 24

      Hi, I'm an iOS backer and never received a download link to use the beta app. Can you send? Thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dario Medunic on October 24


      my note 4 doesn't focus correctly, and there is no possibility for re-focusing... is there any possibility to add a button or something similar, like for normal camera app?`


    25. Missing avatar

      Jill McClintock on October 20

      Hi I’m an iOS backer and can’t trace an email with details re downloading the beta app!
      Please can you help!!?

    26. Missing avatar

      T. P. on October 12

      Thanks @Abe, received it this morning. Will give it a try soon.

    27. Abe Fettig Creator on October 11

      @Jeffery, there will be an iOS beta update coming next week, which will include bug fixes for the iPad.

    28. Abe Fettig Creator on October 11

      @T P - it's out! Thanks for your patience!

    29. Missing avatar

      T. P. on October 11

      Still waiting for the android update. Or did I missed something?

    30. Jeffrey D. Smith on October 9

      I am a backer using an iPad mini 4 gen ...does it work on the ipad yet?
      I have limited functionality and not of the interface of a smart fone!

    31. David
      on September 19

      Can anyone tell me how to download software for IOS? Thanks in advance.

    32. Missing avatar

      beutelmull on September 15

      Hi Abe,

      The latest TestFlight e-mail does not contain the link to download the new version for IOS. How can I install the beta on IOS?

      Best regards,


    33. Megan Slevin on September 14

      Hi, I'm not sure how to download the app? I didn't get any email, but it seems like it's ready? I'm in an iPhone...

      Cheers, megan

    34. Jeanne Evans on September 14

      Hi Abe, where can I find the link to download for an Iphone 6S


    35. Missing avatar

      Paul boulton on September 13

      Any news on next update. Thought it was going to be this week?

    36. Missing avatar

      Dario Medunic on September 13

      R&D version is still too "sour"... I'll wait for improvement before providing comments :-)

    37. Abe Fettig Creator on September 5

      Hi Philip, instructions for installing the Android beta are here: If, after opting in to the beta, you still don't see FilmLab available from the Google Play Store, try restarting your phone. Thanks!

    38. Missing avatar

      Philip Möller-Loswick on September 1

      Hi Abe I haven't received an android invite yet.. not in spam either. Help :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Bob Travaglione on August 30

      Abe... I still have not received my invite for IOS. Thanks, Bob T

    40. Abe Fettig Creator on August 29

      Hi Daniel - I've sent you another invite. If it doesn't make it through, send me a private Kickstarter message with a different email address and I'll be happy to try that one!



    41. Daniel Beckfield on August 27

      Hi, Abe

      I still haven't received the email for iOS. Probably lost in spam. Please resend and I promise I'll check spam everyday.


    42. Missing avatar

      Helene Mayer on August 26

      I have the android version, using on my Samsung Galaxy S7. First, even though I've got a great light box, I see a lot of flashing. The app keeps losing focus; I close it, the re-open and it works. I can see the photo negative strip in photo colors, it seems to capture but immediately reverts to negative, which is the only way I can save it. Since there aren't really instructions, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong. The non-negative strip photo disappears when I leave the app. With some effort, I can see the strips as photos, but that's it. Can't capture anything (but have a bunch of photos of the negatives saved).

    43. Randy Reames on August 25

      Abe, Just for grins I brought up images of photo negatives from a Google search and scanned them. Except for the flicker from the screen timing it managed to capture them just fine. :-)

    44. Abe Fettig Creator on August 25

      Hi Daniel,

      I sent another invitation to the email address associated with your Kickstarter account. Is that the right address? If not please let me know. If it is, and you still don't see an email from TestFlight, you might want to check your spam folder to see if it got stuck there.

    45. chris stoltz on August 24

      abe, i found it, thanks again

    46. chris stoltz on August 24

      Abe, I haven't gotten the IOS email, am I own that list?

    47. Randy Reames on August 22

      I'd like to download the Android version. Google address

    48. Daniel W. Slocum on August 22


      Finally ready to download the iOS app. How do I do so?

    49. Abe Fettig Creator on August 18

      @Veerasak, I'm adding your email address to the list now.


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