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A Scifi Racing Game -- based on an award winning short film by the same artists. Read more

Santa Fe, NM Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on April 30, 2012.

A Scifi Racing Game -- based on an award winning short film by the same artists.

Santa Fe, NM Video Games
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nstaCharge is a futuristic motorcycle racing game starring two cute and memorable characters -- a sexy, hi-tech and fun loving LOLA and her quirky, but endearing friend RUSTY.

Although seemingly mismatched, our heros face a fair and even challenge. The race is as much a test of their vehicles as it is of their own wits. As they race toward the finish line, each needs to balance the power of their bikes with the limited energy stored in their batteries.


Based on our award winning short film by the same name, the game will be initially built to work on mobile phones and other hand held electronic devices such as the iPad. A downloadable PC/Mac version will be made available shortly afterward.


Our game is an experience that we’d like to share with people of all ages and walks of life. As we build it, we hope to be able to depend on the collective wisdom of our supporters as we make decisions about the game’s design.

Throughout the making of nstaCharge, we will give our supporters sneak peeks of the behind-the-scenes production. We will also request your help as we share some of our design dilemmas online and open them to your votes.  

We see your input as an integral part of our project and believe that the game will greatly benefit from your voices. 


nstaCharge will be developed using the Unity3D game engine which we know and like well.

Unity3D allows the developer to program once and deliver on multiple platforms with much less effort than traditionally.  We will first work on a mobile, iOS version (iPhone + iPad) of the game and shortly later release a PC/Mac version. 

The mobile version will rely entirely on touch input for control and it will be available for download from Apple Store.

The PC/Mac version of the game will be a direct port of the mobile version with mouse/keyboard control instead of touch. It will not include any additional functionality. Visual complexity will be enhanced via a number of features, such as better lighting and camera effects that cannot be included in the mobile version due to the limitations of the platform. The PC/Mac version will be available as a download only. This is the version that is available to all of our supporters pledging $10 and more.

We hope to develop a much more enhanced version of the game for PC and consoles in the future.


Although many of the visual assets we’ve developed for the short film will come in very handy in the production of the game, the game itself is a huge undertaking.

The base funds we are seeking will be used to purchase licenses of specialized software as well as any assets that we may not be able to produce ourselves such as an original soundtrack and sound effects.

We are hoping that the contributions exceed our stated goal as this would allow us to work on the game full time rather than to have to rely on revenue from other projects for additional funding. 


nstaCharge the game is inspired by an animated short film we completed back in 2009. Shown at over 25 festivals throughout the world, the film was very popular with the audiences winning many awards and nominations.

A typical life of an indy short film, and an animated one in particular, is a very short one. For most films it consists of the few short months, sometimes a year, that the film spends on the festival circuit. Unlike feature films, short films have few venues where they can be shown and even fewer markets where they can be sold. As a result, most animated shorts are simply labors of love.

We did most of our work on nstaCharge in our spare time. This usually meant early mornings, late evenings and weekends before and after our regular work as production artists on commercials and feature films.

When Rusty and Lola’s festival run came to an end in late 2010, we quickly realized that we really weren’t ready to just put the pair on a shelf. Having spent so much time with them over the years, we were determined to find a new place for the two to live, entertain and thrive.

And that’s how nstaCharge the game was born. 


Our dream is to continue to find new adventures for Rusty and Lola. Adventures that would let us keep on exploring the many ways we enjoy expressing ourselves as artists while entertaining our audiences. 

Should the game become a success, we hope it will help to grow the world of nstaCharge leading to even more fun undertakings. Some of the ideas include a console game and a feature film.


A few words about us for those of our supporters who do not know us personally.

IKARIA is essentially a two person show -- Igor + Min.

Although our backgrounds and personalities couldn’t be more different -- Min likes to crank up Cold Play, while Igor puts on headphones for world music, one of us worships anything that’s sour, the other is a chocoholic -- the two of us are remarkably alike not only in our taste for digital art, but even our very specific skill sets as artists.  

The result of this is not only the sensation that we often play one piano with four hands, but that we also fight over who’s going to play all the fun parts. Needless to say, Min always wins that contest :)

In practical terms, IKARIA is both a creative studio where we bring to life the many ideas brought to us by our friends and clients and an outlet for our own flights of fancy. The latter take on many disparate forms including shorts, games and interactive experiments. 

To find out more about our work, please feel free to visit IKARIA's website at:


  • We have no plans to EXCLUDE Rusty and Lola from appearing on any other platform :) That being said, we really need to start with just these three: iOS, Mac and PC. The budget of our project is simply too modest to include other platforms until we can generate some income.

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  • Many of you have offered to design the music and/or sound fx for our game. So many, in fact, that we still have a backlog of emails to which we need to respond. Once things quiet down a little, we promise we'll take the time to go through all the links to websites and demo pages you've sent us.

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    'nstaCharge HD! (available for all pledge levels)
    Download an exclusive, Full HD, 1080p version of our award winning animated short film for viewing on your computer or TV. The reward is available IMMEDIATELY via a download. Formats: Divx, h264 QT. See Update #6 for download instructions.

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    (1) copy of nstaCharge Game App for iOS

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    Above + (1) copy of 'nstaCharge Game for PC or Mac. Downloadable from 'Steam'.

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    Above + (1) signed nstaCharge Desktop Wallpaper thanking YOU for your contribution.

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    Above + (2) beautifully printed Refrigerator Magnets featuring Lola & Rusty. 2" x 3.5"

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    Above + (1) 11"x17" printed and signed nstaCharge poster.

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    Game, Wallpaper, Magnets + (1) limited 2GB nstaCharge Thumb Drive

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    Game, Wallpaper, Magnets + (1) limited nstaCharge Supporter T-Shirt

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    All of the above: Game, Wallpaper, Magnets, Poster, Thumb Drive & T-Shirt

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    All of the above + (1) Video Clip of Rusty saying "Hi (YOUR NAME)" and waving to you. Perfect for showing to your friends on your computer, phone or iPad.

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    All of the above + we will give a Landmark in the Game YOUR NAME!

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    All of the above + we will name a LEVEL in the GAME with your name AND we'll take you and your friend for a day of skiing in Santa Fe. (Will need to provide own travel + accommodations + equipment)

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